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Anon 09/09/2022 (Fri) 15:40:13 ID:278378 No. 721
Was a NEET for long time Gathered courage and came to bhangilore 10 days ago Family wale saying 15 din ho gaye job nhi lagi
>>721 You made thread on /b/ the other day right? What are you doing to get a job
>>721 >came to bhangilore To do what yaar? City change karne se job thodi milti hai
>>724 City change karne at least shutin toh nhi rahunga I have joined some institute tech wala
>>727 >at least shutin toh nhi rahunga Aisa kya >joined some institute tech wala Koi qualifications hai kya? Kaise dhoondha job? >t.early 20s NEET since 5 years
>>728 Madarchod, early 20s me hi 5 saal NEET kaise hoge yaar? 12th ke baad kuch padha nahi kya?
>>730 25 is still 'early 20s' if you're good at lying to yourself
>>721 >>727 Yaar even I've been a neet for quite some time too. I was thinking of doing the same thing but I'm sure I still won't be able to find a job plus my parents can't afford to send me to a new place.
>>730 >12th ke baad kuch padha nahi kya? Nhi yaar. Been a NEET since the age of 18. >>731 Acha
>>721 I was a NEET for one year after 9th i didn't go to school just spent time browsing internet. NEET life is unironically better imho
>>819 >NEET life is unironically better imho If there's someone earning in the family and no one is bothered by you being a NEET, yes. Nobody hates just being a NEET, it's the problems that arise with it.
>>721 bhai meri story literally same are we both a fuckin clone
>>834 Tune hi thread banaya schizo
>>835 na iss board pe pehli baar aaya pyare
Bro hamara cognizant ka communication test tha. It's like a test where you have to speak and record what what your speaking. Sirf 30 min meh pura passage sunke. Bolna hai ki uss passage mey kya hai. Sala anxiety sey stammer hogya. My dad is retired mom is trad wife. > What do op. Can't be neet. Wagie ragie.
>>837 Give more interviews that's what you can do my brother gave around 12 interviews for offcampus
>>834 >>835 Nhi mai hu OP
>>721 damn i didn't study for 26 hours in those last 26 days
>>861 What are you studying anyway
>>862 Core java spring boot hibernate
>>721 Studied well today and yesterday
>>864 Keep it up anon
>>864 Lost track yesterday picked it up today
>>875 I lost track of my nightly masterbation last night Will pick it up tonight
>>721 Woke up late back at it again
>>721 I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
>>721 slept in noon after lunch
>>721 i shouldn't have started smoking yaar
>>721 last night smoked alot and overshared with roomate
>>721 was alone still wasted whole day cigg and moda wont help if i won't put effort
>>721 sar jhuka and kaam kar
>>721 took moda and study max
>>903 lol kept fiddling sitting till 6
>>721 sit yaar just sit
>>721 turn off data and sit whole day stop worrying about food
>>721 lol chutiya going home for diwali without achieving anything
>>721 bc literal gutkha chewing dehati is doing better than me
>>911 aakar sirf LMS dekh 4-5 wahan nipta dena
>>914 reduce calling people sar jhukha and kaam kar
>>721 biyah fixed lol
>>721 was clean for more than 10 days now even smell of ciggi makes me nauseous do not go to chai stall get a kettle
>>721 Will to act matters
>>721 book se kar bc
>>721 Update?
>>721 Nhi lagi job
>>1131 sheeeet
>>1131 Brootal yaar mai bhi tere hi scene me hu
>>837 dumb companies coming up with more bs tests to weed out retards as usual
>>834 mai Op hu
>>721 I came to Bhangilore for 15 days to give interviews, gave 40+ interviews, rejected brutally in all of them. Went back home, got job in a company that I did not take seriously and didn't want to work in. good times and bad times are real anon.
>>721 huw kuch nhi ulta somking start kar diya aaj 50+ ka fook diya