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Anon 04/11/2022 (Mon) 05:27:37 ID:5b609d No. 1 [Reply]
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(126.52 KB 276x254 ebf.png)
>>937 I won't, wwyd?
>>938 I will rope myself
(3.73 MB 540x300 4f8.gif)
>>939 Don't do it anon :<(
>>940 Don't worry anom :)
>>1119 i-it's not i was worried about you or anything... baka

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Feels bar Anon 04/30/2022 (Sat) 19:02:10 ID:587839 No. 159 [Reply]
Share whatever you want to share
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>>1108 I can relate. I was a volcel for many years. Each time I met chicks, I used to feel bad that I have to reproduce with this. One sexual experience was also boring. The girl was physically hot but it was just not interesting.
>>1108 This is literally me
i dont recommend having relationships with colleagues. kinda mid
>>161 Anon, I know of a couple in my college where the dude is 5'3" and the girl is 5'4". He looks like a child, doesn't even have a beard. You have what you have in life. You clearly want to make it better,so figure out how.(You're clearly smart enough)
I can't empathize with people. People behave strangely with you, a lot of times due to the demons in their own brains. But no, I have to think they are in a great conspiracy directed against me. This causes me great stress.

Anon 09/09/2022 (Fri) 15:40:13 ID:278378 No. 721 [Reply]
Was a NEET for long time Gathered courage and came to bhangilore 10 days ago Family wale saying 15 din ho gaye job nhi lagi
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>>721 biyah fixed lol
>>721 was clean for more than 10 days now even smell of ciggi makes me nauseous do not go to chai stall get a kettle
>>721 Will to act matters
>>721 book se kar bc
>>721 Update?

(111.39 KB 1284x1228 Snapchat-118750340.jpg)
Anon 07/14/2022 (Thu) 17:04:31 ID:9be682 No. 497 [Reply]
I'm always ruining the fun. I'm never on the same page. People tell me I'm crossing lines all the time. When they joke, I'm serious. I'm serious when they joke. I cannot be on the same wavelength as people. I'm eternally outcasted and I know I romanticise it.
>>497 And my sarcasm is always lost on company and they think I'm retarded
>>498 I am called creep because of that and nobody talks to me except few people
>>499 These are the people i will have to deal with when i graduate :( right now I have a few friends and they tend to ignore my spergouts but no one on the real world is that forgiving. Cherish those who talk to you Btw i know what my problem is. I keep thinking that everything around me is happening on some level of irony, that most people don't really mean what they say and beneath all those masks, lies the person i imagine them to be. This means i tell myself to ignore all that i hear and see. It's completely wrong, but that's how my brain is wired. Now i know that's completely wrong but I can't help it. Still a lot better than a few years ago though.
>>497 >>498 >>499 >>500 Losers. You have to make sure you make people around you comfortable

(299.44 KB 1651x1227 4d8edu7tsk651.jpg)
henlo Anon 05/09/2022 (Mon) 01:44:45 ID:fc5a78 No. 189 [Reply]
Anybody in here...
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>>189 alo
(105.67 KB 527x479 1 (124).jpg)
>>189 खम्मा घणी सा
>>189 yes hello i very bhai pajeet yaara bhangi
>>189 Good morning anon Kaam kar rahe ho ya nhi?

Anon 04/11/2022 (Mon) 18:14:02 ID:e0ef40 No. 8 [Reply]
HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/
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>>9 No fucking way mannis the greatest board inch has chill comfy away from bullshit dont you dare remove it.
(134.33 KB 253x530 helobby.png)
Janice, I did want you to hide man but not make it completely undiscoverable Plij do the needful and only hide /man/ from board list but let the posts appear on the front page
>>187 Janny ji has forgotten about man because he cannot find it

Anon 12/01/2022 (Thu) 12:48:07 ID:8ee272 No. 1110 [Reply]
It started off small and as a joke but the thought is gaining good foothold in my mind. Making this post is not helping.
>>1110 Fighht the uurges
>>1111 feeling slightly better now ty :) >>1112 yeh kaisa bump hai be

(55.45 KB 185x230 ali.jpg)
Meaning Anon 11/28/2022 (Mon) 18:33:43 ID:f5a505 No. 1102 [Reply]
ʿAlī said: This world is a place of perishing and weariness, of vicissitudes and instruction: Perishing is this—Fate stands stretching his bow, loading his arrows. His arrows do not miss and their wounds do not heal. He strikes the young with old age, the healthy with illness, and the living with death. He is a drinker whose thirst is never quenched; an eater who is never satiated. Weariness is this—A man gathers food he will not eat, and builds edifices he will not inhabit. He leaves this world to go to God, with no edifice to take with him, no property to carry. Its vicissitudes are these—The world gladdens the deprived and deprives the glad. Between the two is only a pleasure that has ceased or a misfortune that has arrived. Its lessons are these—A man is about to see his aspirations fulfilled when they are severed by the ending of his life. No aspiration is attained, and no aspirer attains. So, whats the point, does something matter anons????
>>1102 Ali spotted opinion discarded
>>1103 Hi, Mu'awiya

Post your daily routine Anon 11/17/2022 (Thu) 17:16:18 ID:680528 No. 957 [Reply]
Here's my routine 10:00am Wake up Charge my phone Take a piss Brush teeth Have breakfast Take a shit Unplug my phone Take out my laptop and spend time on the internet 11:30ish am Help mom in the kitchen or go to buy groceries 1:30pm Plug in phone for charger Pack my laptop up Have lunch Unplug phone and watch something

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>>1025 You're living my dream
>>1026 >wageslavery is dream life Wow chamar. Ask him how much he earns and which city it is and if he feels fulfilled
>>957 8:00 wakeup 9 breakfast 10 office 2 lunch break 6 back home buy stuff, walk or relax consume media 11 sleep repeat
>>1027 >Ask him how much he earns and which city it is and if he feels fulfilled Doesn't matter, I'll be at peace if I'm living alone and making money on my own, i can easily suck up everything else. You ungrateful ones will always find a reason to be "sad and mad" about.
>>1027 >>1026 It used to be worst, was working 80 hours a week. Money is great, living in a great neighbourhood. But yeah. Wageslaving is still wageslaving. I will have to find a way out. >>1029 > Doesn't matter, I'll be at peace if I'm living alone and making money on my own, 100% true. Independence is expensive but worth it anon. Best of luck to you

(39.52 KB 479x558 images (2) (6).jpeg)
Cried in front of people Anon 11/26/2022 (Sat) 04:49:28 ID:3467b3 No. 1095 [Reply]
Me and some friends of mine got chewed out by a professor yesterday for filling in a proxy attendance for one of my friends. I was unemotional for the whole time when in his office, but when he threatened to suspend me, i cried a little. I didn't get suspended and didn't face any repercussions though. But I cringe thinking about that. I'm not an emotional person and my friends got taken aback a little by my crying. They've told me that they won't tell anyone. Will they lose respect for me? How do I gain it back? Im 18
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>>1095 >I'm not an emotional person The reason you cried is not because of the professor's threat but because of all the emotions you've bottled up all these years. The suspension threat was the valve that let the water loose. It's better to cry once in a while to empty all those bottled up emotions so you can start fresh.
>>1097 I don't try to repress them, just can't do it when sad most of the time, bad day i guess >>1096 They didn't mock me or anything, just asked me if I was okay and told me not to worry, but I still feel like they secretly think less of me. Was my getting sad an over reaction?
>>1095 It's over for you
>>1098 >Was my getting sad an over reaction? It's not, anon, and no. Expressing emotions, both good and bad, is important. I used to even avoid laughing because I thought I sounded gay and was too conscious about it. Really bad. They're not going to think less of you just because you cried when someone in an authoritative position was really angry and was threatening to suspend you.
It's over for you bitches will be repulsed by you because you are emotional shy boi