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indian metalhead megathread 2.0 Anon 12/02/2022 (Fri) 11:50:09 ID:3e579f No. 13458
post everything related to metal over here, be it bands,albums,song recommendations, artwork, guides etc. every genre of metal is allowed, from the poppiest linkin park song to the heavy nitheful riffs. I'm fond of black and death metal, any suggestions will be appreciated. the previous thread was unfairly nuked by the jannies, here's the latest archive I have: https://archive.ph/uRBeV . it's missing around 50 replies. I'll post a more updated one if I find it. never let this thread die
>>16509 Black metal https://youtu.be/B3RfBqycTDg https://youtu.be/KphlVeJX6fE Old school metal, NWOBHM https://youtu.be/UuCskDuWYoA https://youtu.be/nM__lPTWThU There are probably better examples for the second part, I rarely listen to it.
>>13458 https://mapofmetal.com/ We should include this in a metal sticky. Additionally, lets compile an InCh 2022 best of (can be strawpoll or whatever, IDC) and start a ver 3.0 of the thread.
>>16530 sounds good, but we'll all have to work on it
>>16516 alright, and here's an excellent video which will give you an idea of how each metal subgenre sounds like https://youtu.be/NiXbz2rXzFA It also has band recommendations for each genre, try out stuff that sounds good to you
>>13458 Shit thread you should unironically kill yourself
>>16531 I have shared my 2022 lists here, they are quiet extensive imo. Waiting for quality contributions from others. Short posts are fine, but lets make the new one a quality thread.
>>13458 https://youtu.be/TCeWnGpVRus My Purest Heart For You - Isolation and the Ward of Internal Abuse
>>13458 https://youtu.be/HCQJ1LSy8PQ Hellripper - Beyond the Convent Walls (blackthrash)
>>13458 https://youtu.be/ZfOoNh4pUrc Putrid Defecation - Explosive Public Toilet Diarrhea I'm sure they scarred some of the pedestrians for life. Perfect song to play while taking a fat dump
(1.28 MB 320x240 1654206615223.webm)
>>16787 Lot of fun.
>>16772 This is some schizo stuff. Nice find
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fITAdkWngbo Listening to krallice after ages. Their mangled harmonies are as addictive as ever
>>13458 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW5dSZ0l0nI Band: Путь Album: Песни смерти Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
(752.73 KB aqwf-book_20size.pdf)
>>13458 https://youtu.be/d8G4JnfeCu0 1914: The hundred days offensive ukrainian blackened death metal I just finished reading "all quiet on the western front"(pdf rel), and it was an amazing first hand account of a soldier during ww1. it provides insight into the chilling and grim side of war, really gives you a new perspective. the song's atmosphere mimics that feeling, with a catchy riff and fast paced drums. The song begins with lines from the movie made on the book, and slowly transitions into the lyrics, with lines from the movie being interjected after every stanza. I'd say you should experience it with lyrics,which I'll post down below. I really enjoyed the whole album, and this was the standout song for me.
>>16920 I wish someone from India made a similar song for one of our battles. Anyways, here are the lyrics: Bombed last night, and bombed the night before Going to get bombed tonight If we never get bombed anymore When we're bombed, we're scared as we can be Can't stop the bombing sent from higher Germany They're over us, they're over us One shell hole for just the four of us Thank your lucky stars there are no more of us 'Cause you can fill it all alone 'Cause you can fill it alone Gassed last night, and gassed the night before Going to get gassed tonight If we never get gassed anymore When we're gassed, we're as sick as we can be For Phosgene and Mustard Gas is much too much for me They're warning us, they're warning us One respirator for the three of us Thank your lucky stars that two of us can run Keep your head down Keep your head down If you wanna stay alive Forget about honour, forget about pride And quietly crawl in the mud Shot last night, shot the night before We're gonna get shot tonight If we never get shot anymore When we're shot, we crawl as fast as we can At barbed wire we're caught in machine gun crossfire They're killing us, they're killing us One helmet for the two of us Thank your lucky stars that one of us is dead So you can wear it all alone You can wear it all alone and die alone
>>13458 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdO6vLLdB4w Butcher - The Blakk Krusader ( ultimate black thrash)
>>16922 more like black trash
>>16924 abe ja na metallica sun randwa saala, megadeth metallica sun ke lunda hila randika teri maa ka rape hona chaiye by the blakk krusader
>>16925 ?randika ?lunda >hila >randwa >saala >maa >rape Kek shows how civilized an average Trash Metal fan is. I hope you die of Anthrax
(407.77 KB 1681x1567 KLVT.jpg)
>>16918 This is a modern classic, I posted it in V1.0 I think. Check others later, they look promising. >>16926 > Kek shows how civilized an average Trash Metal fan is. I hope you die of Anthrax I see what you did there.
>>13458 https://youtu.be/cC_jkB9xT6U Forest of Eternity from Depressive Silence, Depressive Silence ll (1996) Genre(s): Dungeon Synth, Neoclassical New Age | Ambient, Baroque Music, Polyphonic Chant
>>16929 Anime soundtrack territory, something like Angels egg. Not metal, but nice to soothe the nerves. >>16920 Great post fren and great book as well. 1914 is a band I like, but lost track of it, the English translations of the speech are not as impactful as the German one would be. That is a minor complaint though. Random - There is a copy of this book in the digital India library collection in its original from 1928. >>16921 While I share your wish, I cannot think of many good metal vocalists who pull off heavy stuff well. The usual suspects like Makhija, Bhayanak Maut etc have weak vocal performances imo.
>>16933 >Not metal it's an obscure subgenre, id est neoclassical black metal. >1914 is a band I like yeah, they're nice. i recommend checking out sabaton if you'd like a similar sounding band with the same subject matter, but a different perspective. >There is a copy of this book in the digital India library collection in its original from 1928 thanks, I'll look it up >While I share your wish, I cannot think of many good metal vocalists who pull off heavy stuff well. i concur, but I wish a new band would take the initiative and get a good vocalist to get the job done. Alas, they're all busy pushing globohomo rabm propaganda
>>16934 >Alas, they're all busy pushing globohomo rabm propaganda This disgusted me away from the Indian metal scene in general despite being active contributor for a long time. I knew a very very talented vocalist who could have pulled it off, but he too was lost wage slaving to handle family pressures. The ones who don't have these pressures are usually sons/daughters of brown sepoys, so they fall naturally into propaganda seller roles.
>>13458 Watching gore and hearing war metal at the same time hits different
I'm leaving this place for good, I can't stand the constant flow of toxic redditfaggotry, incelism and edgy teens coupled with the censorship loving janitors of this website. It's been a nice ride, I'll lurk on other imageboards but I'm seriously done with this place. I used to post in /sa/, this thread and >>>/r/4,not that anyone cares. If you'd like to stay in touch, contact me on xmpp, my JID is [email protected], hopefully we can have good quality conversations there. goodbye anons t. deathcore anon, OP of the metal threads
>>16963 I'd like to continue talking to germanon,mallufag and sportsmaxxer; you 3 were some of the very few good quality posters on the website. shoot me a message on xmpp if you can
>>16965 >>16963 No one cares. Kys
>>16965 >>16963 Bye Hope you don't end up like >>16084
>>16963 >>16968 >>16969 . Ha ha ha . This is what purity-spiralling bullshit gets you. . If you didnt care what others thought and loved your music because you enjoyed it you wouldnt whine this much or be drama-queen this much. . The problem arises from posturing & fanboying. . You never truly liked the your music in the first place. . You bitch-posture and edge-lord all day coz you cant help but want to be seen as edgy & fashy but that is all you are - a poser. . At the end you cannot force yourself to listen to garbage music just to extol your music puritanism. . If it sounds like garbage to you, then it is garbage. . If sounds good to you, then fuck everyone else. . Share & help discover music you truly love. Dont lie to yourself. . Even if youve helped one other dude discover a track hes gonna love, thats worthwhile. . If no one else likes it because they dont want to be labeled this and that, fuck em. . You still got your music !!
>>16963 Stay. >>16953 Playing doom is cathartic for this reason. >>16972 > If sounds good to you, then fuck everyone else. Golden words.
(96.32 KB 600x526 1673753734465839.jpg)
>>16965 He (>>16972) is right you know, the solution is not to give up but generate more shit and shove it down other peoples throat, not out of hate for them but out of love for whatever you love.
>>16972 Only based reply in this thread
>>16972 How is this related though?
>>17007 Understanding ability of a metal fan
>>13458 I'm a heavy metal maniac!! \m/
>>17008 Hijde ke aulaad back to your shithop thread
>>13458 https://adarsharjun.bandcamp.com/album/aches-and-echoes?from=embed Indian artist alert. OMM from Kerala, not my kind of music but worth mentioning for those into this kind of music.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DPdVsB0DiU The Summoning - Sleep This is a weird mix of clean vocals with core elements. Normally bands that try doing metal pop, either succeed very nicely or fail really hard because they force things together that shouldn't be forced.
>>17042 Sounds trash tbh
>>17045 I haven't decided if I like it or not yet, but giving it a listen. Bands that take a chance to try something, should be given a chance. Instead of listening to the nth variation of the formulaic death/Black/core/thrash/ power again.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JZO15xXFqQ Analepsy - Locus of dawning Slam but more in the vein of classic DM.
>>17054 Below average yaar
(77.34 KB 640x640 proxy-image.jpeg)
>>16963 Atleast post your favorite metal album before you go chomu
>>16963 Dont go chadditor anon.
(2.88 MB 4000x3000 20230123_140217.jpg)
>>13458 Yaaro i finally got my leather jacket(cow leather not the fake one)
>>17233 Looks good.
>>13458 https://youtu.be/HrhLTBdaZf8 Manowar - Return Of The Warlord . bumping the thread with an epic song