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reptile lover piyush 11/14/2022 (Mon) 11:56:14 ID:8327f1 No. 2182
I believe there's one (or more) janny who's a reddit insider who deletes all the reports before the other jannies see it. They make sure the other jannies don't see all the shit threads and baits being reported. They make sure all the garbage threads stay up, trying to make this a better and comfier place for the redditors. As I'm writing this it just hit me, who'd want to make this a better place for redditors other than puranavid herself? She wants all the inflow to make this website bigger to make money selling ads and narrarives. Puranavid if this isn't who you are then I'm asking you to weed out the insider. Go ahead and setup an investigating unit if you want to. But make sure you actually MakeInchGreatAgain.
>>2182 it's the new redditfag jannie, sallu or whatever the fuck he's called. Fuck puranavid
(18.77 KB 400x300 suresh9.jpg)
>>2182 Why was my pic deleted? What do the jannies have against snakechads?
>>2183 puranvid ki maa ka rape. aise chamaar ke aulaado ko janny banata hai.
>>2182 Lot of my reports got ignored as well. I didn't really think about it, but makes sense.
>>2196 Puranachamar doesn't even put effort into background checking a janny. Even Facebook pages have a 100 marks QnA before letting anyone join their shitty fap pages. Puranavid should make a difficult question paper for each janny to check who's the imposter.