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Anon 07/15/2022 (Fri) 03:48:07 ID:bb8a6a No. 503
how do i get a boyfriend yaaro. I'm look okayish but i'm dark and you know how soyciety treats dark skinned girls. I wouldn't mind being with an ugly dark boy but even they don't approach me. are there any ugly dark or short /man/s here? have you ever approached an ugly girl? if no, why?
>>503 Hi pyaari I'm not ugly or dark but i don't ask girls out because i am scared of girls. Darkness would not be a disqualifing quality for me, in fact i think dusky girls are more kind, honest and sincere then beautiful girls. Gambare, I'm sure you will find the one :) I'd have dated you, we'd have watched anime together, but we probably live thousands of km apart:(
>>504 Op is a homosexual male yaar
>>504 >I'm not ugly or dark you can do much better than me >Darkness would not be a disqualifing quality for me Surprising to know that such people exist >Gambare, I'm sure you will find the one :) I'm not really desperate but i often feel bad to miss out on things my frens seem to enjoy. I was one of the very few in my class who was not approached by a guy for the college prom night :') >I'd have dated you, we'd have watched anime together, but we probably live thousands of km apart:( You don't even know me, yet you would date me? Does not it means that you're open to date any girl which says yes to you? Call me choosy, but I think ugly girls like me should not "hoe around". I will say yes to a guy who actually loves and then be with him forever > but i don't ask girls out because i am scared of girls What are you scared of? Find your girl alone and ask her out, the worst she will do is reject you. It must not be that hard for you as you look good. Believe it or not, indian girls are not as chad chasing as some of you here claim us to be
>>506 Tbh, i personally find Darker women to be more attractive. The only issue is, Indian women treat Indian men as literal human garbage. Sure, there are a few men who act as degens, but most of us are normal. Why hate us?
>>506 I said I'd date you pyaari, not necessarily love/marry you. As much as i dislike dating culture and hoe'ing around, going out and having fun (the innocent kind mind you) a couple times is absolutely not a problem. What is love, anyway. I don't know how people 'fall in love' at first site or sight or whatever. Love is deeper than that. >you can do much better than me I don't want to do better than anyone, this isn't a competition. It's a cliche, but it is a cliche because it's true: what's inside is what counts. >Find your girl alone and ask her out, the worst she will do is reject you. That's not how it works in India i think I have never seen a single couple work like that. They're never that direct. They get to know each other, the guy shows his intentions and that he likes her is already evident. If she likes him back she just goes with it. For the record i know you aren't a girl, but the philosophical discussion that this post has given rise to, interests me, so i don't mind pretending that you are actually a girl
>>503 don't be fat, dress well(darker colors will suit ur skin, don't wear light colors like pink or white), and laugh at the jokes of a guy u wanna impress. i'm a light skinned guy and i have a thing for dark skinned girls(grew up around them as a kid).
>>503 >have you ever approached an ugly girl? if no, why? coz m ugly myself kek
(205.17 KB 1565x991 4DAfOU4.jpg)
Describe ur ideal bf 1. His height 2. His age 3. His caste 4. His bodytype (choose from picrel) 5. His earning per annum 6. His skintone 7. His Penis size 8. His Political leaning 9. His hands veiny or not
>>503 dark skinned girls are cute you just need a good face shape and thats it
Post proof with timestamp or larp
>>503 Reply pyaari :(
>>503 Anon, Maybe instead of focusing on what you cannot change (skin colour), you should focus on other things that could negatively affect peoples perception of you (personality, responsibility etc). I'm a lungi so naturally I'm dark skinned too and I understand it's harder for dark skinned women but I was still able to date many women through University in Canada.
>>503 Post voice here saying "I love you dhanush" and I'll love to marry you and treat you like a princess. I am short but fair. As for approaching, you should stop waiting for guys to approach you and instead approach them yourself. Most guys are scared of rejection or sexual harrasment allegations if they approach that's why they don't.
>>503 figure out your undertone and wear clothes that match your undertone, NOT skin tone keep your hair tidy and go hit the gym. Youll be 8/10 with just these changes
>>530 >Types femanon on subject instead of name Real femanon spotted yaaron
>>530 Opinions on gora but 5'7 boys with average to good face?
>>532 I would also like to know this
>>531 There is no namefield in man ooga booga retard
>>534 Oops my bad sorry
>>503 Post face and then I will decide
>>503 i love you
You will now know how an avg guy feels If a guy is smart, he will get beautiful girls, if he is avg or worse, then he will not approach as he is scared of getting rejected Most guys remain kissless, touchless until marriage and i guess u will have same fate
>>532 Wear shoes that have thick sole and since you’re gora be lean muscular or skinny. 5’7 is Ok height you can make urself look taller with the right shoes. Wear clothes that’ll make your shoulders look broader
>>531 There is no name-field on this board
>>503 date me