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low quality coomer threads Anon 09/29/2022 (Thu) 20:05:14 ID:ab8ac7 No. 1685
Please fucking enforce the no coomer thread rule puranavid, this website is filled with low quality coom and instagram threads. ENFORCE QUALITY CONTROL, or this website will go to shit. Alternate approach: create a degen board.
>>1685 >create a degen board. coomer spotted yaaron! lynch kr do
>>1685 That will mean completely destroying the activity of this website. Start with creating high quality posts and sage the low quality ones.
>>1686 >coomer I despise them, and want all of them to rot in their own shitty board. >>1687 True dat. All low quality threads get most of the traction on this website though, isn't there anything you can do to enforce some basic quality guidelines? I always sage such shit but it's extremely ineffective.
>>1687 why tf aren't you deleting cp threads if you're online now?
>>1690 >isn't there anything you can do to enforce some basic quality guidelines? We have a list of low-quality thread categories that we remove once we see them: https://indiachan.io/.static/pages/globalRules.html The only reason such posts remain is if a janny hasn't seen them yet. If you have suggestions for specific categories of posts not on that list that should be removed, feel free to give them here.
(24.09 KB 640x480 images (4)_1664601746224.jpeg)
>>1687 >>1699 Hello jannies
>>1699 >>>/b/221926 why does it take so much time for blasphemous porn or genric coom posts to be taken down Do the Janny even know how to use a catalog It's over for coomchan of puranavid
>>1731 >gets offended at "blasphemous" porn fuck off to reddit retard, this place does not care about your shitty religious feelings. we are anti censorship.
>>1732 >we are anti censorship if only this was true
>>1732 It's porn you fucking retard, coom posts are banned
>>1739 You clearly mentioned blasphemous and highlighted the same when there are numerous examples of regular porn where genitalia is exposed, unlike this case. Fuck you and your shitty religious cult worshippers.
>>1740 atheist coomers ki gaand me sariye It's clearly porn and both blasphemous
>>1742 Keep crying about it, no one cares if it's blasphemous. It shouldn't be removed because it does not show actual genitalia, which is allowed. >muh muh feelings hurt because someone posted a picture of a fictional god who is above all humans but can't stop blasphemy itself Take this randirona to faecbook or pl3bbit, this is not the place for it. Fucking cunt.
>>1743 coomer cope you are the one who should go back chamar