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Feels bar Anon 04/30/2022 (Sat) 19:02:10 ID:587839 No. 159
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>>159 Mai soch rha hu stims try karta hu. Ek baar brain mai thoda chemical production ho jaye, phir mai sambhal lunga. Nhi toh microdose.
I'm insecure about myself. Im 5'7", skinny an smol penin (4.5 inches no girth whatsoever). I've stopped thinking that ill ever have a gf, infact i wish i never have gf because she will laugh at me for being such a failed excuse of a man. Even if i get arrange married, my wife will never consider me a man. No matter how rich I become or how good I am at something, I cannot escape my biological reality. Moreover my mom tells me to study hard and immigrate to UK USA, how do I tell her things are even more soul crushing there.
>>159 I think I'm finally able to get a clear picture of the problems in my life >>161 Don't worry, pyare anon. Abhi Jo mil raha hai uspe dhyan do, baad ki baad mein dekhenge.
>>161 if it makes you feel better , i am 5'4. when i entered kalej, my mom sat me down and had a talk about girls with me. she basically said i will never have a good relationship with them because of the way i look. i will gladly be 5'7, if given the chance.
I am wondering if I'm making a huge deal out of things in my life. I'm always on the verge of nervous breakdown because of the work assigned to me by college but everyone else gets through it so easily. I'm going to try to take it easy from tomorrow. >>164 In a world of blind men...
>>164 blackpiller mom, is she ugly too ?
>>161 Your age? I'm good looking but never gonna marry
>>164 Damn
>>164 Are you fair skinned atleast?
>>164 anon plz reply plz tell me this is a larp right anon
>>389 No it isn't. Why would I larp as a Manlet ?
>>161 It's over
>>164 Based mom. Is your dad also a manlet? Did they get arranged marriage?
>>161 I'm 5'6" and weigh 45, yet I have a girlfriend so cute she gets multiple confessions everyday. It's all about who you are as a human anon. No one cares about how you look, they just want you to be empathetic and caring and to provide a shoulder to weep on when they're feeling low. I felt the same as you but my views have changed ever since she has convinced to me. The key is friendship and being a good human in someone's life, fate will take care of the rest. Hope you have a good life sir.
(24.66 KB 499x481 meh.jpeg)
>>402 >No one cares about how you look
I hate my parents for doing intercaste marriage and giving birth to a mleccha like me who is obviously cursed by God.
>>465 i'm sorry you feel this way
>>465 >>465 Your father and mothers caste?
>>473 Don't bring caste kanging here yaar
(3.75 MB 300x300 Drowning_Pool_Tear_Away.webm)
>>159 >>159 Feels
>>159 I can easily get a GF But I'm poor
>>159 office just opened it feel good, it is like school only thing left now for me is to find girls
>>945 Is it even possible to find grills in office ? I think its not possible to make new friends after you graduate.
>>942 I can easily get a gf but I'm not interested and I don't like having people close to me. Anything more than acquaintances becomes a responsibility and I don't like being responsible.
>>1108 I can relate. I was a volcel for many years. Each time I met chicks, I used to feel bad that I have to reproduce with this. One sexual experience was also boring. The girl was physically hot but it was just not interesting.