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Anon 04/15/2022 (Fri) 20:15:32 No. 51
I'm tired yaaro! I don't feel anything. I'm succumbing to the void within myslef. I feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier, begging me to go into a deep slumber and have a good rest for eternity. This empty gaze I give off, combined with my blank face, makes me want to peel off my skin and see if I really am a living creature or just a vessel of nothingness.
Are you going to kys? Reply if you are alive
>>52 I did something lamentable to this vessel. I made it bleed crimson. I wanted to cover myself with it, but this sudden feeling of vertiginous snapped me back to reality. I had almost forgotten what feeling things felt like. I hope I don't brutalize this feeble thing again.
>>51 nice blog post
(2.92 MB 320x240 Code Monkey AMV.mp4)
>>51 Literally me bro It almost seems like a distant dream that i was once a schoolboy with a lot of optimism and curiosity, and actually enjoyed life. I feel nothing these days. I am like the achaposter but irl. no matter what happens i just say 'acha' and carry on. I have no empathy for people, or for myself. Had a bike accident aur jab gir ke sab kuch ruka, to bas itna socha "are yaar" laid there for a couple of seconds, people tried to help me up. I just looked at the damage saw that the bike was still rideable, and carried on to my destination. Absolutely no thoughts. i just try to pick the shortest chain of events that would allow me to come home and sleep. It prevents me from feeling happy but the upside is that things that make me sad are pretty dampened too. Whatever happens, i just accept.
>>59 >I am like the achaposter but irl Kek. I used to say "pata nhi" a lot before my teenage years. >saw that the bike was still rideable Mine wasn't. So I took my phone out and didn't know who to call, because dad was out of city. I then notice all this blood flowing down through my arm and saw a big bruise because of the accident. I didn't feel anything and was "calm". Thoughts on kys?
>>62 >Thoughts on kys? reincarnation
>>59 I am a hmm guy irl I really don't care about anything nothing feels now
>>51 Wake up
>>51 1. Connect with others. 2. Learn new skills. 3. Hit the gym. 4. Eat well. 5. Get adequate sleep. 6. Cut the caffeine. 7. Reduce alcohol intake. 8. Journal your problems. 9. Book a trip. 10. Get out of your comfort zone. 11. Find a new hobby. 12. Try meditation. 13. Challenge negative thoughts. 14. Learn to live in the present. 15. Search for your purpose. 16. Help others. 17. Go on daily walks. 18. Be thankful for what you have. 19. Identify your strengths. 20. Work on your weaknesses. 21. Limit your screen time. 22. Set time aside to relax. 23. Cook your favourite foods. 24. Drink more water. 25. Clean your home/space. 26. Smile more. 27. Prioritise your life. 28. Focus on what you can control. 29. Set goals. 30. Remove negative people. 31. Accept who you are. 32. Build a support network.