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Anon 03/14/2023 (Tue) 17:01:44 ID:4d9104 No. 20457
Why was this piece of crap lundtara so hyped? >Hears rave reviews. >Goes to theatre expecting it to be like tumbbad. >Intro is amazing. >Sits through boring 2 Hours of village drama yawning with frequent headache inducing woooo. >By the time overhyped climax comes i am like meh.
>>20457 Tumbbad was better.
>>20457 I feel the same as well, the intro and the ending sequences are kino. Rest of the movie is boring snoozefest and the climax was rushed.
>>20459 Could have been an amazing movie with running time reduced to 2 hours without any useless romance and lame comedy.
>>20460 this.
>>20457 it's not flawless movie yet i loved it. i could connect to it. i haven't seen tumbbad yet so i don't have a base reference. i don't know how they compare to each other.
>>20462 >i could connect to it. Dehati?
>>20464 Abbo?
>>20464 Dravid?
The one who can't even appreciate the cultural values and folk dance who had already left out their own cultural values, u want them to appreciate this masterpiece c' mon. Let leave this poojeet here. >t. Dravidian (slayer of aryan)
>>20467 I loved the abbo cultural themes in the movie despite being an aryan. But i couldnt bear that long ass village drama with forced romance and lame comedy.
>>20468 >>Lame kamedy Lol who is saying this >>Muh baalllywud grate saar Name one movie which is kamedy movie and originally created by Bollywood using their 50 iq
>>20469 Munna bhai mbbs mogs your abbo trash
>>20457 I liked at least it was not forgetful like other Bollywood movie released recently
In a yug ruled by satanists, a demon worshipping movie becoming a hit is no surprise.
(41.03 KB 798x644 disgostang.jpeg)
>>20469 >Name one movie which is kamedy movie and originally created by Bollywood using their 50 iq Delhi belly
>>20457 >why shit movie is mainstream in lundian sphere All popular indian movies have been dogshit with maybe a few exceptions (talaash is the only one that comes to my mind right now)
>>20489 But this one was overhyped beyond belief and turned out to be just a shitty village drama.
>>20457 Those who don't believe in anything, this movie is not for them and neither will they get it. You are not its audience.
>>20457 Isn't it like 6 months old at this point? And yet you're talking about how you 'hate' it. Only loser her is you. They won.
>>20458 Tumbadd is what kantara tried to become but failed
>>20480 >demon worshipping Kyu be saale christcuck, chawal le aur nikal
>>20580 >Tumbadd is what kantara tried to become Nope. Cuntara wanted to be a big flashy moneymaking movie and it succeeded. No one wants to be flopbadd which is only praised by people who pirated it.
>>20580 Tumbadd was the pioneer for sure, it was way ahead of its time. But there is no point in comparing it to Kantara, they are very different movies with different audience.
>>20458 Yaara so underated movie wish mainstream lulliwood aur tatawood made these type of movie .
It was good until the "demi-god thing" was still metaphorical. The ending just promotes superstition. Apart from the story, the film is technically superior - watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaFG73Wu2eo