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Since many are making crush threads Anon 02/07/2023 (Tue) 11:02:09 ID:bb0552 No. 1449
I joined a new school in my +2 11th 12th for le CBSE board. I didnt go to school for 2 years due to corona chan until late Nov 2021 to do practicals and documents for term 1 board examinations, this was where i first saw a classmate cutie, I later contacted her via bhotsapp to do school projects and get info from her regarding class /practicals (make her do my projects too) as i would do jeefaggotry at home. It was a completely professional and transactional relationship, and only classmate level. I would help uer in jeefaggotry in return and show her answers during exams. She was very friendly/warm to me,asking me help in math and helping me in class projects and saving me from teachers i was absent. However somehow she suspected I had a crush on her, she became colder towards me. I recently opened chhaprigram account to send her a follow request but she blocked me. Kind of feeling sad and not over her
>>1450 Atleast you had female friend pyaare I don't even had one female friend throughout my life. I lack female attention
Lol kind of same when my crush knew I had a crush on her she just ghosted me like nothing
>>1451 She was not a friend, it was a short lived professional relationship. I fell for her that is different. She was beautiful but i need to get over her
>>1453 Caste. Yours and hers?
>>1452 Why do they do this yaar
>>1454 I dont know her caste.
>>1454 Why do you want to know
>>1457 Nvm. Chamar
>>1458 I am not chamar lodu
To ham kya kare
>>1449 Never had that happen to me but i know how stupid you feel when shit like this happens
>>1780 Help me yaar
>>1449 you missed your chance to deflower her and make that cůnt regret being born. next time just plunge attack.
>>1810 How could I have yaar
>>1815 Please help yaara
>>1455 i have faced this too, i will ask one of my friend
>>1787 >>1818 What exactly do you need help with? She blocked you, it's over. Watch some sad break up songs and move on. >>1455 I can think of a few reasons. - She now has a boyfriend and she is wiping her record of talking with other boys to make sure she looks clean. - Her parents saw her phone and she got caught texting boys. - She got tired of your bullshit and demands and she was only being kind to you because that's just her personality and she treated you the way she would treat any stranger, and not because she was interested in you. - She doesn't want to say No and hurt you and cause all the emotions that would happen when breaking your heart because she's not interested, so she just silently blocked you and moved on to let you figure things out yourself. - She found the relationship too much because the only things you help with is pregnancy and during exams, while you order her to do your projects and save your ass from teachers and all that shit. - She got bored of you. ... Why is this underage thread still up?
>>1820 I helped her more than she helped me yaar,I didnt order her only took info of projects and avtiviti3s. That is what i mean by saved from teachers
>>1824 Well, I was just speculating my opinions on what could be going on and why she blocked you, but nothing is true unless the girl herself tells you what her problem is. >I helped her more than she helped me yaar Good, all the more reason that you should move on. You clearly specify that it was a strictly professional relationship, and you didn't do anything personal if I'm right. She could've thought of you that way, and considering that she's cute, she would have similar army of simps behind her who are ready to give ten times the more effort than she actually puts in return, so it's probably not something new to experience for her. She's just being herself. You should've known that simply being nice and helpful isn't even a proper way to make someone fall in love with you. What really matters is that it's over, and you have to move on and think about the future.