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Anon 02/19/2023 (Sun) 12:39:50 ID:48f397 No. 1794
how to deal with loneliness?
>>1794 I don't know yaar i literally have 0 friends and only 6 contacts on WhatsApp and don't use any sm sites
>>1794 Unironically museleem ki maa ke paas ja
>>1794 Wait till you turn 30, then you would understand the real pain like me.
>>1794 Masturbation
>>1795 The only contacts on my phone are my parents and brother.
>>1794 >loneliness Not a real problem
>>1794 escapism using hobbies or media
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I plan to adopt or buy a cat after I get a job and save some for myself.
>>1822 Always adopt local cats. Fancy animals are always boring and sovlless.
>>1822 >Are you sure if you are remembering how it exactly was, or you remember an idealized image of your childhood that you want to go back to? both, some are self made utopian memories, some are true, and some I regret. like a regret bunking tuition to go on scooty ride with friends, friends I haven't met since. I wish I didn't do that so I could clear pregnancy, but those scooty rides are also best part of my life. I remember when me and my friend used to sit behind my crush and her friend, and all 4 of us would joke and laugh all day. That was among the happiest memory of life. Then I regret proposing to a girl from tuition on my "friends' " request. My friends forced me into (not that I didn't want to) and she turned me down, I keep remembering it and thinking I wish I hadn't done that. I want to apologise to that girl and my teachers who I did wrong because I thought they were partial. I regret being a class clown and everyone took me for granted. I regret reducing my self worth, there is so much going inside me you won't believe. I'm even ready to pay someone 5000 just to listen to my life for 3 hours
>>1843 Did you even have a promising future in the first place, or was that just a lie people around you sold you so you do the things that was expected out of you? Now that I think about it, it certainly WASN'T a lie made to make me do work. Not just parents, even my teachers complimented me so many times. I was good at writing eassys, even won essay writing competition in 11th, my english teacher used to love me, even the class topper came to see my answer sheet to read my essays and letters. That's a big achievement for me. Used to be good at drawing, but never showed anyone, used to draw in table and rub it afterwards, used to draw at back of copies and then would tear the page. I was never brillant, but certainly never a loser. I feel like starting all over again from 5th. Only thing I wanted was love, someone other than my parents to call me cute or handsome, I wanted a gf. Kek, I even remember I announced to my friend in 9th that by 12th, I will make atleast one gf. I tried on 3 but failed each time. Now that I remember, I looked so subhuman back than, I was a total need, I'm thankful for that the girls never brootaly told me subhuman on my face. I was fat, I had braces, I had glasses, I have deviated nasal kek. It's over for me. Altho I'm still subhuman, I have improved a lot
>>1798 what would be your advice for us like 25 year olds?
>>1799 this but some time It makes me even more lonely >>1801 Yes it is and after 5-10 years it will become serious