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(122.48 KB 933x943 IMG-20220806-WA0000.jpg)
Any Indian metalheads here? Anonfag 08/27/2022 (Sat) 15:54:53 ID:819403 No. 7177
>need heavy deathcore band suggestions, blackmetal works too
>>7177 I listen to generic mainstream bands like Slipknot Iron maiden Black Sabbath Prayin mantis Stratovarius Megadeath
>metalhead >videshi gaana >not helps in nation development Absolute state of inch (BTW I am a nigger)s betraying india and sucking white cocks Kys faggot
>>7177 Based opeth enjoyer here
>>7179 Average muh lundia mentality
(39.91 KB 356x633 images (38).jpeg)
>>7178 >>7177 KYS Only Sallu Bhai ke Party Hits chalege InCh pe
>>7182 Hi amaan bhai kem cho ,maja ma
>>7183 Brootal
>>7181 Chup sepoy chamar
(44.07 KB 316x316 image_2022-08-27_214130529.png)
>>7177 m to sirf metalcore sunta hun
>>7186 M to bas progressive metal sunta hu
fuckin westernized urban richfags need to be culled
>>7182 Based yaar Ghati party
>>7188 >>7180 I'm more of an infant annihilator/extermination disememberment guy. Mikael Akerfeldt has cool vocals tho.
>>7178 >>7178 Slipknot is an abomination. Try getting into real metal, faggot
(6.52 KB 231x218 9k=.jpg)
>>7177 Trivium is pretty good
>>7193 Based charsi chad
>>7192 >Phil bozeman slaps, already finished his entire catalogue tho >Thanks, will check it out, just starting out into black metal
I can respect you if you listen to western music only for educational purposes i.e. understanding foreign culture.
>>7196 tumhari mummy ko sirf sambhog abhyas ke liye chodu to chalega na
>>7191 How about the others? I used to listen to these bands. I don't listen to metal anymore. I just listen to classical and edm now. Sometimes I listen to daft punk. It is too kino
>>7205 Artificial brain - Synthesized instinct Attaching in this post - Devourment Babykiller
(615.94 KB 720x360 54a88185604481.5d8126d26642a.gif)
>>7192 > Deathspell Omega VERY VERY BASED TASTE ANON Here is Imperial Triumphant, I really enjoy the new release. https://youtu.be/ywcshfrpO3A >>7191 Early slipknot is good.
https://youtu.be/71azcMDptqU Here is some Indian metal, the band is long dead sadly
https://youtu.be/jullv88Af50 Here is some more desi metal, scribe - hail mogambo - Kaledar khana lao
Ending with some cryptopsy, need to finish cooking my dinner. You guys have based taste.
(755.74 KB 646x466 Normies.gif)
>>7199 My tastes have gotten so weird and niche in most genres that socially I cannot let anyone touch my phone to play music. https://youtu.be/SQU6FytTgmA I carry earplugs to parties so I don't have to listen to the music played there. >>7192 Very nice write up, it is good to see a kindred tasteful spirit anon. I hope to see more posts from you.
>>7220 Sheesh why are white people so cringe
Deathcore? Try vomit remnants, gutslit Why are you even listening to deathcore? Go for brutal death metal to get your fix of blastbeats and guttural riffs.
I remember there were few boys and girls in my college who were like people ITT. I can't understand how they could be so misled into becoming fans of western culture. Peak Macaulayism.
>>7177 >deathcore kys maybe vulvodynia and slaughter to prevail are slightly tolerable but lol fuck that shit. gutslit is a pretty good indian band if you like this shit . >black metal if you mean actual black metal, try the more digestible classics of burzum and darkthrone and shit another tangent worth trying is pagan black metal. falkenbach and bathory's late 80s early 90s stuff comes to mind, agalloch is another more accessible band. no shortage of good pagan metal and good jams if you hate minorities . if you want to try nation development, listen to dashavatar by demonic resurrection. it's one of my favorite albums ever, but the clean vocals take a while to grow on you. their older albums are more black, although overall it's blackened death at best. . also the vocalist sahil makhija is an asshole raita and if you can bully him on twitter that would he sweet cheers
>>7230 i don't think OP knows the difference if he's asking for deathcore and black metal in the same thread lol >>7220 >cannot let anyone touch my phone to play music why, what'd happen? it's just fucking music faggot >opens vid, most basic kitsch boring ass black metal you are so unique kill yourself hijde if it was some pedocore slam worldwide shit id see why itd be embarrassing what the fuck is this
>>7284 Based makhija bully.
>>7284 Slaughter to prevail is trash, except for alex terrible's lows. Try listening to heavy deathcore, something like infant annihilator. https://youtu.be/O2EY6urC4tg. >Gatekeeping aside, thanks for the black metal recommendations, I'm just starting out in black metal so my tasts ain't that refined yet.
>>7220 Based yaar German anon. Your taste is kino. I saw the horror movies you recommend.
>>7302 I actually met that faggot at Evisceration India when I was a kid. Completely ignored me and seemed embarrassed rather than proud that the new generation likes his music. He has so many complexes man. Every other Instagram post he made back in the day was about bitter he is about being irrelevant. Back then he at least had the excuse that metal had no market in India but then Bloodywood happened. The other half of his stuff is anti-government/anti-Hinduism/anti-corporate stuff despite the fact that bantai baap ke Juhu mein seafacing makaan mein rahta hai. Kahega usska "garage band" hai bahanchod Mumbai mein apna room mil jaaye bohot badi baat hai. Walking talking contradiction living life on easy mode + jaydaadmaxx but will bash anyone else living a SLIGHTLY privileged life. . But my favorite part about Sahil Makhija is that he takes the bait, every single time. Even if I thought he was a nice guy, I'd still cyberbully him. Anyone who takes baits so easily is asking for it. Personal grudge bhi hai toh I love him even more for being such a pussy. Please bully him if you find time. I really would want to see him kill himself for no reason other than the fact that it's so easy. >>7304 I don't listen to deathcore honestly, STP is the only deathcore band I've somewhat enjoyed. I mostly listen to Nazi black metal, old or new and listen to Hindustani classical and the worst kinds of Bombay rap, at least for the last year. More mainstream 70s and 80s metal is also my thing, Sabbath, Rainbow and things like that. >Infant Annihilator Imagine enjoying 9999999BPM sovlless blast beats about fucking people in a grave. But you do you it's your taste. Just listen to Dying Fetus if you like heavy stuff, they're the best in the business for more brootal stuff. If Burzum and Mayhem and other shit sounds too crude rn then try Behemoth's newer discog. Pretty mainstream, particularly the Satanist and ILYAYD. Fun songs and very atmospheric.
>>7314 Credit where credit is due, he made strides in Indian metal when very few people were doing it. Way back in the day, I did talk to him both online and IRL and I fully agree with you He takes the bait He makes the most assanine comments etc. But then again, full time musicians are not exactly smart of articulate. Also, Vulvodynia is cool.
>>7307 Glad you enjoyed them anon.
>>7316 Like I said, even if I had no problem with that dumpster fire of a person, I'd still bully him. https://twitter.com/TheDemonstealer?s=20&t=QGxLGGd9i-DewDdDsFXvgQ Go ahead Inchbhangis, make him miserable. Make fun of whatever, his face, the fact that his clean vocals sound like there's a screwdriver up his ass, or his insecurities of being a failed musician. Every bit of hate counts. It's for the country bros
>>7320 His Instagram probably has the same handle by the way
>>7316 >he made strides in Indian metal You're acting like this is a positive achievement. We need strong traditional music education in Indian schools so that children don't get drawn to western music because of globalization. Even bollytrash is adopting western stylistic approach. We might soon become like Japan/Korea which have completely lost their traditional music in the mainstream.
>>7323 > Implying Gurus are not assholes who don't take on students for casteist reasons, then cry that no one is interested. > Implying that buying Indian instruments is easy or accessible for most people but buying a guitar/bass/drum is easier. I love Indian classical music, but the community is way too toxic for me to approach it or contribute directly. We do have few musicians like Prassana and Pt Ravi Prasad who are really cool. Or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFXhGeAODBA
>>7328 Prasanna is pretentious af. I went to his show and he opened with the commie manifesto John Lennon's Imagine.
>>7329 Yeah. Ideologically he is insufferable and unoriginal. But his skills are unmatched. Sadly he does nothing great musically except caranatic versions of western songs. I much prefer composers like Amit Trivedi and Ram Sampath, who may make raita, but make it well and it actually has actual Indian flavour in it. Mostly it comes down to not enough people paying for music and shows. Once people start paying for it, I know many bands that can actually start doing well. Meghdahnush is doing well in pop/mainstream rock with some Indian flavour. There are many more trad bands, but they normally do such a terrible job that I don't mention them.
Sub genres should be approached like ragas during different times of the day. Winters/NEET mode/melancholy Try atmospheric or black metal. Even doom or stoner if that is your thing. Work/boring day etc Put on a core/death/thrash album you enjoy. The repetative blast beats become meditative eventually Feeling low Power metal, classic albums like Maiden, Metallica etc. You get the picture, the details will differ for you ofcourse. But hopefully like me Music will make life bearable and even enjoyable for you.
>>7337 In a very bastardised fashion, that is the essence of metal subgenres really. I just inherently dislike some subgenres (thrash, nu and core genres in general) but the others are just different aspects ot a school of music.
https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7honatnAMPNkd4wNmbE3SJ?si=b972cSVqR-SSgpdpBhANpQ&utm_source=copy-link Leaving this here for all the sanatani metal enthusiasts out there, check them out. Especially cult of fire, it's a good black vedic metal band.
>>7220 >wierd and niche >posts one of the most popular blackened death metal bands with 120k monthly listeners kek
>>7192 >deathspell omega holy mother of based
>>7350 Thrash just never grew so it became shit. Same with core, its the same breakdowns over and over. >>7353 Nice collection.
>>7353 good list bhai >>7359 I dislike even the classics, they're boring from the get go. Metallica, Havok and Megadeth are occassionally fun, but that's because they're accessible for basically everyone. The only good thing about thrash are the genres that came from it. I don't mind static genres if they have a good canon that never matured.
>>7190 Based yaar
>>7194 that's not me > t. real charsi
>>7314 >Nazi black metal Send links, and I hope you're not calling NSBM nazi metal.
Anti muzzrat black metal: https://youtu.be/Q3OP-dgNspo
>>7421 I had forgotten sbout this band. Isnt it two guys from UP ?
>>7434 Are you retarded? It's a Norwegian band called Taake, they are neo nazis and hate muzzies.
>>7177 Bump
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUVKUwHG4PY >>7435 My bad. Its errily similar sounding to an anto muzzie Indian band.
>>7644 sounds interesting, name of said band?
I used to listen to metal when I was in class 8-12. listened to a lot of different subgenre but now i mostly like folk metal and a few other genres
>>7722 Folk metal as in bloodywood-type bands?
>>7908 I mostly listen to nordic, celtic and a few east Asian bands not that many Indian. >bloodywood Aren't they more inspired by pop music than folk music? A more good example of Indian folk metal is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CESXgSWDuE4
>>7910 >Bloodywood They're a band that sounds trashy, with added librandu propaganda. They clAim To ThE First indian folk metal band tho.And their rapper is cringy af. >Sitar metal Yeah I've heard that one before, not sure if similar tracks exist.
>>7722 Why did you get into metal ? Ill reply on the UP metal band later. Dont have access to my laptop and phone posting is a pain
>>7980 BloodWood is pretty shit honestly. I honestly enjoyed rudra, semondealer and even motherjane more
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqAtk5D1R1Y Russian black folk masterpiece
>>8011 >Kino, thanks germanon Btw, have you ever attended a big concert like wacken or bloodstock? I'm planning to attend wacken in a couple of years.
>>8054 Richfag kys
>>8054 >Richfag >Doesn't know how to greentext Go back to instagram soythie emo pajeet.
>>8064 >>8060 Malding? Cry harder, poorfags.
(585.89 KB 1079x1199 2022-08-12_1c337646f29.jpg)
>>8065 >t.
>>8054 If you mean festivals, I went to a folk festival in Czeck, not really for music but for the viking fun. Metalheads are some of the best people I meet and made cool friends there. Wacken is sold out in seconds and due to COVID and work, I did not really get time. >>8068 Top kek.
I really want to know, how and why you got into metal ? it is far easier to impress chicks with pop tastes than to be a weirdo into violent weird music. Why do you anons do it ?
>>8097 Metal fans are just stuck in their teenage rebellion phase.
>>8097 I hate pop and rap, it's just trashy cacophony with autotune in the mix. The beats are very weak, with just electro music. Metal, on the other hand, has a lot of power packed instrumentals. Most metal songs convey their message properly. Metal has sad, adrenaline pumping, downright traumatizing, nazi, folk, headbang worthy songs. Very diverse genre. >Get into metal I was introduced to metal through numetal bands like linkin park and soad. Hated the screaming at first. As time progresses and other genres deteriorated, I started to appreciate the skills it takes to produce guttural vocals, and in general, producing a metal song. I kept getting into heavier shit, to the point where I can decipher infant annihilator lyrics at 1.5x.
>>8099 Alternative genres? Pop? Ñiggerpop(rap)? Cuntry? Lol
>>8103 Classical and folk music of India.
>>8104 Folk music is too soft. I listen to classical instrumentals sometimes tho. Blackened death metal mogs both anyday
>>8105 Do you realize your obscure subgenre of metal has no cultural relevance outside your niche sheltered gated community bred teens?
>>8103 No way a real person thinks metal is the best genre out there
>>8108 Good, I'd like it to stay that way, away from the normalfags and poptrash.
>>8170 Send alternative genres. If you listen to poptrash, bollytrash,kpop or any form of rap, your opinion is automatically rejected.
>>7177 Black sabbath iron maiden Megadeath
>>8191 Classic heavy metal, I see. Love iron maiden for their stage presence alone. And stop namefagging.
>>8099 >>8102 I had anger issues, bollywood was pure love and my peers were bollywoodtards. Pissed me off to no end. Senior introduced me to Metallica, Linkin Park etc. Was nice but I was not a suicidal teen. Then heavier stuff came along and I never looked back. Metal really helped me a lot in dealing with lot of personal stuff.
>>8191 Megadeth is really cool. I saw mustaine in person. He looks really old and beat up now. Was honestly sad.
>>8213 Cringe
>>7177 Bumpu
>>7177 Kya bantai kya tapkeli kalrela hai Apun ki baat man maaam to sirf stannie ke gaane sun Warna apne shooter log tere head me metal wital thok denge
>>7177 atmospheric black metal tourist here Burzum Emperor Sunbather
>>8354 used to listen to them when I was young obZen in particular, listened to that album a lot not sure about their newer stuff
>>8513 Nice
>>8514 The new album is weird, its a taxing listen and only few tracks I enjoyed a lot. The rest meh. But was listening to Chaosphere today. Insane album. I saw them in India and Germany, they are very different live compared to most metal bands. The experience is almost meditative.
Growing up mostly I got weird reactions from normie for wearing metal clothing. There was this girl who liked me but saw a cannibal corpse album cover my phone and never talked to me again. Last few years, I finally stopped caring. My last visit to India I wore my metal tee's. It is def more mainstream now and acceptable.
>>8657 I don't give a shit about the normalfags, and metal is definitely looked down upon. I haven't met a single Indian metalhead irl(I mean a proper metal enthusiast) in Raj. Times are changing, but metal will never be popular in India.
>>8658 Yeah there aren't any in Rajasthan. Can't argue against that. I grew up in a different time though. City policians would cancel gigs using goons if hafta was not paid, which most bands couldn't afford. It would take lot of risk for someone to arrange a gig, even rock or hard rock. If you can, go for the international concerts in bombay/pune/Arunachal. You will meet many like minded people, but enjoying the music is pure bliss.
Not to mention, metal is a great antithesis of abcxyzwood faggotry in India.
>>7177 >>8658 https://www.instagram.com/demigodindia/ They seem to be from your neck of the woods, though seem like usual sepoys.
>>8672 Sheesh, absolute state
>>8657 Do you realize that you are cringe?
BuMp, this thread will never die
>>8978 Metal is for cringe sheltered westernized zoomers who have daddy issues.
>>8673 Huh? Touch grass. Go to these western music gigs/festivals in India, it's filled with liberandus and blue haired tattooed sluts.
>>8980 I am as anti librandu as one gets, but I still attend gigs coz metal is good music.
>>8981 >Coz Kys
>>8982 Seethe harder poptard
>>8981 >>8980 To be a metalhead today has no skin in the game. Anyone can claim it after reading few blogs and claiming to like a few bands. Haven't been to gigs in India for a long time, while International bands have increased, I don't really see Indian bands growing in India.
>>8980 I'm surprised anyone thinks otherwise. The reason I hate Indian metal so much is because of the liberal types. Really wished there was more presence of the far right types
>>9059 If they were "far right" they wouldn't be listening to western music in the first place.
(87.14 KB 220x177 LOL.gif)
>>9061 Using wstern terminology to point people who reject western influence. What music arr you into ?
>>9061 Lmao. Metal is the only genre which has an active fascist, nazi, far right scene.
>>9064 Also, you still haven't told me the name of that anti muzzrat UP band germanon.
>>9059 Don't worry, we have as many right wingers as libtards in the scene. The righties are closeted and rarely attend gigs due to them being scattered and generally poor, and the fact that most Indian bands are liberal. I have quite a big group of far right friends that regularly listen to metal with me.
>>9064 Traditional Indian music, some hindi/urdu film/album music as well. I don't care about muh mooslim influence. I am not even a sanghi or something, just a regular Indian guy.
>>9068 "Far right" in India would probably refer to Bajrang Dal, RSS etc. Only liberandus use such terms in India.
>>9072 >Rss >Far right Tell me you know nothing about Indian politics without telling me. BD and RSS are a bunch of cuckservatives acting tough. By far right I mean real fascists who want a fascist dictatorship in India.
>>9071 >Hindi/urdu film I advise you to drown yourself in the Arabian sea. Fucking bollytard calling out metalheads for "cringe".
>>9074 All I'm trying to say is that I'm a normal Indian guy and not westernized like you. It's impossible to speak pure Hindi and listen to "pure Hindi" songs.
>>9075 I also listen to traditional music which is usually without Urdu influence. Also traditional Bengali music doesn't have urdu words normally.
>>9075 How are you not westernised? You're using a western language to communicate with me, using a device invented in the west and on a website made by a western guy. Fucking retard. >But saar me is not westernized saar me spek sanskrit and stay away from western technology saar
>>9077 >using a device invented in the west Not true >on a website made by a western guy Not true. Stfu faggot, you know exactly what I mean. Stop making excuses and stop listening to this screaming yelling crap they call music.
>>9078 >You know exactly whay I mean No, elaborate. How are you less westernised than me? Just because you happen to have a shitty music taste? Do you speak sanskrit? 70% of your vocabulary is persian+english, motherfucking hypocrite.
>>9078 FYI, I regularly read Pure Hindi literature, I bet you couldn't understand half the words in your class 10 ncert hindi textbook. Try reading the Godan without a dictionary before shitting hypocrisy here.
>>9079 faggot you are ruining the thread by replying to bait
>>9081 Mfw I am the OP. This thread is dead, no new music is being posted. Here's a little something: https://youtu.be/ynRD5fOncFg ^vedic black metal
>>9079 >>9080 >>9083 Your seethe and insecurity is showing. Might wanna call it a day, huh?
>>9079 >Muh taste in music is better I bet you don't play any instruments or sing either. Only try hards think that there is a "better taste in music".
>>9083 >Vedic black metal Astronomical levels of cringe.
>>9069 Sorry, regarding that. Yeah I can't find them ! youtube def took them down and their channel is also nuked, so they are not in my list anymore. sorry anon, was pretty based someone did it. >>9071 Go watch Brahmastra anon, that is authentic enough for you. The metal thread is not for you.
>>9086 Kys retard, go back to r/bollywoodgossip and listen to sidhu susuwala.
>>9087 Damn, sad to hear that. Fyck censorship
>>9072 As a card carrying member , I can tell you these orgs are not "right wing" economically or in terms of cultural values. RSS supports gay rights, Bajrang dal supports womens rights (with many caveats). but this is not a pol thread. it is a metal thread.
>>9083 Check out Magda OP. And thank you for making this thread. It is pretty feel good for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J03woJbLrgA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48YhY-GOLSE bumping with based music video
>>9089 Indian bands not being active anymore does make me sad. We do need a more vibrant scene of non bolly music in India without a doubt. I tried talking to metalheads on clubhouse, it was full of posers.
>>9093 I concur, mitra. And thanks for the suggestions, will definitely check them out.
>>9088 Answer >>9085 If you do play in a band or something, then tell me which city. Tereko doxx karke teri maa chod dunga
>>9095 Lmao. Tell me you're a 16yo nufag who came here from jeeneetards without telling me. Answer >>9079 >>9080
>>9096 So the answer is no? Then fuck you. You know nothing about how music works, probably never tried recording or producing a song and yet you claim to have "superior taste in music". Tereko kuch nahi pata toh kyu bolta hai?
>>9097 Shush bollytard ape. Imagine ignoring previous messages because you can't answer them. Fucking persianized jeetard.
>>9097 > hurr durr, look at me senpai. I play an instrument therefore give me attention. you are not a metalhead. This is a metal thread. Don't like it. Get out. Simple as that.
>>9110 Well, at least the thread is getting free bumps and slight activity kek.
>>9141 first one is pretty good lol i could put together a better video for the holy wars edit though it's boring
(4.44 MB 360x360 Torn_Asunder_by_Khemmis.webm)
>>9249 Why not. The song is a classic and many Indian scenes will fit on it.
>>9307 Those are just boring war scenes without any actual gore If puranavid wasn't a (BTW I am a nigger) I'd send a few videos that would go well
>>9315 I don't really care for gore to be honest. For raw brutality, I can watch other stuff (Primal being the latest that I enjoyed). The clips have to fit well with the song and the narrative.
>>9249 Dew it >>9141 Kino
>>7177 Ulcerate - stare into death and be still https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohk73dP1voE
Red fang Their songs are good for drinking mostly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQPfQvLIseA
Alright lads, time for some heavy metal classics. https://youtu.be/6PDMtqejNfs https://youtu.be/4JlN6wA-ZzA https://youtu.be/GoBok1xd93M Probably the best live band to ever exist, and rock in rio '01 is easily one of the greatest concerts of all time.
>>9733 Saw them live in India. Good times.
(3.57 MB 300x300 IRON_MAIDEN-_wasted_years.webm)
(1.54 MB 640x640 1643830599613.webm)
> pic rel for my fellow metalheads
>>9818 Cute monkey
>>7177 Afsky - Ofte jeg drømmer mig død
>>7177 Brutal Death Metal. 1) Disgorge - She lay gutted 2) Mortician - Chainsaw dismemberment 3) Extermination Dismemberment - Serial Urbicide
>>9826 >Extermination disememberment Love 'em. Post more .
(51.12 KB 300x300 PG-PITY-album.jpg)
(270.20 KB 1200x1200 a1857682672_10.jpg)
>>9830 Grindcore. 1) Pig Destroyer - Prowler in the Yard 2) Groomcordance Axis - The Inalienable Dreameless 3) Wormrot - Dirge
>>9830 Infant Annihilator - The Battle of Yaldaboath Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity Terrorizer - World Downfall
>>9830 This is all I listen to death-metal related genres. I mostly listen to Black Metal
>>9839 I remember jamming out to the entire IA discography back in the days. I recommend 3 bastards, soil the stillborn and blashemian.
>>9841 Yeah it's good, but apart from TBoY, their other albums doesn't stand out much
Anyone into fleshgod apocalypse kind of stuff ? >>9839 >>9834 I honestly got bored of DM, apart from dissonant death metal and few blackened death bands. I still love some good old goregrind, Syphillic is still my fav which is ironic given that it is a joke band. https://youtu.be/U7zM127T8ic Strongly recommend it. >>9855 This is nice. Apocalyptic sounding stuff.
Metalbros, where do you get your flacs from? Do you buy albums and merch? Do you attend live concerts? I pirate the FLACs through RED(pvt tracker) and never buy anything.
>>10176 Flac is pointless for most metal. It is already compressed so many times that even 320 kbps is overkill. I used to use metaltracker, now buy on bandcamp for most bands.
>>10232 What about melodic, power and electronicore metal? I presume that just black and death are the heavily compressed genres. Also, checkout metal.iplay.ro if you want a large collection of niche discographies, including obscure underground stuff. >bandcamp richy rich
>>10237 Most of metal is pretty compressed. So you don't need high quality recordings. OGG vorbis or other formats can give you great quality in less space than mp3. > richy rich Pay/buy when you can. Until you are a student, pirate shamelessly.
>>10308 band name?
Alright lads, time for some cradle of filth.These are their best songs imo: https://youtu.be/UeNQVUoxMnY https://youtu.be/y6RWLYkAY3Y https://youtu.be/uRStgI3Is-c I enjoyed cruelty and the beast, but that was about it. I remember them because they were my gateway to black metal,through lord abortion: https://youtu.be/u8aSepeffiA . Dani Filth has amazing high screams, and probably the best lyrics composition in the world. Their guitarist, gothic vibes and newer albums are huge off putters though.
>>10342 Cicadda the corpseflower - Burrower Very interesting album. >>10373 NICE. COF was my gateway band as well. It was the point where my taste in music repelled all ganjedis and got too much for them.
>>10373 Bathory Aria brings back memories
>>10406 Great stuff, are they post-black? Will definitely have to check them out.
Post some extreme metal,anons. https://youtu.be/79ojlwMzs0Q
>>10565 Nice. Got some more?