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Anon 09/16/2022 (Fri) 04:21:30 ID:62a201 No. 813
how exactly do you achieve "thick skin" without becoming out of control degenerate?
>>813 Keep living life. Life experiences change you. I was a very sensitive person once. Someone asked me my name and i started crying (i was about 3-4). Even well into my teens. With time, with a lot of insults hurled at me, with a lot of insults i hurled at others, one day i realised i have now the mindset of a construction worker who doesn't give a shit no matter what is said to him. i don't really understand what thick skin has to do with being degenerate?
>>813 Heavily naggy and Critic parents, most of the guys I saw in colleges who cry about muh feefees are the one with good parents who never even hit them A drunk baap and bipolar maa is what you need for a thick skin
>>814 >i don't really understand what thick skin has to do with being degenerate? my experiences tell me letting go of yourself a bit helps. so for example if you don't drink and worried about people's reaction about you drinking it just helps you to deal with it eventually making you grow a thick skin vs if you never drink. but that has the negative side of you losing control of yourself completely and eventually turning into a total degenerate.
>>815 my baap is drunk and maa is paranoid. i may have a thick skin but at the cost of being chronically depressed about them
>>816 You don't want to grow thick skin towards shit that's damaging to yourself anon You want to grow thick skin against retards who will try to drag you down despite you being right Have some faith, have some conviction. It will happen eventually. You probably won't notice the change because it's gradual. I sure didn't. But it can happen only through pain. If you take 99 hits from retards who will drag you down, the 100th time you won't care. But the 99 times might take a toll on you. Good luck
>>818 thanks anon, very thoughtful.
>>813 I was the type of person who would get triggered by random pakis making cow piss jokes a few years ago. Experience changes everything. Almost nothing triggers me now.