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Anon 11/17/2022 (Thu) 16:59:23 ID:0e8f4d No. 12782
Kek katva seething so hard. Anyway >cuckasstra Budget: ₹400 crore Box office: ₹431 crore Imdb: 5.6/10 >kantara Budget: ₹16 crore Box office: ₹369 crore Imdb: 9/10
>>12782 Kannada bros we won
(57.56 KB 637x651 92f.jpg)
>>12782 >Imdb
>>12784 it maters in lundia
>>12782 ugly lungi showing is inferiority again. no matter how much you seethe you will never be as good looking as bollychads. your actors look like sewage cleaners
>>12782 Its even better when you think about how much money cuckastra chuths wasted on talentless hacks and effects.
>>12786 Criteria for good looks in Bollywood >Light Skinned >Muslim(preferably Ashraf) >Weak jaw + large jewschnooze(NW indian phenotype) I'd rather pick gulti subhumans over these faggots
>>12784 When the difference is this huge it says something >>12786 >keeps hiring white skinned talentless circumcised boy lovers >keeps hitting new lows with their shit movies Not even surprising. Keep coping because muh white skin muzzlords. >>12787 Hey it's not like they have any talented chuts to waste their money on anyway >>12799 Another criteria is to like the flavour of karan johar's cock
Reminder that everyone sucking bollycuck dick itt are all moola k2was. No sane heendo will shill k2wawood.
>>12803 hindoos gave brahmastra 430 crs. no muslim went to watch that movie. keep seething not everyone is as brainwashed as you
>>12799 Bollywood teaches Indians to take care of their body and groom themselves .not everyone will connect with ugly pot bellied Abbos chimping out in jungle wearing lungis
>>12806 >Bollywood teaches Indians >teaches Kek. Someone has to do it because disgusting northies don't go to school and the schools are run by smelly shit eating bimarus.
>>12808 Kek northnegroes BTFOd
>>12782 Absolute state. Did katua kys over katuawood kekeke