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No real Oscars happens in North India Tamil Lund 03/13/2023 (Mon) 08:08:20 ID:233ea0 No. 20224
No north bhangi has brought Oscars ever. Only Bangla chads (like Ray) and Southie chads (like ARR, RRR, etc). > inb4 Bhanu Athaiya, Guneet Monga All randis > inb4 Gulzar Paki sellout
>>20224 south movies are shit
>>20224 Stop larping as me chamar I am. Real
>>20224 Northies don't need the approval of coomskins to proof their superiority, दशकों से बंगालियों और दक्षिण के लोगों के सिर में किराया मुक्त रहना और अनंत काल तक ऐसा ही रहेगा |
>>20224 You do realise that RRR like movies are cheap entertainment stuff that was liked by west because it matched the mental image that they have of India. Not because it was a good movie. I am sure there are better indian movies out there.
>>20227 Trips laga le bhangi
>>20224 you absolute subhuman, cumskins literally look at RRR as a circus show. RRR confirmed their stereotype that indin movie only have dance routines
>>20225 >>20228 >>20229 >>20336 Cope >>20227 I am real Tamil Lund. Poda
>>20336 >>20229 In your mind 'good movie' probably means some edgy wannabe western try hard trash like some gayme of thrones ripoff or breaking bad ripoff. Good movies that depicts proper hero's journeys are timeless. People will still be talking about lord of the rings, star wars, bahubali, RRR, etc... for years to come because it resonates with people, not to some wannabe post modern soy slopping audience who are addicted to misery porn because they want to feel good about living out their soy sipping boring life.
>>20224 Bsdk first you whine about white skinned then you seek validation from the same white skinned. Oscar is not an international award show but an American award show. The whole world bows before uncle Sam. Even Bollywood bhanghis can't stop chimping around Hollywood stars. Let's not even talk about your abbo stars and onge ponge director who on one hand makes an anti white movie then the next moment prostating infront of the white man and seeking white validation. Once an abbo, always an abbo
>>20352 Hahaha seethe chamar, I'm pretty sure had poothan won any award instead of RRR, you'll be making a "hahaha abbos btfo" thread instead, prostrating in front of the same coomskins you're seething now. Most in oscar jury are jooz anyways and not white. This is some next level coping.
>>20224 Imagine having the audacity to compare Ray to RRR.
>>20344 Lmao don't even compare bahubali to LOTR. LOTR, Game of Thrones have far far more depth than any Lundian modern movie like Bahubali or RRR. The themes explored in LOTR are comparable only to actual Indian epics like the Mahabharat.
>>20436 Comparing a series to a movie.
>>20436 LOTR is boring overrated white trash. Same.is true for Game of Thrones. Although I consider game of thrones to be far more mature and better. The only good western literally is Warhammer 40k. Everything else is shit
>>20369 Satyajeet Ray is overrated Commie poverty porn director. Rajamouli shows glory of Indian culture.
>>20652 > t. hasn't watched a single Ray film > kulcha
>>20436 Fuck off. LOTR is typical good vs bad. Itd only lauded by westoids bexause its the only good non biblical fantasy after homers works.
>>20652 Each time a bong shills ray, i want to drown his fat ass in dahi.
(2.03 MB 1200x720 Y1TgM89hZESUw3Xv.mp4)
>>20224 > white massa said me good > therefore i am better
>>20224 What a fucking cuck you turned out to be. Hungry for massas love. > massa gave me award. Therefore i am worthy
>>20736 Why are they like this?
>>20352 >>20366 >>20436 >>20439 >>20650 >>20736 >>20737 >>20814 You can do nothing but cope. Cope.
>>20867 There is a 1/3rd chance you are a street shitter. >>20814 I find it funny that Tamil lund is asking me to cope. When these policies have already sent all the Industrialists away from TN. TN is becoming Bengal now, once a great land of great people, now useless and cucked. It is sad but also poetic.
(295.27 KB 1280x720 image-w1280.jpg)
>>20735 >>20652 you're either the biggest chutiyas or you've never watched a Ray film if you think he made poverty porn. No pajeet filmmaker from any era comes anywhere close to him.
>>20872 and I'm not even a bhangali, but Ray was the last of the truly great bengali intellectuals.
>>20872 He was good for his time. Then his techniques got absorbed and used and abused as did his writing. Many of us grew with works that use these techniques and writing styles as their basic building blocks, so it really nothing to us.
>>20735 COPE hexamutt chamar. Ray is the greatest india filmmaker no comments
>>20887 >He was good for his time. Then his techniques got absorbed and used and abused as did his writing. >Many of us grew with works that use these techniques and writing styles as their basic building blocks, so it really nothing to us. First of all hexamutt chamar this is a direct admission of Ray's greatness as you imply everything you watch is in his shadow, secondly ,you are spot on wrong. If Ray's works got absorbed why have we not got a single indian work that came close to his imagination. Ray fucking inspired ET, his drawings made half(or more) of the aliens in Star Wars including Yoda.
>>20734 >LOTR is Le bad >typical good vs bad is.....not good Fuck off. In a world filled with muh anti hero muh villain viewpoint LOTR is great. A good vs bad. A story of hope, brotherhood, masculine forces.
>>20734 And that is bad how?
>>20224 Abe chaturlingam if RRR is the standard of films for the Oscar. Then half of Bollywood classics would easily get Oscars. Fucking Abhishek bacchan would win an Oscar for his performance in Yuva,Guru, Sarkar Raj and Umrao Jan even Guru. Shah Rukh would take it with My Name is Khan. Fucking Salman would win for Kyon Ki. I coulx go on and on. Tbf during those times you had insanely good holyywood movies.
>>20909 The oscar was for the song, not for the film or acting. Also tbf even capeshit trash like Black Panther and snoozefests like Avatar 2 got oscar too for similar 'production' categories.