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Anon 05/30/2022 (Mon) 17:47:23 ID:d55a30 No. 283
new week and almost the end of the month. how are you anons doing ? tell tell.
>>283 Duniya ka jhol samjhte laude lag gaye yaar
>>283 Gaw me gand ghisraha hu
my hedonistic lifestyle is getting to me. no, infact it has already started to negatively impact me. i am always tired, lack motivation and fail at any and every task undertaken. i daydream all day and nothing gets done. weeks pass by and no progress in life made. my 2nd stint at neetdom is lot more depressing than i thought it would be. the constant shaming for being a leech combined with the awareness of being a proper shithead is killing my brain.
>>290 >i daydream all day >2nd stint at neetdom Same. I cope everyday by assuming that I will somehow move on from this phase and get a job/diploma. It's been 3 months now. I even lost all the gains I made when inch was down.
>>28 Was planning to rope. But met some qt recently. Will ask the whaman on a date, and subsequently try marry her. If she says no, will rope after finishing some obligations
jannies fucking jewed us on /man/ added it to the front page
>>283 another sunday with nothing new going on. life is like a stagnant puddle of dirty water, with problems breeding uncontrolled. i really need to fix this shit or i'd end in far worse situations and then there will be no coming back.
>>312 >>292 >>291 >>290 >>287 how are you retards now?
>>292 Are you alive anon?
>>292 Hope you doing well mate