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Anon 01/09/2023 (Mon) 11:45:34 ID:d3f3fb No. 1199
should I leave her?
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>>1199 >>1200 I'll never leave your mum
>>1199 >>1200 aur inchad kaise ho bhai
>>1199 >>1202 I'm the incelest of inch
>>1199 >her Anon.. I..
>>1204 >>Mummy zara phone dena, wo Indianchan pe post karne ke liye fake chats bana na hai Kill yourself faggot
>>1199 >>1200 is this SMS or are you using some messaging app?
(62.12 KB 320x371 (--).jpg)
>>1199 >>1200 This nigg3r right here made indiachan dot aye ohh his entire identity.
>>1199 why are you using every buzzword you learnt from inch. Act like a normal human for once
>>1208 >>1207 i started using half of those words here the first time lol t. 2019 fag >>1205 Im not a womenphobic incel like u >>1206 instagram
>>1209 >Im not a womenphobic incel like u >I'm the incelest of inch inchads bipolar khatarnaak
(1.79 MB 450x360 ncrp.mp4)
>>1199 naiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
>>1206 >>1210 u got me anon
>>1199 arey arpit bala bhai aap inch ke shabd kab use karne lag gaye
>>1199 She should be the one to leave. I can't imagine how she's putting up with you. She's definitely mentally ill.
>>1215 Even better mentally ill pussy slaps hard
>>1216 >another victim of the meme
>>1218 But enough about you