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Anon 11/21/2022 (Mon) 11:33:24 ID:4a383f No. 12970
This Poonjabi Niqqer Rapper comes out of nowhere and his first song got alot of attention and became a Hit and not a Single song of his are Flop. What are the chances that Niqqers like this who just pops-up out and becomes a Huge Hit are indirectly funded by Poonjabi Gangsters?
>>12970 This is what I was talking about in an old thread earlier. All this is because of Sidhu Moosewala wave. He popularised this Urban gangster pop vibe, and everyone like ap dhillon, gurinder gill and this guy Shubh are product of it.
>>12972 >PSYOP Propoganda?
>>12971 But how these Fuckers get so much fund? Like his first song became a Hit and music video was not low budget.
>>12974 He remains very low yaar, not much information is available about him on the internet. But it's clear he has some connections with biggies. He did a lot of prepration before entering the market and even lost a lot of weight. But dropping bangers one after another is truly unreal
>>12975 >not much information is available about him on the internet. Absolute State, these Madarchods don't even give Interviews for us to know how they got the Lead.
>>12970 Kon hai ye
>>12977 Shubh
>>12976 His brother is a famous host in some punjabi reality tv show. That's all we know. He also started in Soundcloud before becoming mainstream
>>12970 You chanars dont know anything about the hype of soundcloud. Lil peep,lil xan ,lil uzi vert ,juice wrld ,trippie red ,xxxtentacion X ,peep and juice were so famous u wouldnt even imagine Same with this guy ,i havent geard or intersted in his soundcloud but many artist just have massive impact. His first 3 songs didnt had any video,he nade one once he made huge hits ,its nit he had videos shot befire being famous. But this chamar copies fliws ,takes sample and insert whack lyrics and pajeets keep dancing on it. In karnataka all these negroes listen to his song a lot even ap dhillon and those chamrs speak broken hindi
>>12970 His brother was also a Punjabi singer He comes from a family connection in the Punjabi music industry and his entry was being planned since long he chose the right time to entry with sidhu moosewala death
>>12981 >sidhu moosewala death Bhangi wo usse lehle se bohut famous hai
Don't gives a damn about him/ >T PUnjabi hai
>>12983 Uski peak uske baad aayi hai cause his death brought new fans to secne Plus urduwood and media has sexualized the fuck out of Punjab and it's culture
>>12970 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiSDc8VYgY4 Comedy Sikh already knew years ago .Look up songs he made just for fun .Some avtually mog the we wuzz serious rappers and shyt from Punjabi moozic industry
(68.59 KB 1024x937 1507230739877.jpg)
Ye jo canteeni mander host krta hai na, uska bhai hai, usne bataya isko kaha kab video daalnj, kis tarah naam banana
>>13414 Ye rha bhai Shubh..Pagg mai.
Why Punjabi singers are connected with gangs and politicians. Sidhu ran under Congress ticket with patronage from some gang.