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Submit banners here Admin Board owner 04/11/2022 (Mon) 06:44:35 ID:93ad78 No. 65
Banners should be horizontal images (like the current banner).
(3.29 MB 4120x1648 rainbowchan.png)
>>65 For >>/pol/
(23.68 KB 1200x394 banner.png)
contribootion also should i draw ans 404 gif let me know admin mADERCHOD
>>329 You should. The current one is generic.
>>65 Would love to see Yui banner as the queen of /b/
>>192 Gif bolte hai chutiye
>>65 मेरा बाप
>>65 मेरा बाप
(355.04 KB 768x238 Dikshitar-Banner.png)
(53.79 KB 1000x310 msg-ajeebvada-banner.png)
muttjeet plij gib rajio and rejolushan to make banners in ⠀ pic rel is in 10:3 (500x155) if you are fine with it then make it the standard
>>608 This is great man
(115.33 KB 1337x607 b banner.png)
>>65 Inspired by today's /b/ frontpage
>>625 Based
>>65 The banners aren't showing up on catalog page. Pls fix.
>>691 This is a feature request rather than a bug fix, since the original LynxChan code doesn't display banner images on the catalog. But yes, I will add it to the to-do list. (It's surprisingly complicated, if I copy over the banner code from other pages it doesn't work properly.)
>>625 Isko hataya kyu yaar.....? Too sus even for Inch standards?>>693
(189.65 KB 703x289 randomBanner.js.png)
(857.23 KB 3508x2480 india-flag-a4.jpg)
pakistani faggot look at the flag look at it carefully
(80.96 KB 1366x670 House_of_Cards_title_card.jpg)
>>744 Based on pic rel Flag is meant to be upside down
>>745 Where is this from
>>746 NVM i am retarded
(359.36 KB 719x240 auteasim-banner.png)
(201.64 KB 720x240 brahkike-banner.png)
(402.46 KB 720x240 dikshitar-fixed.png)
I have almost all banner to 3:1. I'll post the remainder (maybe) tomorrow
(163.55 KB 718x240 inhaus-banner-resize.png)
(405.21 KB 720x240 lakbanner.gif)
(428.27 KB 718x240 gabbar-banner.png)
(244.57 KB 718x240 moidji-banner.png)
(32.73 KB 720x240 msg-ajeebvada-banner-resize.png)
(58.38 KB 778x260 zoomerbanner.gif)
>>916 >I have resized
(15.35 KB 720x240 thiyyamommy-resize.png)
(204.10 KB 720x240 golden-modi.png)
(257.06 KB 720x240 purestlove-banner.gif)
(1.33 MB 640x214 ram-banner.gif)
>>939 All banners resized to 3:1 Please make 3:1 the standard ratio for banners
>>916 >>917 >>918 >>919 >>939 >>940 Absolutely based. I kneel.
>>916 >>917 >>918 >>939 >>940 Greatly appreciated! I replaced most of the original images with yours. I enjoyed your additions.
Someone upload the inch logo please
(14.96 KB 1525x170 logo-io-with-txt.png)
>>964 i want to remake this. it doesn't feel right using the old logo
>>1185 Admin this is another excellent and highly based submission. Please include it.
(391.25 KB 2340x1080 rrr.jpg)
(1.61 MB 720x240 water-down.gif)
i hate gifs
>>1230 lungi admin will add this 100% sure
(147.30 KB 720x240 IMG_20220731_140846.jpg)
ye lo saaaar
>>1230 Add this
(449.49 KB 3464x1308 Picsart_22-07-29_16-05-05-085.jpg)
(112.32 KB 2135x656 image.png)
(776.34 KB 2560x1440 Untitled design.png)
>>1252 kek based
(541.11 KB 1080x586 IMG_20220916_021031.png)
>>1577 this might scare away newfags pls dont
>>1579 Accha hai na
>>1580 no you need a constant flow of users for a site to grow old users leave and new users take their place
>>1581 No nobody wants redditbhangis
>>1581 Absolute godawful state
(129.18 KB 407x108 71P91659471004.png)
wapas aao pyaarey
>>261 This is inch og Jammie krapya use banner banaya jaye
>>625 Make this new board for /porn/