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Anon 01/11/2023 (Wed) 11:50:04 ID:653881 No. 16665
Do gultis really speak like this?
>>16665 People speak monkey languages south of maharastra.
(8.61 MB 480x270 videoplayback.mp4)
>>16665 Prithvichad mogs him
>>16665 Hai re accent
>>16667 based proud indian >>16665 cringe insecure sepoy pajeet
r they gay
(502.60 KB 851x681 Screenshot_20230111_175012.png)
>>16670 whitoids literally think RRR is a gay romance
>>16665 Bet they had a steamy sex after the show.
>>16665 Indians are stereotyped for bad accent because of gultis and dumeels, gultis and dumeels are prominent in america. If you hear a gulti speak english, you'd want to cut your years
>>16673 stfu hijde. accent-shaming is a white man's jibe. you must stand collectively with all indians and stop acting like le north Indians have a better accent. (i am a "dilliwaala, so no, not being biased)
(130.77 KB 818x1024 Fl312mkagAUDipB.jpeg)
He's desperately trying the Tony Stark accent.
>>16667 malluchad absolutely mogged that fat gulti.
>>16667 Only if mallu films weren't filled with crossfag characters to the brink, I would have watched mallu films exclusively.
>>16674 Hear a gulti speak english, and talk then
>>16665 Trying so hard to hide his pajeet accent
>>16665 >>16665 Kek. He is struggling so hard, you can hear him take a gasp in between.
>>16680 Would have been hilarious, if he had a slip of tounge and uttered saaar in the middle
I wonder if he knows that he's meme material in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYXvo3w4_YE
>>16680 Also his voice goes high pitched suddenly in the middle of the speech. Kek.
(50.64 KB 926x1221 sed.jpg)
>>16684 Sound of me banging your mom in the background. Kek.
>>16684 what's A-NON.
>>16688 chutiya wannabe sound kar raha hai. "Absolute state"
>>16689 Mujhe achha lagta hai aise bolan "eb-so-lute state" koi dikkat?
Meant for >>16685 >>16692
>>16691 >>16692 bhangi bimarus ITT
>>16694 Apna UC non-bimaru accent post kar
>>16694 >literal "dlliwala" >calls others bhangi >thinks copying accent is not to be shamed Ab-so-lute state
>>16697 i don't pride myself being a "dilliwaala" "Dilliwaalas" *are* bhangis he does not appear to be "copying" an accent so stop making things up
>>16665 Write a sentence in english and ill try saying it in british
>>16700 British accent
>>16701 kys sepoy
>>16700 Transcribe this thread itself starting from >>16665 kek
>>16665 Iirc he studies abroad, so not really how actual southies speak.
>>16667 Same for him too. All of these abbos are from posh wealthy families.
>>16677 Now mallu films are filled with woke trash. I actually now feel nostalgic for old crossfag mallu movies.
>>16667 Goddamn mallus and dumeels. Imagine them (BTW I am a nigger)s making non-pozzed kino with their sensibilities and talent. The absolute shiteshow that was PS1 is a testament to their lost sense of aesthetic. Now gulti larper bhangis are representing india on the world stage.
>>16711 Mallus do make good movies nowadays tbh, our industry is wayy better now compared to 10-20 years ago, early 00's to early 10's were the worst period for mallu kinography
>>16710 80's and 90's was too fucking good for malayalam cinema man
>>16713 >Mallus do make good movies nowadays Despite the woke infection, just avoid that type of movies
(666.25 KB 600x753 keks.png)
>>16711 >picrel
(133.81 KB 1200x1200 Shambu_Dayal.jpg)
>>16698 . . Never "pride yourself being a dilliwaala" esp if youre like one of these chapri-lets watch a thieving chapri daylight stab-fest a poor, out of shape, po-po with a 4 inch knife. . https://twitter.com/SunnySi68606156/status/1613021851760099330 . https://www.ndtv.com/delhi-news/shambhu-dayal-delhi-policeman-on-cctv-delhi-cop-stabbed-repeatedly-by-thief-on-busy-road-he-died-later-3681921 . . anyone know what kinda knives these chapris carry that can kill a man like that?
>>16715 Aren’t all of them woke? Name me some non pozzed kino.
>>16713 >>16714 >>16715 Blatant samefaggotry. Absolute state of inch.
>>16713 What's your issue with early 00s? Thats when most Dileepkino were created. Imho the worst period was mid 00s to early 10s. >>16725 Murali Gopi makes kinos that are non-woke that also criticize leftoids to the point he gets accused of being a bhaktbhangi.
>>16714 Also agree, 80s and 90s were the kinoest eras of mallu movies.
(785.79 KB 240x228 54654654546.gif)
>>16665 > dat accent
>>16727 Terrible cinema in 00s. Mammootty and Mohanlal were in so many cringe hero worship films to replicated Rajini and Vijay films. Dileepkino was because of Jagathy Sreekumar, Cochin Haneefa, Salim Kumar, and Harisree Ashokan. Once they moved on, no more kino.
>>16665 This is so tragic. They made a good movie. But still hungry for white masas approval.
80s and 90s Mallu cinema was best. Nativity, memorable dialogues, interesting stories, and relatable characters. Todays Mallu action films use too much Tamil.
NTR's hairline though. He turning into his uncle. Oof.