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Anon 04/19/2022 (Tue) 10:15:40 ID:433657 No. 91
Is getting happiness, money, love important in life? I got money but don't remember I actually smiled with happiness after 7th class. I have never got any hug. I am a IT coolie now earning good but my money is just staling in my bank account. My parents don't want anything from me, they themselves have earned good shekels. I don't what is my future I don't see anything bright it's just same wake up job then sleep routine and sleeping or wandering in car on Sat and Sundays. I am not even depressed but I just don't feel anything neither I seek anything.
>>91 get married have kids
>>92 To who? There isn't any girl of under 23 who is ready to marry in my caste
>>93 gao me ja ekbar thwre would plenty of cuties of your caste eilling to marry you.
>>93 For your caste gawti babes a IT coolie is the embodiment of success.
>>92 I am afraid of getting married first I'm an extremely introvert bhangi who don't know anything about banks and shit second what if I get married and the girl later leave me or cuck me for someone else my life will be destroyed
>>97 Mujhe divorce ka dar nahi hai par behenchod alimony ka dar hai
>>95 Nigga i am a khatri there are no gaon ki ladkia in my caste
>>99 Lmao poorlad your caste produces most whores and randis. It would be highly unlikely if you manage to find a virgin wife. Better get cucked and continue your vansh, instead of wasting time on pondering how many people have creampied your khatri wife before.
>>91 Worship mahadev
>>91 retard, how did you miss out on teenage love or even action in your early 20s being a khatri? Do you actually look subhuman?
Which IIT?
(223.76 KB 2000x1125 dgh_copy.jpeg)
If you earn good just go and bang some maybe you will be happy or someyhing idk
>>91 Try charity yaara if you have too much money
Yaar I don't have a job, girlfriend or any friends. I've never been to movies, never went out at night, never smoked or drank, never travelled anywhere. I did have some hobbies which I don't follow anymore. For a reader my life would sound miserable. But I'm content with my life, where I am. Although there are outbursts when my parents try to get me out of neetdom. But the way it stands, nothing good will happen to me anymore. I've probably peaked at some point and now I'll have to go with the downfall. I'm still not sad, I wouldn't call myself unhappy. I'm just rolling with whatever is happening, which isn't anything significant.
>>708 age?
(35.44 KB 750x699 2017-01-10 22.18.31.jpg)
>>Is getting happiness, money, love important in life? Maybe, yes, and maybe. I am old (almost 60 now), American, and married to a wonderful lady born in India. For sure you need money to survive and to have some fun. Work like a man possessed and be wise with your hard-earned wages! You will need money to have a good life when you are older. I can't tell you any wise words about happiness. In my life happiness has come and gone, some moments better than others. Life isn't easy for anyone but having a good career and stability makes it easier. Love is not so easy to find. And I cannot really advise here as our cultures are so different, you will be getting pressured to marry from your family I think and this was not so for me. But I think that any two people who have at least some compatibility can find joy and comfort in each others company. Best of luck to you, anons.