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Low self esteem Anon 12/22/2022 (Thu) 19:17:01 ID:0c4027 No. 1174
I have a low self esteem because of bad childhood memories. Now I'm doing good but I care too much about other peoples perception of me. I've molded my personality/opinions on almost everything according to what other people say is good. I feel like ive lost myself by doing this. how2fix?
>>1174 I used to be like that. I don't particularly remember when i stopped caring. It feels like everyone thinks I'm a fool, but i don't care about it. Yeah I'm a fool, kar hi kya lenge randi ke bacche?
>>1174 This was literally me in high school. What got me out of it was a combination of >introspecting and realising the damage caring so much about other's opinions was doing to me >stumbling upon Diogenes and getting inspired by him >reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius >reading the Ashtavakra Gita The last work is optional as it is a dangerous read because the only way you'll be able to lead a remotely normalfag life after it is if you have an ego as gargantuan as mine. Godspeed bhrata wagmi
>>1176 >Ashtavakra Gita Unfathomably based
>>1176 >Marcus soyrelius Kek.
>>1174 Osho is based.
>>1179 Yeshu is based
>>1176 Meditations has been on my list for a while, which translation do you recommend?
>>1176 Also will reading meditations help in self confidence?
>>1181 I read the Maxwell Staniforth translation (Penguin Great Ideas). It felt comfy to me because I was used to 20th century prose. For a more modern translation, Gregory Hays (Modern Library) is generally considered the best. >>1182 You have to understand that no book can impart confidence or any other positive trait by itself. What it can do, though, is nudge you towards the right direction; towards the path of introspection and self-awareness and broadening your horizons. Confidence, for instance, stems from knowing that you have put in the hard work to git gud at a specific task and are capable of reproducing it and achieving others as well. Meditations will certainly help you realise that and much more, but how you implement the knowledge given in it is what will ultimately decide how much your life improves. So yes, it will help, but reading it is just the first step. Take it.