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Anon 05/05/2022 (Thu) 07:53:17 ID:b46b21 No. 171
>>171 Many such cases among women.
(11.14 KB 485x443 u37Waqd_d.webp)
>>171 >lockdowns open, go to college for the first time in 2 years >let's hunt for some cute girls >see masked girl in class >from her posture, hair and upper part of the face she seems pretty >always seems to disappear after class, obviously not there in that group of aggressively average looking girls >keep an eye on her just as the class ends >removes mask >WHAT >ugly as shit, looking borderline retarded, has a hard time keeping her mouth closed, has a huge overbite, her mouth looks fucked >I've seen her numerous times in that group of girls, just never thought that was her >she'd just remove her mask and transform into a completely different person That wasn't the only time i was mask-fished, but this was the most severe instance
>>180 True. Every women looks good with mask.
>>180 Yaar mere sath bhi same hua tha 2 baar
Still chad only