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HELP Anon 11/17/2022 (Thu) 18:16:19 ID:96c89e No. 958
>recently graduated law >ma baap ne mehngi coaching lagwa di >mei padhai likhai nahi kar raha >ma baap ko lagta hai ki mei bhot hoshiyar hu >college mei gold medal mila par ab burnout sa feel kar raha hu >tried yoga, exercise, fiction nothing works >kya karu
>>958 Do you have a job?
>>958 Do some labor work in the name of coaching. Make enough and leave city.
>>958 watch interesting documentaries about the thing that they enrolled you in Pehle utsukta toh la You feel better about it then you feel motivated to do it That's it after awhile stop relying on motivation and be disciplined at it. Tere koi khudke goals nahi hain abhi toh just shoot in the dark till you find something substaintial to do instead of doing nothing LIfe is weird the more you dig the more it reveals itself to you Only thing you can control is your state of mind, If you reall are burned out change your environment drastically. Just cleaning up your room adding some poster ya kuch could help nahi toh doston ke saath koi memorable trip pe jaane ka try kar