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Old theme restoration Admin Board owner 09/01/2022 (Thu) 05:25:51 ID:53bf50 No. 1434
I made a second abortive attempt tonight to restore the old website theme, but there were many more incompatibilities between the current Lynxchan engine and the old HTML/CSS that I obtained (which I'm guessing is from 2019), even after heavy modification. I'll keep working on the restoration over the next few days, but I'll time my work so that it's mostly while you guys are asleep (12:30 to 9:30 AM).
>>1434 Kys
>>1434 Kys
okay anon
>>1434 its ok sweetie dont push yourself too hard xoxo
>>1434 Kys Ye lo💋😘
(165.31 KB 1280x1280 green.png)
(235.21 KB 1280x1280 penumbra.png)
(175.23 KB 1280x1280 simplechan.png)
remade 3 of the old themes couple of weeks ago thinking you would never begin working on the css. glad to see that you are at least trying to remake it more faithfully than I have.
>>1446 Current one is good yaar t.nugfag
>>1434 Abe behenchod time format "x minutes ago" me kar na posts ka
>>1446 Could you send me the CSS you made over Groomcord or email when you get a chance? This would be a really good alternative if my approach ends up being too complicated.
>>1454 https://rentry.co/8s9ia might not look good on mobile view
>>1454 Bhai jadi Old Theme le aao mujhe ye theme Jhaat barabar nahi pasand.