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Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 18:30:26 ID:b16de0 No. 20686
Who else laughed at this scene? I didnt want to laugh but it was too hard to hold it. >Sad Shehnai/trumpet BGM took away the sadness of scene. >Bhallaldev taunting Bahubali while chopping his body was funny with the evil BGM. >He said:Bahubali yAnI mai pRaJa ke DHAN MAAN PRAN ki rAkShA kArUnGaaaa!!! RaJmaTa MooorKh mata. Tu mUjhE mArNe wala hai ye YaKiN dilAkE maine tera mRiTiYu kand usi ke hAtHon liKhWa diya. >I burst out into laughter in the theatre.
(64.15 KB 700x415 Kattappa-kills-Baahubali.jpg)
(786.23 KB 1920x805 Screenshot 2023-03-19 014519.png)
>>20686 bro wtf it was the kinoest scene of the duology Bahubali is just another hamlet adaptation anyways. Nothing new.
>>20710 I am talking about other things like dialogues BGM not visuals. You need to rewatch this scene and focus on sad melodramatic south indian trumpet music and Bhallaldev's dialogues. Dont know about other languages but hindi dubbing was funny af.