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Anon 01/23/2023 (Mon) 16:49:51 ID:334910 No. 17252
Suggest some movies/anime/TV series which are interesting and will keep me glued to the screen. Don't know why but everything feels boring to me these days. Last fun thing I watched was prison school and that was a few months ago. Have already watched stuff like The boys and GOT/HOTD..
>>17252 See Naoki Urasawa's "Monster". Truly brilliant. But beware, it's 70+ episodes long. Though if you start watching it you'll be rewarded with a great slowburn.
>>17252 Watch last of us
>>17252 Arcane if havent seen already
>>17257 Arcane is based but the game is cucked and only pedophiless play it
>>17252 You sound like a zoomie who lacks attention span and what you need is fast paced shows. Delhi belly Shaitaan Kaalakaandi Hangover Here's some decent/slow paced movies. Gone girl Mystic river Wild things October
I like BoJack Horseman and Houseki no Kuni. >Life is Strange >GOT Check out Euphoria then.
>>17252 Afterlife by Ricky gervais is also good
(241.81 KB 1440x1799 FmHIRouakAA5rvF.jpeg)
>>17257 Never played LoL but watching Arcane and I really like it so far. This here screams BPD all over. >worthlessness >abandoned >over-emotional >constantly fucking things up while having good intentions
>>17257 Tranny show
>>17272 >euphoria Absolute state of reddit chamars
>>17252 True detective OA NArcos
>>17343 Completed. I thought the parts that involved politics [which is most of the second act] and "world-building" were boring. Lot of annoying and boring characters like Jayce and a handful of (BTW I am a nigger)s. Other than that I really liked how they portrayed many important characters, Vi and Caitlyn and Viktor and especially Jinx [and her milkshake of mental illness]. They don't sugarcoat her actions and make sure viewers don't end up "cheering" for her when she does bad things, like in Joker. Definitely a good watch.