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Why are certain threads shoahed for no good reason? Anon 11/24/2022 (Thu) 13:16:56 ID:f8fae9 No. 2228
Like this one: https://indiachan.io/pol/res/63097.html It had a decent discussion going does anyone have an archived copy of the page?
>>2228 make your own archives
>>2228 The OP of a thread has the ability to delete it, and our policy is not to reverse the OP's decision even if it was a good thread. My logs show that no janny deleted /pol/63097, so it must have been deleted by the OP. I wish people would stop assuming that any no longer visible thread has been deleted by jannies, rather than 1. expired, 2. transferred to another board, or 3. deleted by the OP himself.
>>2230 thanks for clearing this up. it escaped me that the op could have done it himself. it def cudnt have expired. not that quickly. that much im sure.
>>2229 i typically use archive dot el eye . do you have better more efficient recommendations ? both online and offline tools. . i wish i had a tool that would AUTO-ARCHIVE EVERY INCH PAGE I VISIT by DEFAULT
>>2232 archive.ph , archive.org you can automate the process using scripts
>>2233 use docker for offline backups