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Anon 01/03/2023 (Tue) 13:36:07 ID:6bf7e8 No. 16249
Recommend some modern horror like Hereditary Get Out Lighthouse The Witch Midsommar
>>16249 It follows
The Witch is a movie about how a trad qt becomes a whore for satan. Too sexy yaar.
>>16257 Anya Taylor Joy was so cute in this movie.
>>16359 Good movie.
>>16249 I HATE JORDAN PEELE MOVIES (BTW I am a nigger) (BTW I am a nigger) movies who think slavery was some 'horror' event. lol. Get Out, KKKlansman, and Us, are not scary at all. GOD tier list here: 1. In the mouth of madness 2. Goodnight Mommy! 3. Insidious 1 4. Annabelle 5. Drag me to hell 6. Noroi: The Curse 7. The Grudge 1 (US version) 8. The Thing 9. The Fourth Kind/Dark Skies 10. Sinister 1 11. Ouija 2
>>16249 Wailing
(1.11 MB 480x600 Ul7hEH.mp4)
>>17277 What
>>17277 Cringe list
(1.10 MB 576x1024 areeju.khalid-20230124-0001.mp4)
>>17293 Tera baap cringe hoga bsdke
>>16249 Insidious
>>17279 Looks kino will check it out
>>17277 >I HATE JORDAN PEELE MOVIES >KKKlansman not scary at all. chamar KKKlansman was a comedy directed by Spike Lee
>>16249 The shinning
>>16249 Cure by Kiyoshi Kurosawa