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Multiple feature requests Anon 12/12/2022 (Mon) 16:43:48 ID:6b8f36 No. 2585 [Reply]
I have some suggestions to make this website better than the shithole it currently is- 1. add a very tough captcha(something similar to what mathchan.io has) for all new posts, and add the current one for every reply. hopefully, this will prevent raids and drive low quality posters away, the current captchas are tok easy 2. add an option for imgops and archiving for every thread and reply. the imgops option works by using reverse search website for images, and the archive button works by redirecting the user to web.archive.org/save/threadlink 3. enforce a pay to remove captcha pass, and keep it cheap to meet hosting costs. you can also look into captcha services which pay for traffic. 4. disband the Groomcord server, and move to something more privacy friendly like ssl secured irc or signal. 5. hire more jannies, and ENFORCE quality control. delete all low quality reddit posts 6. shill this website on places with an intelligent userbase, to get people to contribute
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>>2589 Your pregnancy percentile doesn't represent intelligence bhangoid subhumna. You redditchamars are the reason this chan is such a mess.
>>2594 Teri maa ki gaand me aisa sariya daalunga na bhosadike ki uski choot se bahar aayega. Jab aayega na to waapas daalunga aur dono choochiyon se bahar nikalunga. Aur jab wo ho jaaye na to muh se bahar niklega tmt sariya
>>2585 bump
>>2585 Thanks. I think these are all good ideas for me to implement once I get time, except: 1. As of now I don't plan to implement CAPTCHA for all replies unless the site gets much bigger or the spam problem gets much bigger. 4. I don't plan to disband the Groomcord server but I plan to create a better alternative (probably a Matrix implementation) in preparation for when we get banned.
>>2677 https://imgops.com/ implement them now

Anon 12/24/2022 (Sat) 07:41:03 ID:50b37e No. 2836 [Reply]
requesting the admin to add this site to the url filters too >>>/b/364161 also yesterday i saw the vietnam flag post the cutt dot us file host links. he might have realised that you have filtered cutt dot us so in his next post he posted the image with the link on it in white text
>>2836 >saw cp Good luck getting your ass raped by pajeet doval saab
>>2843 what?
>>2836 Done, thanks.

(18.19 KB 640x591 22f.png)
nigger niggers 12/23/2022 (Fri) 06:21:02 ID:a1d8c1 No. 2829 [Reply]
I can bypass filters in the name and subject feild
>>2829 shut the fuck up you absolute nig󠀀ger
>>2830 nig󠀀ger
>>2832 how?
>>2829 niggèr
>>2837 he is probably using a ascii character for that.

(22.31 KB 701x438 1671553067090011.jpg)
Anon 12/24/2022 (Sat) 10:39:39 ID:37c531 No. 2842 [Reply]
Make file size capacity upto 50mb
>>2842 Brootal We will upload full sized porn here then

Remove filters puranvid redditchamar Anon 12/19/2022 (Mon) 19:28:12 ID:d3afd3 No. 2771 [Reply]
(BTW I am a nigger) (BTW I am a nigga) मेरी माँ
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>>2772 Very unnecessary and annoying, and it isn't even funny. Just remove (niigger) and (niigga) filter, hendu randi and मेरी माँ can stay
>>2787 मेरी माँ
>>2771 मेरी माँ pregnancy mein fail hogyi
>>2771 bharat.tk
>>2771 Add filter for this too

(207.34 KB 723x273 flag.png)
Anon 12/13/2022 (Tue) 17:37:30 ID:7ce199 No. 2663 [Reply]
Please add the ability to filter specific countries using their country code This may prove to be helpful when a raid is going on
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>>2810 Ok. Maybe that's the guy who spams in /pol/ and /sp/ as well.
>>2810 oye airtel range banned hai udhar, upay bata
>>2810 This imageboard can be used in KurobeEx app as well. But image upload doesn't seem to work in this app.
>>2811 perhaps >>2817 cool personally i prefer using the browser
>>2814 try to find a free proxy/vpn that isnt banned yet >inb4 do you know any? nope

Anon 12/18/2022 (Sun) 06:48:11 ID:02f313 No. 2753 [Reply]
Janny chamar tujhe sleeveless se problem kya hai
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>>2757 To teri maa sachme sleveless pehenti hai?
>>2760 Ja na Lavde >>2761 No.
>>2757 dem posts were super high quality doe fr you cappin bruh. not bussin ong you need to get whip nae naed.
>>2757 Define low quality
>>2820 The topics which only schoolchildren tlak about.

(398.67 KB 841x474 woke.png)
On the raid Admin Board owner 12/12/2022 (Mon) 16:21:36 ID:779251 No. 2578 [Reply]
This is the first time that Indiachan got seriously raided (not just a few Finns making better-quality posts than the average Indiachan user), and most boards were hit pretty badly. Fortunately two jannies were online and able to end the raid after a couple hours. . It seems to have been conducted not only by Americans but by Hindi-speaking Indians using VPNs, based on the involved users' post histories. . Since these things will happen more often as the chan continues to grow, I've taken / will be taking a couple steps this week to prevent raids from being as destructive: 1. The CAPTCHA mode has now been set to difficult. 2. r9k for posts (not files) has now been enforced across all boards. 3. This weekend I plan to upgrade to a paid detection service and prevent all posting from VPNs. Before you guys start complaining—they technically weren't supposed to be allowed this whole time, and it was only from a desire to save money that I didn't upgrade from the very beginning. You will continue to be able to view the site passively from VPNs or Tor. 4. Currently when a thread is bumped off the catalog, it is automatically deleted forever and there's no functionality to restore it. I plan to modify the engine this weekend to send these threads into a trash bin from which they can potentially be restored up to 3 days after deletion, so that such threads aren't lost in a raid like this.
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>>2578 >Finn making better post Look at this bootlicking sepoy >Hindi speaking indians Tamil lungi spotted >Ban vpn Based
>>2578 Any idea on why the raid happened ? I am out of touch unkil , but InCh hasn't done anything raid worthy imo.
>>2672 the oldies raided it due to the amount of low quality posts made by the redditchildren, and the jannies doing nothing about it
>>2578 what a lazy fucking retard
>>2578 10 days and i can still post. VPNchads can't stop inning 😎

Create a matrix room puranavid Anon 12/19/2022 (Mon) 09:46:55 ID:382ffe No. 2765 [Reply]
host an inch matrix instance on your domain, it is very privacy friendly compared to the fbi furry honeypot known as Groomcord. do it or I'll fuck your mom
>>2765 https://matrix.to/#/#Indiachan:matrix.org here's the unofficial instance of inch on matrix, contact me and I'll transfer the ownership to puranavid and make it official
>>2765 >>2766 >Let's build a heckin comoonity Literal faggots
>>2767 >literal go and look up what the word means, villagechamar >community inch already has a dickscord server, chamar. I'm suggesting a privacy friendly alternative, this site glows
>>2768 >look up what the word means No need to. I already know. > I'm suggesting a privacy friendly alternative You're just another sheep in the sea of sheeps chamar. Pooran has already talked about it you absolute brainlet.
>>2769 >Pooran Keked iykyk

Admin Board owner 12/17/2022 (Sat) 19:23:00 ID:142cd5 No. 2747 [Reply]
Just to clarify, there is no filter on the word "faggot" nor do I plan to add one. People keep manually typing in (BTW I am a faggot) to be funny.
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>>2747 Add a filter which changes "puranavid" to "pregnancy aspirating redditbhangi"
>>2751 Topkek
>>2747 faggot
Remove niigger filter first redditard
>>2747 (BTW I am a faggot) liar :^)