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Anon 01/19/2023 (Thu) 07:34:55 ID:144584 No. 17039
Bollywood is a bunch of whiteoids and turks larping as Indians as Bimarus thinking literally me after watching it.
>>17039 Yes.
>>17039 >>17039 >Another butthurt lungi seething because south actors look like shit 1)Ranbir kapoor 2)varun dhawan 3) ranveer singh 4) kartik aryan 5) Ajay devgan 6) hrithik 7)siddhart malhotra 8) srk 9) salmon 10) saif 11) rajkumr rao 12) ayshmann Tiger shroff being the only exception who has 25% Turkmen ancestory These are top heroes in Hindi cinema. which of them have 'white' or 'Turkish' ancestry retard? Coming to actresses Katrina is the only one with white ancestry .all other actresses like deepika, Disha, shraddha, anushka,, pooja hedge, jhanvi, Ananya, kangana ,alia(75% Indian, 25% British), kriti etc are Indian. So which of these actors/ actresses have 'white' ancestors again abbo ?
>>17043 >Half Khatris and Pathans >calls them 'Indian'
>>17044 >anyone who isn't an ugly aasi abo isn't Indian
>>17044 so khatris aren't indian ? by that logic. lungi abbos too shouldn't be considered indian. only people from UP,MP.Rajasthan, Bihar should be considered indian. how about that negro ?
>>17044 >pathans there are lot of pathan mutts in UP and delhi
>>17047 K2ue project mat kar go back to pakistan
>>17048 So? Even a 0.00001% foreign blood means you're not an Indian
>>17051 So im indian at heart
>>17051 Abe chutiye pehle ye bata what is your definition of Indian. Because if you're talking about genes here, a south indian abo will never be the sane as a UC aryan north indian.
>>17050 an lungi abbo subhuman starts throwing insults when he gets brutally mogged by northern aryans
>>17055 >>17053 Go back to Pakistan
>>17039 Stop it Abbo
>>17043 . Correction: . Alia Bhatt is ¼ Kashmiri Pandit ¼ British-German Christian ¼ Gujarati Nagar Brahmin ¼ Gujarati Shia Muslim
>>17062 100% aryan goddess
Tamil industry is Gult, Tambrahm, and Christian dominated. >Vijay Christian >Kamal Tambrahm >Ajith Tambrahm >Vikram Christian >Mani Ratnam Tambrahm
>>17064 Producers are mainly rich gults.
>>17039 ye tho literally mai hoon
>>17062 Still looks subhuman tranny
>>17063 >>17062 Well his mother's side were also gujarati nagar brahmin. they converted to shiaism. You can look it up on google. That makes her 50% gujju Brahmin and 25% kasmiri brahmin. she is 75% north Indian UC
>>17062 What wrong did I say chud? She is 75% Indian and 25% british
>>17063 If Ranbir and Alia have a son, he's gonna be a mogger
>>17070 A random south bombay girl will mog alia to delhi and back
(26.21 KB 619x495 images (2).jpeg)
>>17064 Ajith Kumar is literally half sindhi.
>>17074 Yep, half mallu half sindhi
>>17062 bhen ke tane shia kabse ancestory mai count hone lag gya .
>>17075 The mallu part of him is Tambrahm from Palakkad, Kerala.
>>17064 So? Tambrahms are tamils and converting to a desert cult won't change your ethnicity.
>>17072 true, she is most random and average girl
>>17075 >>17076 that's the reason he mogs whole dumeel nadu
I may not be strong but I think I could beat up most Bollywood manlets.