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Stats & plans Admin Board owner 10/06/2022 (Thu) 21:33:41 ID:43cbef No. 1773
Statistics Since it's been discussed recently, I thought I'd publish some stats from Cloudflare for the previous 30 days (though I don't plan to do this regularly). >20.83M requests A "request" isn't the same thing as a "visit" or a page loading, since each page makes multiple requests. A more accurate measure of usage would be: >336k visits, 1.25M page views as measured by Cloudflare. >2-3k unique visitors per day Indian IPs are dynamic so it's probably a little less than this, but not by much—the IPs are usually pretty consistent within 24 hours. >traffic from the US and Netherlands Mostly VPNs. >trends over time? By bandwidth, there's been a 66% increase since May; by visits, 88%; by page views, 82%. Most of the new traffic is probably from 4chan, Reddit, and perhaps old users rediscovering the site. Plans * Currently we only have 4 active jannies (including me) and all of them are grass-touchers so they aren't available at ungodly hours. This was the situation on all previous iterations of Inch—I think we're actually faster at removing things—but I still plan to hire more jannies from the Groomcord server. * I haven't abandoned the plans of improving the site's CSS, but all my attempts to restore the old CSS so far have ended in disaster because of incompatibilities, so I'll have to code some of it from scratch during my next holiday break. * We will definitely run out of server space at the current rate, so I plan to upgrade in the next couple months, though it'll cost more. * I have received a grand total of $0.00 in donations in the half year since I restarted Inch, despite having spent a few hundred dollars so far. I will add more payment methods soon, but I'm also considering adding unobtrusive advertisements.
(31.25 KB 1264x369 country.png)
(136.76 KB 1294x507 mapday.png)
(142.24 KB 1286x504 map30.png)
>>1773 mapday.png included in honor of the Finnish raiders.
Don't worry sir. I will donate some shekels after a year
Show state wise breakdown glowie sirs
very cool thanks for this information
>>1773 other than time and efforts, in terms of money how much do you spend on a monthly basis on the site?
(74.48 KB 613x737 inchips.png)
>>1779 Cloudflare doesn't provide this info, but I was curious about this myself. I decided to just tally the unique IP addresses for each state, as it would take too much time to try weighting each IP by traffic. Given Indiachan's privacy policy, I only have access to the last 3 days of IPs, so keep in mind that this might not be a representative sample; also, I didn't filter out Indian VPNs. Here are the results: >Andaman & Nicobar Island 0 >Andhra Pradesh 7 >Arunachal Pradesh 0 >Assam 21 >Bihar 59 >Chandigarh 23 >Chhattisgarh 18 >Dadara & Nagar Havelli & Daman & Diu 1 >Goa 2 >Gujarat 58 >Haryana 40 >Himachal Pradesh 6 >Jammu & Kashmir 0 >Jharkhand 17 >Karnataka 121 >Kerala 33 >Lakshadweep 0 >Madhya Pradesh 68 >Maharashtra 251 >Manipur 0 >Meghalaya 0 >Mizoram 0 >Nagaland 8 >NCT of Delhi 274 >Odisha 9 >Puducherry 0 >Punjab 26 >Rajasthan 42 >Sikkim 4 >Tamil Nadu 118 >Telangana 97 >Tripura 0 >Uttar Pradesh 103 >Uttarakhand 18 >West Bengal 163
>>1783 Also: >Pakistan 9 >Bangladesh 4 >Sri Lanka 0 >Nepal 7 >Finland 765
(19.42 KB 720x992 macha.jpeg)
>>1783 maharashtrachan
(54.13 KB 500x615 Doval.jpg)
>>1783 abhe bc sab delete karo be
>>1783 feature request: add a counter at the bottom of the website which displays the no. of users and jannies that are currently online.
>>1869 might as well add a counter which shows how many subscribers are there in this subreddit
>>1870 randike chamar all self respecting imageboards and forums have the currently online feature, and it will help determine how popular this site really is. I'd take that over publishing unreliable cloudfare state every month.
>>1869 not the jannie counter spammers and the like can easliy use it to figure out the time when no jannies are online and carry out theri raids at that ime. on second thoughts, go on, do it, this place deserves worse.
>>1872 Fair point. Only a user count would be fine.
>>1873 why do you even want one ?
>>1874 Teri ma ka rape karne ke liye. All notable imgboards have it and it gives an accurate idea of the popularity of the website, unlike cloudfare stats.
(147.51 KB 1036x1171 bm.jpeg)
>>1876 >t.
>>1869 Go back to reddit
>>1878 >useful feature bad cuz muh reddit uses it Read >>1871 and kys
>>1773 how does it have this many users yet theres barely actual 15-20 posters
>>1896 Unreliable and false cloudflae stats. Which is why I propose adding a currently online usercount.
>>1783 expected more users from rajasthan cuz muh kota
>>1773 Bumpu