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(156.79 KB 1500x468 20230125_055456.jpg)
It's time Anon 01/25/2023 (Wed) 00:26:14 ID:6727b3 No. 17337
The return of the King.
I think SRK is a clown. But I hope Pathaan makes so profit to make the gutka batch seethe.
>>17337 Jhoome jo pathaan 😎😎 Meri jaan 😏😏
(280.39 KB 630x354 1_TF0F4i-GJjDirI_B60fyXw.png)
(20.41 KB 640x237 R.jpeg)
>>17338 >clown? Hindi me katua khte h bhai
(34.13 KB 1200x667 amitabh-b.jpg)
(79.13 KB 1200x900 88403238.webp)
>>17340 jhoome jo pathaan meri zaan
(170.37 KB 474x354 image_proxy (7).jpeg)
>>17341 I would anon. I am pasmanda though
(211.61 KB 648x1181 20230125_104252.jpg)
Taran chachu 4.5 star review. Ab boykuttiya gang aur south shills ka underground hone ka samay aa gaya hai.
(2.25 MB 2895x1264 katuaking.png)
(634.49 KB 988x1307 vsiisv.jpg)
>>17354 Sad yaar katua yahudi won again. Aryan bros its over
Shit rape Khan. And i think Deepika of-late is becoming a randi.
(54.52 KB 860x484 pjfno8se7cclttnlueuo.jpeg)
(2.68 MB 1280x618 lxjUyq.mp4)
>>17367 >american kike foundation >in bhangidesh >working for mayanmar rohingyas >Katua thinks its helping him Kek,bhag chutiye. As if anyone cares about rape babies katuas. Qatar Massa also advertised katua too .Doesn't mean they don't consider pasmanda neech rape baby and promote you from tatti safai wagie post. >make my movie heet Saar >ok fund our NGO Probably was puncture pathan experience with that kike org
>>17337 Sallu bhai cameo in pathaan. I change my mind. I'm watching pathaan now.
>>17373 OMG Tiger agaya bhenchod ab toh dekhne jauga is movie ko. Two hot cut cocks for the price of one? Fuck yess my 4.5" uncut pindoo cock hardens at the thought of getting gangbanged by Tiger lund and Pathaan lund ufffffff
Udti udti khabar ye hai ki Shahrukh is a janjua Rajput instead of a pathan. (But he has himself claimed to be pathan many times)
>>17375 Aktk
>>17375 Shahrukh is a punjabi janjua rajput. It's a fact.
>>17376 ??? Apne ghar ki acronyms na daal idhar.
(14.57 KB 640x352 20230125_194909.jpg)
Abhi abhi dekh ke nikla yaaron. Full paisa vasool bc. SRKino on steroids. Best bollywood action film since Dhoom 2.
(67.44 KB 632x501 Shah_rukh_Krazzy_4.jpeg)
>>17337 yes, the king of poop
Pathan chads, is it good?
>>17389 Damn good
(125.43 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
>>17337 >Dishoom Dishoom Movies :( >Dishoom Dishoom Movies, Bollywood :O
>>17401 are these numbers krk certified
>>17403 Krk is in SRK fanboy mode right now
>>17404 eww wtf noooo
>>17404 ab to krk ne bhi palti mardi