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Anon 03/18/2023 (Sat) 11:09:04 ID:3346b4 No. 1939
Share stories of your downfall ITT I'll go first. Good student until 10th then wasted 11th in 2020. Didn't study shit because nobody around me was. Got addicted to the internet cuz easy dopamine. Tried to bounceback in 12th but the damage was done. Failed pregnancy, took a drop and ended up in the same place.
>>1939 Literally me just add social anxiety too
>>1940 I have barely left the house in 3 years so yeah that too
>>1939 Abe dhakkan india hai yeh. Yaha pe 99.5% downfall ke saath hi paida hote hai.
>>1942 Literally me, except I wasted my 11th not on internet, but with friends. 12th was corona year. How much did you score in boards?
>>1944 80%
>>1945 I managed to cross 90%, I'm thankful for that. That is my only achievement of these 5 years
>>1944 Pregnancy percentile?
>>1947 It was over for me, 80 percentile. I wasn't even getting a seat in csat
>>1948 Ahh I had 90 last year and 90 this year as well
>>1939 >Failing pregnancy - downfall State of chamars
>>1950 It's the ultimate reality for us poorfags anon
>>1943 brootal
>>1939 so what are you doing right now?
I used to get bullied a lot in pregnancy coaching in 2019 which affected my studies later i had to take admission in tier 3 college. They would verbally bully me and whenever i try to verbally harass them they would hit so in fear of a physical fight at coaching i would cope up
>>1939 Don't have a downfall. My dad makes 40 crores annually.
>>1939 >Share stories of your downfall ITT I'll go first. Good student until 10th then wasted 11th in 2020. Didn't study shit because nobody around me was. Got addicted to the internet cuz easy dopamine. Tried to bounceback in 12th but the damage was done. Failed pregnancy, took a drop and ended up in the same place. same no difference,now you will take admission in some 3rd tier bhungineering college and regreyt every day of it
>>1939 ye toh mai hu anon literal same story
>>1953 Regretting. But I'll start giving it my 100% from today. I'll make sure i do good in pregnancy second attempt and WBpregnancy. Will then evaluate my options
>>1957 Aage kya plan kar rahe ho anon?
>>1954 How do you even get bullied at a coaching
>>1959 same anon. Make another thread after WBpregnancy and I'll post what I got
>>1960 abhi 2nd attempt pai focus hai anon too poor for private kalej
>>1961 Bullying is bullying. If someone who gets constantly bullied at school, their are chances one can get bullied at coaching, college and workplace. Bullying destroys your mental health and overall personality and reduce your focus and concentration on things.
Didn't know my coaching is bad. Realized it very late and here I am filling forms for private kalejes in ncr while studying for 2nd attempt.
>>1939 Same anon
>>1955 Kya karte hai
>>1967 Your mom 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
>>1967 Granite export to developed East Asian countries like Japan , Korea etc..
>>1939 I was a good student till 5th class. Then i discivered porn in 6th class and became a coomer. Since 2012 till now, i have been cooming and my dopamine receptors are dead. Nothing excites me anymore. It was fairly good going for 2012 to 2017. I had developed a crush on a foid who decided to publically shame me for that because i looked subhuman. Got her chads to bully me. Became a topper in class 10th, 11th, 12th. And consecutively became more and more tough and unresponsive towards foids interaction. Eventually chose PCB cause my father and mother wanted me to become a doctorfag Scored 90% in 11th and 86.8% in 12th (brootal). Brootally got raped by NEET 2019, just 263. Then gave NEET 2020, just 442. Then gave NEET 2021 only 496 took admission in BDS, gave again neet but got assraped again, NTAniiggers changed pattern and i fucked my prep, got 473 in NEET 2022, again about to give NEET 2023. Along these years, i gained weight, got high BP problem, so started working out.
>>1968 Maa chuda laudo
>>1969 Kaise ghusu iss field mei
>>1970 Tuh toh wohi suicide bhabhi hai na?
>>1973 Kon?
>>1974 Trichomaniac tha naam shayad
>>1975 Who's that, a namefag?
>>1976 Jeeneetard subreddit mei famous tha, suicide attempt kare the bhai ne do baar shayad Ab use bhangali ne inchtard bana Diya hai kekkk
>>1977 Tu karna chikhara hai kya?
>>1962 >>1963 All the best mitron. I hope we all end up at decent colleges and this story ends on a positive note
>>1939 topper till 8th, discovered internet and wasted 9th and 10th, last 2 months i started focusing on studies again but it was too late (i got only 87%). 11th i had 0 friends, i went days without talking to anyone except sometimes teachers at school because of them all ignoring me, spent all my time on imageboards (but still topped 11th) 12th i studied like hell and joined coaching for pregnancy  ended up getting 97.8% in boards and air 7k in adv. currently in iiser about to dropout because no motivation to do anything except the bare minimum to pass
>>1986 I wish i had done the same anon. I wouldnt have had to make this thread then. I was just so much distracted that i couldnt make it. I'm a loser
>>1970 All the best anon. How's prep going this year?
>>1988 Got same percentile as last year in Jan (90) It was mainly because i got anxious and made a lot of mistakes. Getting 150 in mocks now. I hope April will be kinder to me
I'm gonna get off the internet now, thanks for your replies everyone.
>>1939 All was fine and dandy till 2020. Got addicted to the internet because now I had access to it all the time. It fucked up my attention span and I'm still trying to work on it. Grades have improved since then though.
>>1939 So all the inchamars here are 2020 12thies? No wonder it's dogshit children with their modern sense of shitternet. t. NEET who graduated in 2020
>>1993 i am still in 12th but browsing inch since 2021 jan
>>1942 would you like to shere expereince with us like 1st year, 2nd year then 3rd year also why?
>>1998 First few months: i was okay, having fun because COVID had just come around. I'd enjoy with my buddies on Groomcord all day, watch movies, listen to music and shit. This was 2020 March so everybody was home 2020 end: i had lost touch with all my friends because we all drifted apart. Still talked to 3-4 people. Bahar ka sab kaam Ghar Wale dekhte the so I didn't bother. I have no friends around the place i live 2021 mid: Monotony was killing me. So I started working out at home. Did wonders. Stil felt like shit sometimes but I was okay 2022 beginning: Alright i did go out like 15-20 days in the first 6 months of 2022 for exams and practicals and stuff. 2022 mid to now: Failed pregnancy and took a drop. Tbh this is the new normal for me and a lot of my batchmates are on the same boat