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Story time Anon 12/20/2022 (Tue) 10:03:53 ID:7c94b5 No. 1167
Sharing this because I feel like this story will be lost. Please don't ask me for details. I won't be posting any. I was a new fag freshie in the job market. I was living in a combined flat with two other men, one was an uncle whom we called "mamaji" for no reason. The other was a druggie/drinker fag with rich parents. Mamaji was in the business of setting up collage seats for people who couldn't get in on their own. He used to charge a lot for it and was rich. But he had no luck with women, so he was the epitome of the horny uncle. Somehow living with him, used to kill my changes of meeting women too. Once some girl from Mamaji's village contacted him, she wanted to get into medical but was no bright. He charged her 15 lakhs (huge sum for that time) but ofc she had no money. So he asked her to sleep with him. She was not pretty in the city sense (i.e. groomed) but had a very nice body. Once she was here , he felt generous and said all three would be sleeping with her. Somehow she agreed and ackwardly, druggie roomie offered her a little booze and ganja, clothes came off slowly. It started slow, she was a virgin and mamaji had his first pick. We also found a hole and our rhythm and it started getting intense. The girl said nothing but was clearly really into it. Me and my other roomate could keep on going and we did, she had already cum multiple times, but this time, she really came hard and clenched her holes hard. Before we could process what happened, she passed out and went unconcious. We thought we had killed her , her breathing was shallow but we thought it was gone. We tried to get some clothes back on her, but it was clear that she was messed around with. Calling police was not an option , niether was an ambulance. Somehow we figured out a doctor contact and had to bribe him a lot to keep his mouth shut. The girl eventually woke up and pretended to have no memory of what happened. She married some guy in the city. Medical collage never happened.
Didn't read
Me and a friend once were walking back from classes outside the city and found a girl passed out by the roadside, puke and torn clothes. Clearly something happened. We called an autowallah we knew, drove to hospital. As soon as in the hospital, the doctor checked on the girl. We were telling the nurse what had happened so she could fill the form. Girl woke up, pointed at me and friend, said we raped her. We heard this, got angry and ran out at the speed of flash. Got into auto, fucked off. Never entered the hospital every again.
A grill I liked in school. She was sweet. Not pretty. But I know for a fact she liked me too. We kept in touch through khalej. But she started sleeping around for attention. My khalej mates told me she was beneath me, because she was from an inferior programme. I eventually found a girlfriend, far better in everyway. But this grill was a good friend and it pained me that she became a randi. Now she is used metrofoid. Slept with all her boss's to keep her job despite being competent. Has a grim view on relations with the typical "men are trash" rants. One day, she ranted about me on soycial media too , how I ruined her life. Despite the fact that she never talked to me about this. It still kills my mood though, that a good friend and a good human being, turned into this.
>>1167 >>1169 >>1170 >Story time Schizo fantasy booking
>>1167 I come from a garib family (couldn't afford to eat sometimes garib) but because my English is better than avg jeet, people think I come from a rich background. I faked my way into a good job and made good impression on people, because I look clean, speak sensible etc. But on the inside, I am still a village jeet. I don't relate to my work mates and their talk of rich cars, city girls and pubs. I hate weekend drinking pub visits and the girls these guys hang out with, I make an excuse and leave each time. I watch shetty/devgan movies in free time and read porno lit bought from railway stations.