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Life in wild Anon 12/13/2022 (Tue) 16:12:35 ID:70ed9e No. 1137
Yaro how to quit life in city leave parents and completely live life of grid. I'm read to prepare in advance . And learn the skills even if it takes years . I want to give up life and urbanization and become monke again kesa kare bataye yaro .
>>1137 There is no concept of off grid in lundia afaik. There are people everywhere so if you run away from shithole cities you will be chased away from forests by tribal oogas boogas or some naxals
>>1138 This There are people literally everywhere in india Best you can do is buy land in the middle of nowhere and settle on it. You will have to pay whatever little tax you are liable to pay but apart from that that's as 'off-the-grid' as practically possible in India.
>>1138 Brootal pill. I know of dense forests but even they get visitors once in a while. You'll have to go to some remote island in order to actually live off grid.
>>1141 NOPE. You can find dense forests that are disconnected. Esp in north east. Some parts of bengal or even go to andaman. >>1137 Start with small camping trips. Each time increase the number of things you do without city tools. Its a worthy goal, increases confidence a lot.
>>1137 complete off grid is not possible unless you were raised by hunter gatherers aka like the tribe on that island you'll have to go into city to get sustenance either steal or do small jobs >>1141 if you make fire in a forest you can get spotted personally wouldn't worry forestry babus visiting dense forests randomly
>>1137 Bumping to know if OP did anything.
>>1137 >>1223 All InCh anons are capable of doing is larp and rope