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Anon 07/12/2022 (Tue) 15:27:16 ID:b29da4 No. 480 [Reply]
>>480 I wonder that too.
>>480 I wish i was never born
>can hear mother having another episode of psychosis downstairs It's all so tiresome

(287.75 KB 1280x848 Life-Philosophy.jpg)
/sleep/ Anon 07/06/2022 (Wed) 16:49:36 ID:147833 No. 460 [Reply]
Hi /man/s of InCh. I want to improvv my sleep schedule. In 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 I had a very based sleeping schedule. I used to sleep at 10:00-10:30 PM and wake up at 4:15-4:45 AM, usually with a alarm. Then I used to brush my teeth and drink water and meditate till 5:00 AM and then start studymaxxing. I felt that this kind of life was really productive and seek to reesatblish this. Any suggestions anons?
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>>460 If your problem is that you can't sleep then skip sleep one day and sleep at 7-8 pm next day, you should wake up at 4-5. From then onwards you can sleep at 10 pm and continue your previous lifestyle
Guys, in what position do you sleep. I usually sleep in right side karwat. I want to sleep straight. How can I start sleeping straight, how can I easily do this. I find it difficult to fall asleep in straight position.
>>466 Why do you want to sleep straight? All you need is proper rest, whether you get it by sleeping like a worm or standing straight up like a horse, it doesn't matter.
>>467 it gives me shoulder pain
>>466 सब अलग तरह से सोते हैं कोई सही उत्तर नहीं मैं भी सीधे बगल में सोता हूँ

(10.93 KB 300x309 GA0bQVY_d.webp)
Anon 06/20/2022 (Mon) 22:45:17 ID:c0bf3d No. 374 [Reply]
How do I stop being angry all the time?
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>>382 Venting my negative emotions calms me down a lot. Without it, id be murderer long back. >>385 Just sink in the music. https://youtu.be/x7txYgOqN3o The steady beat really helps me get into a flow state, I can then use my anger to get work done etc. >>384 Very cool song. Separately these would sound gay, but together it sounds so heavy.
>>387 Tbh venting my anger hasnt helped that much anyway, i can see that my mind loves venting anger and its turning into a habit.
>>388 Check out F is for family.
>>390 Bill burr' s Netflix show . I haven't watched it but I bet uts funny as hell. It's animated and makes it all the more hilarious. You should watch his specials too.
>>393 I did. Was good seeing someone else with anger issues too.

(45.07 KB 474x372 external-content.duckduckgo.jpg)
RX100 anon are you still here ? Anon 04/25/2022 (Mon) 13:14:12 ID:b02143 No. 124 [Reply]
There was this anon on this board who bought a RX100. RX100 anon are you still here ? Any updates on the bike ?
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>>256 Damn, my dad owned a Suzuki Shogun, it was a decent bike but it was impossible to get spares for it. It sat in non working condition rotting for ages untill he sold it 6-7 years ago. If he had bought a RX instead it could still have been there in running condition. >>262 it depends on the condition. If its aged but in good condition overall nothing major missing then it might get you upto 50-60k
>>244 Have you ever tried to ride it past 90 ? I've heard the engine in these things can take them to speeds where the bike becomes unrideable due to instability.
>>261 Don't worry homie, I got it done by a mechanic who's been working with RXs forever. >>262 I paid 85k for the bike because it was absolutely perfect and didn't even have a single scratch on it. I've been riding it for close to six months and haven't had any problems at all with it. If it's an RX100 in just average condition then you can probably sell it for 50-60k on Facebook Marketplace. >>275 Yes I touch 90 at least once everyday on my way to college. It doesn't struggle at all and I think if I keep at it I'll probably reach speeds of upto 110kmph. I don't think the brakes can slow me down fast enough if something comes in my way though. (I didn't upgrade to disk brakes)
ill inherent my father in laws rx100 which is so well kept that i havent seen any better condition. maybe 2-3
>>334 Good for you anon

How to deal with depressive periods ? Anon 06/16/2022 (Thu) 10:43:32 ID:d37828 No. 338 [Reply]
I am normally fit and my brain works well, but I get periods of depression where I cannot focus and have unproductive thoughts.
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>>341 enjoy the outing yaara
>>338 >How to deal with depressive periods ? Stayfree secure
>>342 I did. The depressive thoughts subsided for few hours. I know it is obvious advice, but thanks for reminding me. The blue light of the screen drains my soul so slow, that I forget there is life to be lived.
>>338 Lose weight and stop shoving kheera up your ass

Anon 06/16/2022 (Thu) 18:46:59 ID:5a5174 No. 340 [Reply]
Sarkari naukri ke chakkar me javani chudwa li How do I redeem myself?
>>340 just learn to code bro and invest in crypto
>>363 And watch your hard earned savings go down by 80% in a matter of weeks? No thanks
>>340 Randi chodo
>>340 kuch nai learn to live with regrets

Anon 06/11/2022 (Sat) 21:16:32 ID:15e2af No. 330 [Reply]
just wiped more than 6TiB worth of anime that i have been collecting for past 7 years(almost) off my hard drives. i feel sad but, ... i want to do something productive with my life. i never watched them offline anyway and if i were to miss them, i can always stream them from somewhere. i wish to overwork myself and die before i turn 30. im tired of thinking <3 rei
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>>330 I wiped out around 1 TB of anime last month. I started by wiping the animes I don't like much, but in the end, I deleted all of them. I still have a notepad file named "removed anime" which has all the animes I have deleted lol
>>367 >>366 If you guys can build a systematic collection that can be accessed via scripts and its maintenance etc an be automated, congratulations, you will easily get a job creating systems and pipelines for companies working with big data. It sounds easy and in theory it is, but most people lack the systematic thinking required to make such a collection. So it is really impressive that you guys are doing this.
>>369 I'm >>367, you got me wrong dude. I don't have a collection of 4.5 TB, that's the total storage i have in my house. My hdd (1tb) + external HDD 1tb + my laptop hdd 0.5 tb + father's SSD 256 gb etc. I have a total of 2 episodes of Hindi dubbed anime + 1 episode of Hindi dubbed Ben 10 and that's all I have in the way of a collection (alothogh i have close to 1.5k images saved with me, phone + pc combined)
>>372 Fuck i meant I'm >>366
6 TB of anime and your waifu is still basic normalfag tier

(3.73 MB 400x306 happy.webm)
(3.63 MB 1280x720 cutmyhair.webm)
(3.80 MB 480x360 evaamv.webm)
Musical feels Anon 06/19/2022 (Sun) 10:04:55 ID:270574 No. 358 [Reply]
Post your musical feels webm yaaron.

(33.77 KB 404x491 44gc245jgs981.jpg)
Anon 06/02/2022 (Thu) 12:29:08 ID:9bf2a5 No. 294 [Reply]
Wtf? Isn't this a new board? Why are there so many posts here already?
>>294 he doesnt know lol
>>295 What don't i know
>>305 apni maa se puch
>>294 T'was a hidden board
>>305 hahahahahha newfaggot

Anon 05/18/2022 (Wed) 10:40:38 ID:c4d2f9 No. 219 [Reply]
spanish fags don't know about /man/ hehe
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>>219 Sauce?
>>219 "spanish" tf you mean??
>>353 You weren't there when this thread was made. You'd have got it if you were.
>>219 holee fuck i forgot /man/ par ancient threads bhi bump off nahi hote i made this thread lmao
>>243 no idea found it on /b/