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Anon 04/18/2022 (Mon) 08:29:48 ID:2d5208 No. 77 [Reply]
I have no interest in anything I have no aim and goal in life. Only thing which I know is that I have to get a sarkari kalej through jee, after that I don't know what I will do. Probably it coolie like many others.
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>no interest in anything >according to society You do have an interest, seeking validation.
Nice yaar
>>77 What about marriage?
>>282 Ha hai par ladkia nahi jaisi mujhe chahiye

Anon 07/11/2022 (Mon) 06:30:31 ID:6ab749 No. 471 [Reply]
Official mummy papa ka jhagda ho gaya aur koi khana nahi kha raha dinner. Yes i am above the age of 18
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(932.29 KB 2244x1476 Viet_Seitan_peanut_sauce.jpg)
My parents had a not so great marriage. Dad was screwed over at work, not so good relatives, mom did her own thing. I suffered a lot between pointlessly. I am a very calm guy IRL, I have done many stressful jobs and never really felt anxiety, but my parents have this ability to say just the right thing to trigger extreme stress and anxiety. No matter how far I go in life, I can never escape that I can escape. I made food my coping mechanism. Learnt to cook (when there were fights at home, id cook for everyone). I still eat out without my phone, sometimes without girlfriend or friends. So I can eat away my feelings, process my thoughts etc.
>>548 > sometimes without girlfriend or friends. So I can eat away my feelings, process my thoughts etc. so you hab a gf n you are still here.....why? go hab seggs you'll be alright. >Apart from that they're both fucking retarded. Mother gets hurt over the slightest of things, but it's not completely her fault because father has done shit in the past which does warrant that behaviour. We can call names as much as we want, but at least girls today will not settle for retards who don't know how to not mistreat their wives. i sometimes wonder whether we as boys go far too easy on our mums and brush under the carpet their obvious flaws cause we are designed to be by their side and be their support system. not saying that fathers cannot have flaws but if we were to be realistic, deep down we all know we , for some reason give our mums a pass for failing at their job as a parent. >Unironically learn how to make your ffavourite dish. Go out and buy chicken or mutton whichever you like, and make it yourself. Things may not be good but that's no reason to starve yourself she has one job.....to feed people in the house , why is it too much of a task for her is beyond me.
>>549 >so you hab a gf n you are still here.....why? go hab seggs you'll be alright. Gf doesn't magically solve all problems in life yaar >go far too easy on our mums and brush under the carpet their obvious flaws cause we are designed to be by their side and be their support system Yes that does happen and i did use to do that, but now i can judge pretty accurately who is at fault >she has one job.....to feed people in the house , why is it too much of a task for her is beyond me. Circumstances yaar, you have to eat well and be self sufficient. It also kind of subconsciously makes you less emotionally dependent on whoever is doing the cooking
>>546 Just found out that my maa has blocked my baap on WhatsApp
>>549 > and brush under the carpet their obvious flaws I definitely did. My mother was mostly the cause of lot of the issues for me and my dad. > she has one job.....to feed people in the house , why is it too much of a task for her is beyond me. Nah, it was just bad times.

Anon 07/20/2022 (Wed) 16:50:23 ID:a07bd0 No. 523 [Reply]
I am bored, work has piled up, and /b/ is utter SHIT So pls post in this thread. What's on your mind these days? Have you accepted your fate as a wageslave yet, or is your mind still struggling, soul still in torment?
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>>523 >What's on your mind these days? Career related worries > Have you accepted your fate as a wageslave yet, or is your mind still struggling, soul still in torment? I have accepted my fate, I don't want to struggle, but just have a comfy job. Sadly if I work little harder, I could be earning double. Very confused about this. But the stress is killing me now.
>>556 Well atleast for me corona came in 2nd half of 4th year so not a very big impact Just that I wished to do more fun in last sem but missed it out Couldn't even see my crush one last time
>>558 Not good but do know little bit frontend development using JS and react framework But currently in a support project so no industry level knowledge Planning on making a switch to a startup so that I could learn and earn more. Planning on not getting married and retiring by 40
>>561 >Career related worries This is literally me except i don't have a job yet >Sadly if I work little harder, I could be earning double. Very confused about this. Is there no middle ground in life? >>562 >crush Kekek i stopped giving myself all this torment, regret, pain and feelings of self inadequacy by deciding not to have crushes at all. I did ask a girl out, she said she had a bf, and that was it. We were 'just friends' for a while but you know what, i felt pathetic talking to her (because of something that happened a bit after i asked her out) so i stopped talking to her completely. Shame, she was not a bad friend per se, but circumstances.
>>564 > Is there no middle ground in life? No. Life rewards in extremes. > so i stopped talking to her completely BASED.

Weird feels Anon 07/14/2022 (Thu) 15:33:16 ID:25cab1 No. 492 [Reply]
What has happened to the world now? When I was younger, I never cheated and people praised me for my honesty and integrity. I gave all exams solely by my effort and talent. Now that I am older, I follow that principle and it's one of my principles to never cheat. I have been successful so far but the same people who used to praise my honesty have now started making fun of it. Cheating and dishonesty has become cool these days. I don't want to be appreciated, but certainly I don't want people to make fun of my ideals.
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>>492 not everyone will be honest with you and rest is your own call, whatever you do, it's not good/bad or cool/uncool.
>>492 Pajeet straight up copied a 4chan screenshot
>>492 You are literally me
>>552 kys faggot
Imagine if some white person found out you cheated. He would never look at you as trustworthy.

(2.77 MB 720x1280 pain.mp4)
“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ― Charles Bukowski Anon 05/28/2022 (Sat) 19:20:26 ID:874993 No. 272 [Reply]
What were your gone-crazy phases of life yaro? Phases where you pressed the detonate button of your internal stack of emotional/intellectual dynamite? Phases where you took it personally to achieve a purpose, a deadline or an individual? Phases which you reminisce and imagine your peak, your GOD-mode?
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>>278 To be very precise. He hated Delhites, Mallu's (only the non Hindu ones) and few others. Why ? Idk. Maybe someone fucked his daughter.
>>297 >>299 Based yaar How are you doing now ? Did it have any effect on your career ?
>>314 >>314 My bachelors looks bad on paper. But my work expirience more than covers it up. Since then ive been doing well in life. Meanwhile that proff is there, earning the same and working the same dead end job. We hire really fucked up proffs and teachers. My childhood was basically non stop abusive educators. Not the sex with underage kids kind either
>>318 Kek, fags like him fuck with others to cope with themselves Psychological profile tests should be a must for anyone getting in the teaching biz
>>319 My whole education was pretty abusive to be honest. In retrospect, a lot of my teachers were really mentally sick.

Anon 07/16/2022 (Sat) 17:43:50 ID:8c8964 No. 512 [Reply]
i dont seem to fit in anywhere and i dont know why i try so hard to be with people and i try to be nice to everyone but it looks like im a sperg and people dont seem to like it i just need to be selfish and stay an outcast it looks like im sick and tired and want to get away from everyone i should stay an outcast and only think for myself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVJ5IenLFSw
>>512 Me too
>>512 Me too yaar what is your mbti type?
>>512 My childhood in a nutshell. It was ultimately very helpful, helped me develop my personality and hobbies without needing to conform or fit in. Also based song.

(192.41 KB 500x485 0077 - XRTzbJk.png)
How has the internet/virtual life affected your real life decisions Anon 06/29/2022 (Wed) 17:39:08 ID:a96a53 No. 404 [Reply]
>be me >Lurking on Plebbiit Relationship advice sub(s) >Reading posts about cheating wives and shiet >Some posts induce physical pain >One reply about a guy's sister spending time with coworker on Her marriage anniversary >Husband alone at home, moved across the country to be with her >Someone linked trp sub and said to read the sidebar >Curious, start reading through >Read every post, linked book, research article remotely related to trp >Fall into rabbit hole of catastrophising for 9-10 months >Stop using plebbit, forced myself to look around my own self, expecting to get bluepills >Slightly better, but fall into that loop again and again Every woman (even the ones close to me) i look at, i feel like I'm looking at a sociopath. I feel like No women can actually love me the way i want to be loved. Though I don't believe in Chad/Stacey/Incel shit, i feel massively insecure whenever i see a guy better looking than me, even though I know i have a decent enough face. I'm borderline scared of getting into a relationship, thinking that no woman wants monogamy and will eventually cheat on me. From January of this year, I've started feeling a bit less bitter about women than i used to. Hopefully, i get better with time.

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>>404 Anon, you must realise that the amount of 'badness' in the world has been pretty much evenly distributed amongst the population, regardless of gender. It's just the work of the availability bias that we think women are worse than they actually are. But that's besides the point. With things like these, the only right way to get out of this cycle is to plunge into the deep end. Put yourself in situations in which you have to interact with the other party, because most of these ideas of hatred only stem from being stuck in an echo chamber for too long.
(56.79 KB 570x460 1610214552292.png)
>>404 The girl I loved for 8 years cheated on me even though she was the one who made the first move, Never take women seriously bros
>>478 Greentext?( Only if you're comfortable with it)
>>404 I was a kind of no-pill guy before 2021. Had literally no opinions on things and just didn't have much mental acumen to learn things from ground zero. I was not blue-pilled not red-pilled, but somehow just existing and working. I had got access to internet very early because my sister needed to do projects and I was from a tier 1 city. Around 2008 or 9 i guess when I first time used the internet. Initially during my early years I used it for google search, google videos(there was no yt back then), and school stuff. Shifted to playing small Flash games sometimes. I was in 4th grade around 2010 when I discovered torrenting. Became a torrent freak and used to torrent evrything from movies and songs to games. This phase ended in 7th grade around 2014 or 2015 when the torrent sites were made down and streaming started becoming popular. My life on internet became non existent after 8th grade since my parents sold off my desktop PC. The funny thing I never discovered porn until in 7th grade while torrent fagging. I never discovered and went and interacted on any internet forum. I never discovered reddit until 2021. I had no social media accounts till 2021 in all these years despite using internet so much. I never went through the blue pill and soy phase, as soon as I joined Groomcord in 2021 I was already based enough for normal communities to handle me thus the only places I would end up are edgy places and red pilled n(BTW I am a nigger)s. I sometimes how differently I could have end up if I discovered internet forums and social media and reddit much earlier. I also wonder how would I have ended up right now if that 2021 phase never came and I never clicked on that Groomcord invite link. How decisions as small as clicking a link or not can radically change our lives.
>>502 >How decisions as small as clicking a link or not can radically change our lives Indeed sir i clicked a link to a "trad far righr" telegram group 2 years ago i went from soy to far right to centrist (apolitical and non caring about what happens in world) rn

(111.39 KB 1284x1228 Snapchat-118750340.jpg)
Anon 07/14/2022 (Thu) 17:04:31 ID:9be682 No. 497 [Reply]
I'm always ruining the fun. I'm never on the same page. People tell me I'm crossing lines all the time. When they joke, I'm serious. I'm serious when they joke. I cannot be on the same wavelength as people. I'm eternally outcasted and I know I romanticise it.
>>497 And my sarcasm is always lost on company and they think I'm retarded
>>498 I am called creep because of that and nobody talks to me except few people
>>499 These are the people i will have to deal with when i graduate :( right now I have a few friends and they tend to ignore my spergouts but no one on the real world is that forgiving. Cherish those who talk to you Btw i know what my problem is. I keep thinking that everything around me is happening on some level of irony, that most people don't really mean what they say and beneath all those masks, lies the person i imagine them to be. This means i tell myself to ignore all that i hear and see. It's completely wrong, but that's how my brain is wired. Now i know that's completely wrong but I can't help it. Still a lot better than a few years ago though.

(157.44 KB 362x640 Boca.mp4)
Urge to sleep permanently Anon 07/14/2022 (Thu) 12:25:17 ID:f6afcf No. 488 [Reply]
I hate existing. i'm tired of this shit. there's no point left to my life. nothing's happened in my life in the right time it should have. as such i'm losing interest. it's all my fault so there's not even a cope that hey, it's because the world is bad. i feel like a rotten being and have the need to accelerate it all and be done with it. most of you are younger than me so i don't know why i'm even posting this here. i should be the one guiding you anons but feels fucking hopeless being me and can't even talk to anyone about it. some of you are actually wiser than i am so there's that.
>>488 Literally me in a few years, my brother's there already, more or less

Anon 07/12/2022 (Tue) 15:27:16 ID:b29da4 No. 480 [Reply]
>>480 I wonder that too.
>>480 I wish i was never born
>can hear mother having another episode of psychosis downstairs It's all so tiresome