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Kino Performance Brahmin Anon#Ccwbk8 03/16/2023 (Thu) 09:07:27 ID:37f30d No. 20515
This is one of the best raw playback singing I've ever seen in my life, without an expensive setup or autotune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJX6rUbQq4g
>>20515 Kino
How do you even find such videos
>>20518 I was listening to NFAK then I started watching about ancestry of Kashmiris, that's when this video popped up.
>>20515 muzzies ki voice mein dard hota hai yaar
>>20515 Bollywood doesn't make songs like these because They stopped hiring Pakistani singers. Director and Producer like Vikram Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt stopped making movies nowadays and they were the only one with Kino taste in Music. All the Albums of their movies have Kino songs like this.
>>20521 >>20520 Indeed, and don't forget that they were all written in urdu
>>20522 Hindi-Urdu are same.
>>20521 Honestly telling yaar, only three people can produce good music in Lundia, mullas, brahmins and bangalis
>>20520 Sahi hai, aur dard bhari shyari bhi mostly wahi likhte hai, heendos mostly pyaar wale gaane likhte hai
>>20523 No, they're not. But they are mutually intelligible, they have too many Arabic words.
>>20525 Cause hindi doesn't rhyme much, that's why even bollywood singers have to sing their songs in urdu.
>>20525 hindi is good for bhakti and traditional songs, but for the feels no one can beat muzzies
>>20527 Pure Hindi "Sad Songs" doesn't Hit as much as Urdu-Hindi songs.
>>20529 Any good example?
>>20528 Yeah. Hindi Rap sounds better than Urdu Rap.
>>20530 This is the only song that has Pure Hindi Lyrics with some Kick in it. https://youtu.be/zpf8hrbT2d0
>>20515 listen to this one and report back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra5nTlty6CM
Yaar ye mulle itna acha ganna kase compose aur gaa lete ha ye lundia me to bas chappri rapper spawm hogye bhut sare aur bolte ha this is art. >No music is happening in lundia
>>20536 K2wa gene pyaare. Khaandani pesha
>>20537 True. It sounds Threating like Aarambh hai Pachand song.
>>20537 this. hindi is more on the pure side, and urdu gives the dirty feels which gives the right kick.
(195.01 KB 609x455 IMG_20221229_142658.jpg)
>>20539 I was about to write this, which is why I thank piyush mishra everyday for writing arambha prachand. I think we only have manoj mushtashir rn who can somewhat write shudh hindi
>>20533 Urdu words I spotted in that song gujarti pul thartharata isharo niyat kharabiya
>>20543 Brooootal
>>20540 It's about rhyming words, nothing more.
I think local indian languages can have kino songs, but not a general language like hindi.
>>20547 >>20541 I already made a thread on NFAK a few days back, he's one of the most legendary singers in our language, try listening to his "shab-e-wada" and "wada-shikan".
>>20548 *UNFAK
>>20548 i used to listen to him few years back, guess i'll do it again
>>20550 Try with the songs I listed here >>20548
It's funny how language can tell you so much about culture. Like I said, hindi has mostly songs for either revenge or love but there are no songs for loneliness, despair, hopelessness as in urdu
>>20552 this movie would've been a kino if they didn't mess up the second part badly. felt rushed af and cinematography was shit.
>>20547 Yea i already heard this, he made quite good metal.
>>20553 otoh, urdu songs are mostly of loneliness, despair, hopelessness. urdu train you into being a loser.
Yaara what happen to modern art, today music is autism, every movie is same love story loda comedy action. Still hard to believe satyajeet ray was an lundian film maker
we have to protect manoj muntashir , he is the only remaining bastion of hindi poetry
>>20547 why did this katua sung a hindoo bhajan? i heard he was those hardcore muzzshit types not the kekular ones.
>>20559 Kek, he was handcore mulla, even said not to sit with kaffirs, but was too much impressed by mira's real devotion. https://youtube.com/watch?v=zBDQTEk00zg&feature=shares
(52.59 KB 1080x1350 91282586.webp)
(1.01 MB 800x1000 1672828263_1.png)
(88.60 KB 1200x900 jpg.jpg)
i was searching for NFAK but got nusrat jahan in the suggestion. gonna coom to her now.
>>20515 mullas sing good yaar
>>20561 peak mulli [email protected] built for getting used as hindus cumdump