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Anon 11/23/2022 (Wed) 16:34:42 ID:e69aad No. 13038
For me, it's Allah Arjun.
>>13038 lucky the racer and dangerous Khiladi are unironically kino
(66.20 KB 384x384 img.png)
hence proved islam is peaceful and hinducucks are hypocrites who blast आरम्भ है प्रचंड 24x7 on their chinese bluetooth speaker.
>>13038 BASED. pajeets will never get rid of urdu influence even if tollywood replaces bollywood, It will eventually turn into another bollywood. urduchads can't stop winning
>>13042 Arambh h prachand is kino katue. Stahp disrespect kino or allah would be crying about holocaust along with Yahweh
>>13045 >disrespect kino Learn english first bimaru
>>13047 Katue not everyone is a rapebaby who can't even worship in his own language BTW what happens when namaz is read in whordu instead of Arabic. Will Satan cum in your butthole >Oh nooo jewgod plz no punish me saar I bheel nebhar speak whordu again saar Aryan don't speak english pinglish ,I only do it for my southie Aryan Bros
>>13049 What the fuck are you even on about retard
Gults mog Hollywood and Bollywood actors as ALWAYS.
(244.93 KB 1152x1314 FiOX27VagAEr7W-.jpeg)
Story in the middle slows down but ending literally sends chills and it's so beautiful aaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh. Thank you kannadda b-bros. It was very sovlful movie, so many beautiful scenes throughout the movie.
>>13055 YUCK
(106.42 KB 948x532 92767389.jpg)
>>13058 >Didnt read the disclaimer