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(694.33 KB 714x1010 Kirijou.Mitsuru.full.3108088.png)
/vidya/ 03/18/2023 (Sat) 18:24:12 ID:aca6e0 No. 20678
>what are you playing >what is the last you played >what are you planning on playing >who is your vidya waifu
>>20678 >what are you playing >what is the last you played I don't play these days, occasionally when I'm bored I play furi for a little bit (Approx. 9 or 16 minutes) >what are you planning on playing I have a huge list of games I'll play later, there aren't any specific games that come up on my mind rn. >who is your vidya waifu I don't have a vidya waifu.
I don't play coomer game my here my fav games i played recently >Yakuza like a dragon >Disco Elysium >Darks souls 3 (my fav of all time) >Hitman 3 >Project zomboid (also fav) >Bloodborne (true masterpiece literal art)
>what are you playing I don't play much these if I do then it's wrestling empire and school days >what is the last you played Yesterday >what are you planning on playing Pc mainstream games >who is your vidya waifu None
>>20678 >your mom >your mom >your mom >your mom
Papers Please 1 month back Cricket 22 None
(1.96 MB 3155x4982 2a055oovsge81.jpg)
>>20678 Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker God of War Chains of Olympus Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Pic Related t. Poorfag who just plays old emulated gaymes on his android tv
>>20721 I have a decent pc and I also play old games and emulation exclusively. Modern games are almost all crap.