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(18.19 KB 340x255 joe yabuki.jpeg)
Anon 08/14/2022 (Sun) 03:51:07 ID:9fcdd6 No. 5792
Is Ashita no Joe the best sports manga? It has the most SOVL of any mangas I've read.
>>5792 >manga >anime
>>5793 What about it?
>>5792 This chakka used to spam the same shit in the old chan. Hope he dies
>>5798 I'm not him.
>>5792 It really is one of the best. The manga is unmatched.
>>5792 All sports mangas are absolute garbage
>>5816 Did you read this?
>>5819 Tried to, couldn't do more than a few chapters
>>5824 Keep reading. I promise, this is just the ultimate kino.
>>5792 are you og Ashita no Joe poster
>>5842 Nope. t. OP
>manga >>>/sa/
>>6236 Jannie-san, please move this bread.
>>5816 At which point did you drop it?
Few chapters in and i am loving this. He is such a Sigma male.
>>6615 His character development is definitely the GOAT.
>>6615 >>6616 Underage chakke sals
>>5792 All joefags must be rounded up and executed via firing squad
>>6616 >>6615 >>5829 >>5810 what are some other anime/manga that you absolutely love. I feel like that'll give me an insight to whether I should try ANJ or not.
>>6623 Go back and watch BNHA you tasteless subhuman. >>6617 20 saal ka aadmi hoon yaar >>6624 Gintama, NGE, Cowboy Bebop, Twelve Kingdoms, Black Lagoon, Steins;Gate
>>6617 >>6623 Abey retard. I can guarantee you, almost 80% of the western(global) weebfaggots have never read or watched Ashita No joe. It is only famous among old Italian fans in the west. Pic related is a funny example. The translator doesn't even know the name of the series.
>>6637 kek
Maza aa gya ye manga padh ke yaar. Tha ks for recommending
>>6970 True fren
>>5798 kek
>>6637 i'm not into manga and haven't watched anime a lot. can anyone explain why is this funny? not shitting on it, i really don't get it.
>>7372 The translator doesn't know that Joe Yabuki (the guy in the picture on the wall) is a reference to the esteemed (I'm not exaggerating this part) manga Ashita no Joe.
>>7372 It is not funny in itself. But it's funny when you put it in contrast with the post in this thread that says AnJ is underage shit.
Agree dost
>>5792 Yeah i remember this manga
>>5792 Kino
>>6615 Based Sigma male
>>6623 Why?
(4.52 MB 640x480 1662419011900019.webm)
>>6615 why are you reading the manga retard? the 70s anime literally got a remaster an year ago it's on nyaa the soundtrack, animation quality and direction are top notch compared to that the manga looks like a newspaper comic >>6970 none gives a shit about the manga, it was the anime which is more iconic the commies who hijacked the plane watched the anime adaptation same with the Rikishi funeral
>>8998 >Rikishi funeral Tell me more about this
(38.19 KB 664x374 dezaki.jpg)
>>8998 I don't like the anime because it botches the narrative far too often. It changes major moments and parts of the story which i think is wrong. Too much liberty was given to the anime staff Just to be clear, anj anime is a visual masterpiece no doubt. It's way ahead it's time. But storywise i think firs you should read the manga. You are a retard if you complain about art style in a 60s manga and the art does improve overtime. Few examples of how anime ruins original story and fucks up narrative. Another Nishi being in Joe's corner in the last fight. That doesn't make sense at all. In the maga Nishi is not present. Him being not present signifies that how different Joe and Nishi have become and how they have parted ways. Nishi was living a life that was supposed to be Joe's. Joe could have accepted noriko's proposal and he wouldn't be there in the ring, Nishi accepted and he left this dirty world that Joe lived. You see?
>>9043 >nishi being in joe's corner in the anime and not in the manga that's bullshit, you expect Nishi to not show up to support Joe when he's literally fighting the world champ? that (BTW I am a nigga) literally turned his life around because of Joe and Noriko only settled for Nishi cause Joe was too much of a ragetard manchild to even recognize the opposite sex also AnJ 2 omitted the whole shitty touring boxer filler during Carlos arc
>>9122 Look, it's subjective, i can understand you prefer anime over manga but defending fallacies like this makes you look like a fucking retard. Nishi being there in the finale is a fallacy. Nishi and noriko had nothing to do with this crap. They were running a buisness. In the harimau fight Nishi was shown too busy he couldn't corner joe. He was living a different life. The reader is supposed to see the two lives in contrast. Do you understand now? Anime's filler arc were more crap than touring. Atleast toruing arc served a purpose.
>>9124 I agreee
>>9124 Fuck off idiot your shit manga literally looks like a newspaper comic Whereas both AnJ 70s and 80s anime had top notch soundtrack, direction, animation quality Also AnJ 70 literally inspired the most iconic par of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the flashing pictures part https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBlwDqEZf_k&t=10 >>9233 Shut up secondary
>>9247 I AGREE WITH YOU about the animation, Visual, sound, direction part. It's a visual masterpiece. But it has ruined the story and character arcs several times and has awful pacing. That's my point.
>>9618 Can't argue with that
>>9247 >Newspaper comic retard This page is from the late 60s. And the art in the later chapters improves a Lot from this. How's this bad?
>>10236 That art is nice
>>10236 Terrific art
>>10628 You mean terrible
>>10236 Amazing >>10632 Get your eyes checked