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Why Indian Parents are so much toxic these days ? Anon 03/09/2023 (Thu) 12:08:58 ID:0ab767 No. 1811
Literally so many posts on plebbit and other forums these days where one can find a pajeet teen ranting about how his parents are abusive and toxic towards him .
>>1811 140 crore me namune to honge na
>>1811 apni maa se pooch!
>>1811 based chodu dad, If her dad loosens up a bit then this randi will be turned into whore in few years
>>1816 Based
Parents, not just Indians, have always been toxic. In India it's even worse because children are pretty much treated like property and investment by the parents that'll take care of them and bring them pride while they brag about the achievements their kids did as if they did it own their own. They do all of this while giving them only the bare minimum, and then suddenly when the kids get tired of their bullshit and emigrate and throw them in an orphanage, they'd complain and share whatsapp forwards about how they got abandoned after all the "hard work" they did for their kids. >>1816 Vulnerable girls like the one in OP would get easily taken advantage of when all the girl needs is one person to just understand what she's going through, or might even find herself in relationships where she tries to recreate the relationship she had with her dad in an attempt to fix it. This is a horrible way to make sure your daughter doesn't end up a randi. The little brother of hers is also going to pick up this dynamic from his father and make sure to continue the cycle of treating women like garbage.
>>1816 TPBP >>1821 Go back /r/andi
>>1821 yeah the father acting like sub 50 iq chimp is the fastest way to ensure she does exactly what he doesn't want her to do don't even understand why he's chimping in the first place
>>1811 Reading the picrel'd post it seems like she's already become an implicit randi (as she uses the terms "soshal anxiety" etc). Many times abusive parents speed-up the randi-journey. This is exemplified by the fact that most black whores have abusive parents.