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Changelog and to-do Admin Board owner 04/12/2022 (Tue) 22:05:55 ID:7896c5 No. 117
I've decided to publicize my changelog and to-do list for the site. I'll edit this pinned post rather than making new ones. This thread is locked; if you have suggestions for me to add to the to-do list, make a new thread on this board. Changelog 2022-04-12: * Changed max thread count for a board from 50 to 100. * Made threads with at least 50 replies get archived instead of deleted. * Disabled IDs on /man/. 2022-04-13: * Added rule: no promotion of pedophilia. 2022-04-15: * Hired jannies, created moderation guidelines. * Decided to keep /dhan/, /g/, and /man/. * Added IDs back to /man/. 2022-04-16: * Removed /man/ from front page. 2022-04-18: * Created and set up new Discord server. 2022-04-23: * Added Bitcoin donation address. 2022-04-28: * Hid posting forms on boards and threads by default. 2022-04-30: * Added FAQ page including legal policies. * Fixed dynamic header not appearing on certain pages. 2022-05-02: * Updated rules on bait/low-quality threads. 2022-05-11: * Reduced maximum file size. * Increased file capacity. * Reduced maximum post size. * Added word filters. 2022-05-19: * Increased maximum file capacity and reduced maximum file size. 2022-05-21: * Updated IP purging policy. * Increased maximum file size. * Increased "CAPTCHA for all posts" threshold. * Added banners. 2022-06-01: * Deleted /g/ and created /stem/. * Relisted /man/ on front page. * Created /rta/. 2022-06-17: * Replaced old banners with resized submissions. 2022-08-26: * Purged old files and system logs. 2022-09-11: * Added word filters. 2022-09-13: * Improved moderation security. * Changed filter logic. * Added filters. * Enforced local and relative times. 2022-09-23: * Added automatic clearing of name field upon page loading to discourage namefagging. 2022-10-24: * Increased character limit to 10000. 2022-11-11: * Created /a/. 2022-12-10: * Added ability to upload .pdf, .epub, and .mobi files. 2022-12-12: * Increased CAPTCHA difficulty. * Enforced r9k on all boards. To do: * Migrate to larger server. * Restore old Indiachan CSS. * Fix bug where flags get removed after thread is transferred. * Fix duplicate post ID bug. * Add pronoun field. * Make filters work for Name and Subject fields. * Enable filters for post subjects. * Disable avoiding filters with diacritics. * Increase file capacity. * Add new banners. * Update engine. * Fix line spacing (2 consecutive newlines should show up). * Hide hidden threads from front page. * Have banners show up on catalog. * Make warrant canary. * Add catalog sorting by creation date and reply count. * Figure out how to make auto-deleted threads go to trash bin instead of perma-deletion. * Fix capitalization in drop-down menu. * Remove cursor when hovering on spoiler text. * Make webm thumbnails show up on front page. * Underline source of reply preview in themes other than Cyberpunk. * Remove boards page. * Remove "P" field on catalog. * Fix broken ban duration input. * Add catalog sorting by reply count. * Make "Watched threads" and "Settings" show up on non-thread pages. * Replace "email" field with "sage". * Add sage feature to help page. * Add image pasting from clipboard. * Make >>>/reddit/ and >>>/plebbit/, >>>/twitter/ and >>>/shitter/, and >>>/4chan/ actually redirect to Reddit, Twitter, and 4chan. * Replace flags with funnier versions (e.g. Nazi flag for German users). * Implement state flags. * Add hovering previews for phone users. * Get rid of "Global report" vs. "Report". * Add more crypto donation addresses and Brave donations. * Make clicking on reply take user to reply box. * Add (You)s. * Show (OP) in user ID and post reply number. * Highlight OP when user ID is selected.