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Anon 01/24/2023 (Tue) 22:08:27 ID:f22b1a No. 17336
He's right you know
>>17336 Yeah, wondered why North Indians shame Southies for the navel fetish when the item songs from North have plenty of Navel fetishization too.
>>17336 Idli cope
>>17352 Everything disgusting about India comes from North india
(39.08 KB 600x600 1872947.jpg)
>>17353 >Everything disgusting about India comes from North india
(765.95 KB 811x1202 pepe-the-frog-Мемы-7399667.png)
>>17350 >>17351 >>17352 >>17353 >Ilena ke garam peshab
>>17351 >Plenty One song nobody even knows about
>>17355 >Black skin vs streetshitting, childrape, public, junglee gay sex, smelly bo, diarrhoea fuel food, streetfood with more faeces than food, gutkha stains covering walls and monuments, illiteracy lower than respect for women, IQ in the gutter and gutter in their living room LMAO the choice is easy >inb4 muh pewdipie and funny south india movie The movies that they showcase are shit movies dubbed and made popular by panipurijeets because they have no tatse.
(2.52 MB 200x200 1668613838442374.gif)
>>17362 >Southies acting like they are first worlders again Anna, more coconut selling less talking shit on the internet. And most actual northie states (dont lump in west and east india) are above you filthy bastards barring the exception of kerala. Look at Himachal, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana lol.
>>17363 The idli is seething hard right now leave him
>>17363 >dont lump in west and east india Holy mother of coperola. Lmao. Even if you leave your own kind behind bihar and poonjab and rajasthan is enough to bring down your worth by 70% lmao >>17364 Eat shit filled panipuri golgappajeet
>>17379 Poonjabis are miles better than gultis. Lmao