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Does anyone in india remember this game? Anon 08/05/2022 (Fri) 16:55:06 ID:5d3f29 No. 5210
I used to play this in first few years from maybe 2005-2006 It took me a year of searching from 2019-2020 to find it again because no one what it was no matter how well i described it >turns out its some obscure australian game >there is very little evidence of its existence on the internet >so much so that no screenshots, google images or art, information is available >only youtube video is of a shitty reboot made 10 years later, not the original >only 1 amazon seller selling a cd india which is unavailable, and a few others in australia >ask on 4chan about it. 1 guy says he has the cd from his childhood >get in Groomcord with him and have him upload the footage of him playing the game >2 years later, there a bunch of people in the comments in a similar situation as me, looking for the game, one guy even asks to have an ISO file of the games disc uploaded somewhere This is channel, and 5-6 amazon sellers is the only proof of the existence of abc's 123's racing adventure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5vwidDvnd0 This is some weird lost media type of shit, but i could have sworn this game was very common and could be bought in any random store at the start of the 2000s. Especially since one the sellers is from india, it was probably known here. No idea why some obscure australian game ended up so far away. Does anyone else have any memories of this game? Or remember hearing something like it? Its about collecting letters and numbers in a bumper car thing.
>>5210 Fuck i don't remember this Most 'obscure' game i remember playing is Nonsense Madness Idk why it would be so popular here but those times were very different. Games didn't spread over internet, someone probably found it and found it cool and started a chain reaction. this spreading mechanism is super fast, more so than p2p, one guy in the class gets a game and spreads it to like 20 others
>>5210 I used to play a game on My old PC around 2008. It was an educational game. My father had taken the backup of that PC before we abandoned it. I checked that hard drive and found the name of the game. It is called Kids World by Bit Jugglers INC. I have the demo copy of it which I used to play but it isnt running on my laptop now. I tried changing its compatibility settings to Windows XP but it refuses to run. What do frens?
(8.79 KB 486x166 image_2022-08-06_005913605.png)
>>5214 Found these trove of ancient educational software treasure trove. First one is 3d grammar.exe which used to teach grammar using 3d images of fishes underwater. Then there is kids world demo. 3rd one is an ancient programming language for kids. 4th one is spelling game made by some amateur guy name ray. Games name is Ray's spell. 5th one is a text to speech program from 2007-8 which had a large amount of voice customisation. All of them are refusing to run.
i miss the days when i used to play bio menace and cosmos all afternoon on my windows xp white PC ;_;
(125.96 KB 917x625 image_2022-08-06_010354884.png)
>>5216 Update - Talkit, Ray's Spell and MSWLOGO are running. Apparently the guy who made the spelling game used to run rayslearning.com site. If anyone wants a deepdive, he can visit its archives.
(17.93 KB 620x282 image_2022-08-06_011049351.png)
>>5214 Found a few other obscure games from that time.
(39.10 KB 623x587 image_2022-08-06_011254737.png)
I can upload all of them here if you want to tinker with them.
(213.31 KB 912x466 image_2022-08-06_011431513.png)
le funny images from 2005 that people used to share via e-mails
Around 200 funny images, videos, docs, ppts, excel sheets that people used to share via e-mails. I can upload a few if you guys want to experience 2005 humour.
(42.86 KB 626x530 image_2022-08-06_011715429.png)
>>5223 forgot picrel
I am getting weird memories from this thread >>5217 I used to play that too, or rather sit with my bro who played it. Reminds me of summer and the air cooler running full blast and me on the brink of sleep. Epitome of comfyness. Ab zindagi ka bhosada ho gaya hai yaar >>5220 Do u know where to find Indian flash games and clips? I had so many of those which computer waale uncle had put on my PC, and a few from CDs
>>5225 https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ https://archive.org/details/softwarelibrary_flash_games Also Have any of you guys played games from Gamehouse? I can't find that in my Hard Disk now.
>>5210 Bhumpp
>>5286 Bhumpp x2
>>5227 >>5226 Fuck I forgor 💀 about this I will check these tomorrow
>>5210 Email this to whang! Would love to see it being made into a video