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Anon 11/20/2022 (Sun) 08:07:39 ID:121148 No. 12888
Post some phonk. I'm addicted listening to them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNQaBdPA0bo
>>12888 Nice digit but what is a phonk?
>>12889 >trap sub-genre with heavy influence from 90s memphis rap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R4Zu1nrAYY
>>12888 >n1gger muzik
>>12888 This isn't even phonk retard this is what zoomies believe to be phonk
>>12892 n1ggers unironically make better music than cumskins
>>12894 post some real "phonk" then
>>12900 Not a fan of the genre but here you go https://youtu.be/seKdyEIk8bk
>>12899 kys retard, imagine enjoying anything other than classical sonatas and black metal >unironically go back to reddit
>>12909 I'll listen to pop just to make you disabled fucks seethe
>>12905 boring and long
>>12909 No one listens to classical and black metal outside neck beard cumskins
>>12914 don't care, cry harder >>12923 >t. normalfag n1gger music porki
>>12959 >don't care <proceeds to seethe >cry harder <proceeds to cry harder Kek can't stop laughing at these low IQ cumbrained retards Also have an anti sage
>>12967 >starts by trying to tilt a random guy by claiming to listen to pop to make them seethe when no one cares >gets told so >hurr durr retard ahahaha >HaVe aN anTI SAGe >mum i just owned a metaltard
>>12969 >shills shital in an irrelevant discussion out of anger B-but u r the 1 seething!!1! >metaltard Atleast you're a selfaware shit sniffer
>>12888 Phonk and breakcore was ruined by tiktokers, the biggest proof is faggots like you thinking this travesty is authentic phonk
>>12922 That's original phonk ya scum, this is how it was before zoomie subhumans like you took over the genre
>>12888 >>12922 Search phonk 2022 gym music bodybuilding motivation on YouTube faggot. You'll find the garbage you're looking for.