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Anon 01/04/2023 (Wed) 17:15:59 ID:01b288 No. 2919 [Reply]
Is Lundia the only country who has an "imageboard" where NSFW isnt allowed on any board? Not even on the board /b/. My head goes down in shame.
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>>2919 that would just lead to increase in hosting costs would (you) be willing to pay?
>>2920 /gif/ was a kino board before the bbc spam
>>2922 The hosting costs would increase? Why?
>>2924 >racebait >monkey videos >too much porn >Groomcord troond and (((2016))) these things ruined that board I still remember when people used to get scared by screamers and cp on /b/ but the whole board was butthurt when moot introduced /gif/ again there were avatar edits depicting the rivalry between /b/ and /gif/ all over the place
>>2925 he should atleast make a SFW media board with limited storage but I guess puranavid hasn't earned any shekels from this site yet but I would really like if he himself asks about the problem for such boards

Why the fuck are jannies deleting non-nudity containing videos? Anon 01/04/2023 (Wed) 14:05:54 ID:6dd9dc No. 2917 [Reply]
This is just reddit2.0 at this point, I know it's that muzzie faggot is the one deleting every single slightly sexual videos with absolutely zero nudity
>>2917 It's a dogwhistle you wouldn't get it

Suggestion Anon 12/31/2022 (Sat) 14:51:07 ID:a0d0e0 No. 2907 [Reply]
Add using of stickers in the comment box like the ones on díscord and other forums will you do it? Do let me know
>>2907 Another request:add feature in which we can identify how many users are online nd how many are viewing a thread

Janny tranny Anon 12/31/2022 (Sat) 14:07:19 ID:c6b828 No. 2904 [Reply]
Jannies keep deleting posts even remotely related to brahmin stacy. Why is that?
>>2905 Again why is that? Did she explicitly said so or what?

(41.60 KB 1197x790 Discourse-Forum-Software.png)
Name a FEW ADVANTAGES any IMAGEBOARD has over a TRADITIONAL PLAIN THREADED FORUM like MyBB / Xenforo / Vbulletin style forums Anon 12/27/2022 (Tue) 22:11:21 ID:3ba935 No. 2874 [Reply]
you know besides wanting threads to disappear ( again i dont know why you would want that in the first place, you could always get rid of low effort bs threads in traditional forums too ) & little else, whats the advantage of an imageboard really? . you could stylize a traditional forum & tile the threads too so that they look attractive & easily identifiable (vs boring threads) . perhaps i missing something thats right infront of my eyes. then what it is it? is it just a zoomer / millenial preference?
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>>2882 hmmmm that's why archives for 4chan exist imageboards are a blackhole of information
>>2891 >archives unindexable properly, broken, incomplete, filled with spam etc etc etc
>>2892 agreed
>>2896 ye tera leddit nahi hai, post something useful or shut the fuck up. ye 'this' aur 'agreed' idhar nahi chalte
>>2897 Bro kya bole jaa rha hai Reddit hota to upvote karke chup kar jaata Yaha to upvote ka bhi option nahi to post karke hi agreement dikhani padti hai

jannies are faggots Anon 12/30/2022 (Fri) 17:17:41 ID:9e54c6 No. 2899 [Reply]
why is >>>/b/377351 still up? madarchod nudity to 2min me delet kar deta hai, but real degen content like cp and animal crush stays up for hours. kys
>>2899 Too fishy because i reported the post and some other post at the same time. Other reported ones got deleted, but this stayed.
>>2900 dubs don't lie jannie is a pedobhangi who faps to animals getting crushed

(58.12 KB 1097x178 Screenshot 2022-12-28 171757.jpg)
Why aren't jannies banning these low-effort image spammers? Anon 12/28/2022 (Wed) 11:46:35 ID:baf4da No. 2884 [Reply]
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>>2884 Jhaat Saab is writing a Comment with those images so, it is not considered as Spam. So, i can't remove it. But if you still have problem then you suck my balls to feel good about yourself :)
>>2886 Trips dikha harijan
>>2887 >trips nice way to out yourself nufag. usse role signature bolte hai. back to reddit
>>2888 Cope. I'll stay here and you can stay mad madarchod randike pille.
>>2889 Chup bsdk protonfreevpnbhangi, free servers me usa ka option nahi hota, faltu me b8 karna band kar chamar

(22.39 KB 797x201 Capture.JPG)
Anon 12/27/2022 (Tue) 16:24:22 ID:151533 No. 2872 [Reply]
hello dear dalit. please change the HUD of this change to that of 64chan. It's much more simpler and you don't have to make detour to home page everytime.
>>2872 sale randike shill kar udhar apna board, mera thread dekh catalog me
>>2872  pregnancy ki padhai karlo pyaarey anon

Anon 12/26/2022 (Mon) 15:39:41 ID:f989a5 No. 2863 [Reply]
Ban ITcoolie threads
>>2863 >ban everything i don't like There's a platform for your kind reddit.com
>>2869 i had thought out this exact response, forgot to post it. based dutchvpnfag showing everyone their place

Ten-hour site outage Admin 12/26/2022 (Mon) 14:03:07 ID:5d9684 No. 2856 [Reply]
The site was mysteriously down from around 0400 to 1400 UTC while I was asleep. I have no idea what caused it, restarting the engine was enough to fix the problem. Apologies for the inconvenience!
>>2856 Please find out what caused it and do it again
>>2856 no one cares ,it was a good riddance while it lasted
>>2856 Forgot to tripcode. >>2857 I don't think it will be possible to trace, but I might start a cron job that more regularly restarts the server to avoid this recurring.
>>2856 >Apologies for the inconvenience! :^)
keep this website down infinitely