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Realanon#7MK3Dc 03/17/2023 (Fri) 19:43:03 ID:691ab2 No. 1849
I am going to change my life for the better and document it here everyday on inch inb4 not your personal blog I know but I will do it anyway, and make history on inch by being the first hut to mansion story from inch to inspire millions Many of you must know me as a lot of names , most famously hutanon, but today I take on a new name, I am realanon because i will do real engineering in lundia I will be like Henry Ford, Tesla, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, all combined into one person My self development journey begins now. What are you gonna do fellow anons? watch as I continue to improve and become a world famous billionaire? or join me in upskilling yourself and becoming the best versions of yourselves possible? I will start studying CS because it is the most in demand skill of our century, so I definitely want to do something with computers even though I am low iq af. I will prove everyone who doubts me wrong with my sheer dedication to be a god among men. The plan: 1. Study essentials of CS in depth and learn development for 6 months 2. Get a job with these newly acquired skills to get some money in my life (24 and never even earned a single rupee, living as a leech NEET for years) 3. Invest that money to increase it manifold. Learn about finance and trading to get good returns 4. Start a jewtube channel to get even more passive income, the channel will be a way to help fellow poorfags like me and teach them things I have learnt 5. Start the gym and fitness journey at 28 , then get surgeries to look good, maybe start with a nose job and jaw fillers , and if until then skin lightening and gene therapy has advanced then change my race as well 6. Start a business and make money 7. Become a billionaire 8. Lose virginity at 35 to a prime blonde stacy (I think I will be billionaire, richmaxxed + looksmaxxed to the max by then) 9. Become a travelling playboy spending my money and living life lavishly 10. Get elected as prime minister and make lundia great again by cleaning up the scum 11. Die Expect daily
>>1849 Good luck Don't forget optimization of biological aspects of succes, eat good , exercise hard , get sun light in the morning specifically and the sundawn , meditate, coldshowers before and after exercise and pranayam and abstinence from porn These alone should make your clarity wonderful Then journal and affirmations are quite important too
>>1849 good luck anon , first thing you need to do is leave this site for good
>>1849 Good anon
(2.99 KB 122x122 download.jpeg)
>>1852 1. It's not about aesthetics as much as about health , they say if they could store the benefits of exercise inside a pill it would be a miracle one, also exercise will only make you smarter as it induces neuroplasticity and exercise will only make you cooler in front of pajeets Life is too short , live your dream and if I see you again on this site then Teri maa ka sariya rape karunga hutanon
>>1857 Id you are serious then start with reddits bodyweight fitness program , very very effective to get a beginner going After 2-3 months start gymming Don't forget mobility and stretching, just doing a routine of them daily 15 for a year can make the biggest fucking difference Don't forget cardio , it increases muscle building process contrary to popular belief
>>1857 >cant even do one pushup try knee pushup and build up from there pyaare >cant even lift 2kg impossible
>>1857 For running start c25k , if you follow it for 8 weeks you will be able to run 5 miles without stopping
>>1859 Exaggerated lag rha hai
>>1862 Yaar bkl Search maar le "C25k running program" Reddit par bodyweight fitness par ha wahan par step by step likh rakha hai Jo dekhna hai
>>1849 >24 and never even earned a single rupee, living as a leech NEET for years ye toh literally mai hu but I am 25 in few days kek
>>1863 ye c25k sabse pehle maine hi idhar bataya tha bahut mahinein pehle kisiko kek looks like sab cardiomaxxin karrhe hai pajeeta ko apna stamina jo dikhana hai chads ko
>>1866 u 99 born or 98? what degree do you have?
>>1869 >>1870 tu ab hutanon ki pheel derha but koi nahi I hope u get success pyaare kya padke job lega? CS web dev?
>>1849 >>1864 Get eggs, a carton of eggs will allow you to buy eggs in 5rs per piece Eggs have protein good amounts , good fats , many vitamins and minerals and lecithin Don't throw the yolk, eat it as a source of healthy fat Also to not get bored with eggs learn to boil them and cook them properly, eggs are known as a delicacy in French cuisine you know, watch some videos ! Only works if your baman family allows you to consoom egs , mine doesnt so I have to eat eggs at shitth stalls
>>1865 Kaisa feel hota hai? https://youtu.be/s3nckWeT-m0 Listen to this piece and write
>>1867 Abe chutiye kitna desperate lag rha hai tuh tuje pata bhi hai? Muh I saw this movie firsttttt Bc 2014 mei running start Kari thi muje mat sikha
>>1876 >running start kari thi >is a fat obese pig chup madarchod
>>1875 larp karna band kar aur soja scizo hutanon
>>1878 Over hai Bhai tere liye I got fat in the last 1 year , otherwise I have played football at baichung bhutia club under 19 lodu Bhayankar fitness chahiye
>>1879 Yaar tuh sach mei auto chalata hai kya? .I don't believe
(5.28 KB 233x216 images (2).jpeg)
>>1883 ye toh pakka larp hai
>>1882 faggot is larping way too hard
>>1885 I always knew it was a larp I am hre it's a richfag behind it who thinks that larping as poor people and incredibilising their suffering is amusing But we all know everything is a larp so let's just go with it
(228.48 KB 547x378 7DgPDXB.png)
>>1887 tu manual wali rikshaw chalata hai ya petrol / electric waali ?
>>1891 Konsa rickshaw wala auto chalata hai
>>1891 Konsa auto wala inch chalata hai ????
(11.39 KB 184x252 Shivaji-Satam.jpg)
>>1890 tujhe koi passengers mile ? koi stacyjeeta baithi tere rikshaw pe , agar haa toh uske weight ka measurement bata aur une tere saath bargaining ki ya nhi ?
>>1849 Very brootal story yarr, I hope you find success and end your misery
>>1896 Ye kaisa kink hai saar
>>1898 Link de Bhai Teri post ka , ya fir paste kar de
>>1902 Bye yaar Cs fagging start kro
>>1881 baichung bhutia tera baap chutia
>>1909 I hope he was chutia so I wouldnt have to live up to his steps and expectations
HUTANON kya mast larp karta ekdam isbaar 1000 replies vaala larp bait thread banakein record todega inch ka
>>1909 >>1911 I aspire to be as great of a larper as puranavid and hutanon
>>1914 I kneel poopjeet anon
>>1917 Tu apne replies kyo delete karta hai?
>>1919 >>1919 I kneel yarr
>>1918 Ye bhangi har bar apne reply delete kardeta hai Larp harder expelledbhangi hutanon
>>1922 >I never larp expelled chamar kys
>>1924 Jaa naa Teri maa ko bhaijaan bula rahe hai Randiputra hutanon
>>1927 Iss randi ke paas vpn ke paise hai and auto chalata hai ke Kya expelled chamar
>>1928 Kek* Kys*
>>1930 Bhaijaan ko Teri maa pasand ayi Iss mahine ki payment hojayegi randiputra 🥱👍
Btw if document your life everyday on this chapal form then beta no hope for you, rather document it in a personal dairy if you document here u will end up a incel retard who hate everything
>>1933 I already am that, been this way even before I discovered Inch, I am gonna document it here because I don't have any friends so to get some feedback from people the internet is my only hope
>>1934 Good hutanon. Is hutanon read as hut-anon?
Kek wtf, why did this get moved to /man/? All the best, anon.
Update Day 1: Studied basic HTML forms and did problems on arrays on hackerrank
Update day 2: learnt basic CSS and made a mini project
day 3: gave up its over for me and this thread i will never be anything more than a slum dwelling roach poorfag and will die in this hut
(105.00 KB 988x1346 xjdfo7un0yka1.jpg)
>>1995 Keep going. Progress is not linear. Ganbare! I will try to improve myself as well, but I don't want to make promises and fail.
>>1995 Day 1: I'll be Steve jobs Elon Musk Tesla all in one Day 3: I give up