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Feels bar

Share whatever you want to share

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Was a NEET for long time Gathered courage and came to bhangilore 10 days ago Family wale saying 15 din ho gaye job nhi lagi

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I'm always ruining the fun. I'm never on the same page. People tell me I'm crossing lines all the time. When they joke, I'm serious. I'm serious when they joke. I cannot be on the same wavelength as people. I'm eternally outcasted and I know I romanticise it.

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Anybody in here...

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HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/ HIDE /man/

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It started off small and as a joke but the thought is gaining good foothold in my mind. Making this post is not helping.

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ʿAlī said: This world is a place of perishing and weariness, of vicissitudes and instruction: Perishing is this—Fate stands stretching his bow, loading his arrows. His arrows do not miss and their wounds do not heal. He strikes the young with old age, the healthy with illness, and the living with death. He is a drinker whose thirst is never quenched; an eater who is never satiated. Weariness is this—A man gathers food he will not eat, and builds edifices he will not inhabit. He leaves this world to go to God, with no edifice to take with him, no property to carry. Its vicissitudes are these—The world gladdens the deprived and deprives the glad. Between the two is only a pleasure that has ceased or a misfortune that has arrived. Its lessons are these—A man is about to see his aspirations fulfilled when they are severed by the ending of his life. No aspiration is attained, and no aspirer attains. So, whats the point, does something matter anons????

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Post your daily routine

Here's my routine 10:00am Wake up Charge my phone Take a piss Brush teeth Have breakfast Take a shit Unplug my phone Take out my laptop and spend time on the internet 11:30ish am Help mom in the kitchen or go to buy groceries 1:30pm Plug in phone for charger Pack my laptop up Have lunch Unplug phone and watch something Browse internet until 7:00pm Plug in phone to charge Take a bath Unplug phone and browse internet until 9:30pm Plug phone in for charging Have dinner Unplug phone and browse the internet until 1:00pm Sleep

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Cried in front of people

Me and some friends of mine got chewed out by a professor yesterday for filling in a proxy attendance for one of my friends. I was unemotional for the whole time when in his office, but when he threatened to suspend me, i cried a little. I didn't get suspended and didn't face any repercussions though. But I cringe thinking about that. I'm not an emotional person and my friends got taken aback a little by my crying. They've told me that they won't tell anyone. Will they lose respect for me? How do I gain it back? Im 18

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>recently graduated law >ma baap ne mehngi coaching lagwa di >mei padhai likhai nahi kar raha >ma baap ko lagta hai ki mei bhot hoshiyar hu >college mei gold medal mila par ab burnout sa feel kar raha hu >tried yoga, exercise, fiction nothing works >kya karu

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My Diary (24/11/2022)

I haven't written my diary for a while, this day is not really good for me, I don't understand why my handwriting is like this now, fuck. I don't care whether you'll understand this or not, even though at the beginning I don't like it, but it's pretty good I think. These photos were taken on Thursday, 24 November, 2022 at 13:59 with Samsung Galaxy A10s.

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Is there any forum similar to /man/

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new week and almost the end of the month. how are you anons doing ? tell tell.

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Ive concluded objectively it'll be better for everyone if i just disappeared

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Do you still do this? This resonated with a younger 13-15 yewr old me.

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Im not really sure where is life taking me

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I cannot form meaningful connections with other humans the connections i already have are degrading degrading including the ones with my family i love them a lot but it is hard to remember the last time i felt close to any of them. or maybe i am comparing my current relationships with those of olden days when things were still innocent. regardless when i finally die i will just be given off to some sanstha which takes care of unclaimed bodies. no one to light the pyre. the world is so gray.

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It was 2014 when I celebrated my last birthday

8 Birthday wishes in total. 6 of them came in a family group. 1 from my mom. 1 from a friend(after I told him). Birthday used to be gud back when i wad a kid now literally nobody cares anymore FML

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No fap

That's it, it's official 1st day of my no fap

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you know, most of us lament for not having been with a girl who we admire and some, for not having been with a girl at all. however, in disheartening circumstances like these, it's important to recognise that all worldly attractions are but a little more than a surefire route to self-castration. it's important to remember that as one preaches, vies and yearns for a reality to come true, one acts as his own worst enemy. for one acts in his own self-interest inasmuch as he works for what he perceives to be good, he forgets the age-old teaching of the yin and yang - that badness is as much of a concomitant to the good as goodness is to all that is bad. today, you're depressed at having lost what was never yours. tomorrow, you'll grieve over losing that which you always thought as your own. as such, a masterful architect instructs to his apprentice to make good out of all that the junior perceives as bad. to affect positives via struggles and hardships alone then becomes the highest service to all mankind.

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Remainder: fight with what you have.

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/man/ webm thread?

Post /man/ tier pheel webms. I will start with whatever I have.

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Life doesn't get better.

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How do I get re-attached to people in my life and start loving people close to me?

so just a little about me, I am a 19 yo nigga in a very good college with okayish grades. I look decently good, have a decent social life, have a longtime (16 months) above avg looking non thot gf who loves me to death, made 4.5 lakh from 20k in last year's crypto-run I think I have got most of the things but still I have no attachment for anyone, people around me treat me good, I dont treat them bad but nowhere special like how they do. 2 days ago, neighbour's labrador died with whom I was attached a lot during my early teenage, but still I didn't feel sad about him, I have been like this for the last 5-6 months, I was always a little like this but this has really spiked recently. Do any of you face similar problems? And how do I fix this?

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Asking for educational purpose only

Asking for educational purpose only

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/Lit thread/

>what book are you reading right now ? >Favourite author >Share any reading list ( if you have any) > Share your written work if you write as a hobby. >Do you maintain a journal ? >Book recommendation The last book I read was no longer human by osamu dazai. Yes I got to know about it from the anime aoi bungaku.i don't have any fav author but, I have religiously read the girl with the dragon tattoo series. the next book on my list is " of human bondage " by w Somerset Maugham.

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gyan bato

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I belong here.

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the most based way of living life. >pic related

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Yeh baarish rukne ka naam nahi leti bc

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how exactly do you achieve "thick skin" without becoming out of control degenerate?

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Kya yaha koi bhi NEET ya loser nahi bacha. Kya sab /b/ me larp hi karne aaye hai.

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You're lonely because nobody wants to be with you, I'm lonely because I chose solitude

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Is this board for serious discussion ?

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Is getting happiness, money, love important in life? I got money but don't remember I actually smiled with happiness after 7th class. I have never got any hug. I am a IT coolie now earning good but my money is just staling in my bank account. My parents don't want anything from me, they themselves have earned good shekels. I don't what is my future I don't see anything bright it's just same wake up job then sleep routine and sleeping or wandering in car on Sat and Sundays. I am not even depressed but I just don't feel anything neither I seek anything.

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Who should I ask about why should I live or why shouldn't I kms? >Inb4 kys and livestream I'll automate my seppuku video to be uploaded here after my death for your viewing pleasure, tell me something else.

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Importance of gifting the world your real potential

Anons let's have good discussion over stock market and how it contributes nothing of value to the society, and how it is filled with mindless leeches that use ai to manipulate prices. The lack of contribution from most high paying jobs is horrifying, a human with only sense of being insignificant is a person heading towards complete darkness, is this the cause of modern problems?

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god pls give courage to do the needful

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Inch attendance thread


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Please sirs, do me the needful

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I'm tired yaaro! I don't feel anything. I'm succumbing to the void within myslef. I feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, begging me to go into a deep slumber and have a good rest for eternity. This empty gaze I give off, combined with my blank face, makes me want to peel off my skin and see if I really am a living creature or just a vessel of nothingness.

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>be me >socially awkward 0 friends autist who can't even maintain eye contact with girls >used to code websites for fun or play games most of the time >perform good in 9th and 10th without even putting much effort >thought I was some genius and shit >also discovered porn during this time >11th comes along >thought exams would be easy but got btfod >couldn't put effort any more after the first failure cuz im a weak-minded faggot >got scolded everytime marks came along. just lost hope and confidence and stopped putting effort >somehow memed myself into joining jee coaching instituition >get btfod there too >got addicted to porn. stopped involving in my hobbies >became more withdrawn and socially awkward while others were getting into relationships and going on dates >felt tired and depressed most of the time. didn't want to go to outside at all >but somehow gather remaining willpower and start studying for muh board exams >did well and got into a good kalej >kalej going to end but still haven't come out of the incel mindset and porn addiction when my peers started getting laid and all sometimes I feel like all this jeeniggering leaves permanent mental scars on some people. i am still struggling to grow out of the phase. i feel like i have skipped some stages in development and that's why i ended up an incel. i can't even talk about it to anyone, even my parents. they are the same emotionally detached, still scolding me for not scoring well on kalej exams. i sometimes fantasize about being socially well adjusted and having friends and hobbies and all the shit. fuck this shithole man. making millions of teens go through needless stress just for some 500 seats most of them will never be able to get. i now understand why we have so many incels in this shithole.

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Dating and PUA

Here's some dating resources for you virgins to get laid.

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Based board

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Good morning and I love you all Never stop being yourself :)

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Do you have or had any parasocial relationship with anyone online?

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How to looksmaxx as a kaaly yaaro? 5 8 and a bit mota with no facial features

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New chamar here. What is this board about?

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how do i get a boyfriend yaaro. I'm look okayish but i'm dark and you know how soyciety treats dark skinned girls. I wouldn't mind being with an ugly dark boy but even they don't approach me. are there any ugly dark or short /man/s here? have you ever approached an ugly girl? if no, why?

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I have no interest in anything I have no aim and goal in life. Only thing which I know is that I have to get a sarkari kalej through jee, after that I don't know what I will do. Probably it coolie like many others.

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Official mummy papa ka jhagda ho gaya aur koi khana nahi kha raha dinner. Yes i am above the age of 18

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I am bored, work has piled up, and /b/ is utter SHIT So pls post in this thread. What's on your mind these days? Have you accepted your fate as a wageslave yet, or is your mind still struggling, soul still in torment?

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Weird feels

What has happened to the world now? When I was younger, I never cheated and people praised me for my honesty and integrity. I gave all exams solely by my effort and talent. Now that I am older, I follow that principle and it's one of my principles to never cheat. I have been successful so far but the same people who used to praise my honesty have now started making fun of it. Cheating and dishonesty has become cool these days. I don't want to be appreciated, but certainly I don't want people to make fun of my ideals.

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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” ― Charles Bukowski

What were your gone-crazy phases of life yaro? Phases where you pressed the detonate button of your internal stack of emotional/intellectual dynamite? Phases where you took it personally to achieve a purpose, a deadline or an individual? Phases which you reminisce and imagine your peak, your GOD-mode?

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i dont seem to fit in anywhere and i dont know why i try so hard to be with people and i try to be nice to everyone but it looks like im a sperg and people dont seem to like it i just need to be selfish and stay an outcast it looks like im sick and tired and want to get away from everyone i should stay an outcast and only think for myself

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How has the internet/virtual life affected your real life decisions

>be me >Lurking on Plebbiit Relationship advice sub(s) >Reading posts about cheating wives and shiet >Some posts induce physical pain >One reply about a guy's sister spending time with coworker on Her marriage anniversary >Husband alone at home, moved across the country to be with her >Someone linked trp sub and said to read the sidebar >Curious, start reading through >Read every post, linked book, research article remotely related to trp >Fall into rabbit hole of catastrophising for 9-10 months >Stop using plebbit, forced myself to look around my own self, expecting to get bluepills >Slightly better, but fall into that loop again and again Every woman (even the ones close to me) i look at, i feel like I'm looking at a sociopath. I feel like No women can actually love me the way i want to be loved. Though I don't believe in Chad/Stacey/Incel shit, i feel massively insecure whenever i see a guy better looking than me, even though I know i have a decent enough face. I'm borderline scared of getting into a relationship, thinking that no woman wants monogamy and will eventually cheat on me. From January of this year, I've started feeling a bit less bitter about women than i used to. Hopefully, i get better with time. So, anons, share how the internet has changed your outlook/real life decisions

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Urge to sleep permanently

I hate existing. i'm tired of this shit. there's no point left to my life. nothing's happened in my life in the right time it should have. as such i'm losing interest. it's all my fault so there's not even a cope that hey, it's because the world is bad. i feel like a rotten being and have the need to accelerate it all and be done with it. most of you are younger than me so i don't know why i'm even posting this here. i should be the one guiding you anons but feels fucking hopeless being me and can't even talk to anyone about it. some of you are actually wiser than i am so there's that.

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Hi /man/s of InCh. I want to improvv my sleep schedule. In 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 I had a very based sleeping schedule. I used to sleep at 10:00-10:30 PM and wake up at 4:15-4:45 AM, usually with a alarm. Then I used to brush my teeth and drink water and meditate till 5:00 AM and then start studymaxxing. I felt that this kind of life was really productive and seek to reesatblish this. Any suggestions anons?

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How do I stop being angry all the time?

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RX100 anon are you still here ?

There was this anon on this board who bought a RX100. RX100 anon are you still here ? Any updates on the bike ?

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How to deal with depressive periods ?

I am normally fit and my brain works well, but I get periods of depression where I cannot focus and have unproductive thoughts.

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Sarkari naukri ke chakkar me javani chudwa li How do I redeem myself?

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just wiped more than 6TiB worth of anime that i have been collecting for past 7 years(almost) off my hard drives. i feel sad but, ... i want to do something productive with my life. i never watched them offline anyway and if i were to miss them, i can always stream them from somewhere. i wish to overwork myself and die before i turn 30. im tired of thinking <3 rei

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Musical feels

Post your musical feels webm yaaron.

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Wtf? Isn't this a new board? Why are there so many posts here already?

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spanish fags don't know about /man/ hehe

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drinking on weekdays as a neet is hella fun. what are you faggots up to ? anyone there? where my /manfags/? at ? weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HALLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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When they call us streetsh!tters , call them sh!t eaters, mall shitters, they talk about toilet while having 💩vomit fetishes , they pee everywhere, make 2g1c, they eat sh!t ,call it p0rn genre . There are many creepy foreigners in omelge . White and black people also make cringey tiktoks .They call us rapist while UK schools have a whole culture of it . Latin Americans are more pervert then us. There are creepy foreigners on omelge.Sweden middleeast,latin america papuanewguinea are worse for women. We look ugly or normal because we aren't plastic like them. Many African nations have lesser toilets , Koreans have worse English, Mexico has more slums and crimes,Chinese eat anything of the food chain, MiddleEast has worse LGBT, women's & human rights and slavery is more prominent there. Dominate the whole internet guys It's time to troll back

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Life is a fucking lottery. Everything is decided the day your mom and dad have unprotected sex. We choose nothing, not our parents, not our height, intelligence, bone structure, gender, country, absolutely nothing. And yet we try our best to hold on to this shitty rat race and prove to others that our life is worth living. Do you realize the absolute ridiculousness of it all?

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I cannot live this life of desperation anymore. Someone please end this thing, I take meds for my childhood cancer which costs 3000 rs/month, i am gonna stop taking them from june i dont want to continue this anymore.

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>Indiachan is suddenly gone >Living a happy confident life >stumbles upon new inch >Suddenly having low self esteem and woman hate and sanghi opinions >Realizes I have been lurking on this site non stop from 5 days.

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>Finally get a date >It rains >Got no car >Mfw

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